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Israeli IBM Researchers in Haifa Develop App That Identifies ADHD


IBM Researchers in Haifa have developed an app for smartphones or smartwatches that can help detect attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms by analyzing the person’s movements.

By Sagi Cohen


Israeli researchers have developed a prototype of an app that can detect attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms by monitoring and analyzing hand movements.

Users could self-diagnose ADHD using a smartphone, a smartwatch or an activity band.

IBM in Israel – Photo: Suzy Peres

According to researchers at the at IBM Research Center in Haifa, people with ADHD have motor characteristics which separate them from the rest of the population. Continue Reading »

Israeli doctors develops new noninvasive procedure for early detection of colon cancer

Doctors at Maccabi Health Services have developed a simple blood test for early detection of Israel’s 2nd-deadliest cancer, to replace the previous unpleasant procedures of colonoscopies & collecting stool samples.


Maccabi Health Services has developed a new noninvasive procedure to detect early signs of colon cancer.

Doctors hope new noninvasive technique to determine signs of colon cancer will lead many people to get tested who avoided the uncomfortable tests previously offered – Photo: Liquidlibrary

Colon cancer is the second most common and deadly form of cancer in Israel, with 3,200 new cases diagnosed and 1,300 deaths resulting from it in 2012. Continue Reading »

In Pioneering Procedure Israeli Doctors Implant Injured Syrian Man With Titanium Jaw

A 23 yr-old Syrian gunshot victim, with a completely destroyed lower jaw, is sent to Israeli hospital where pioneering jaw implant allows him to once again talk & eat.



A 23-year-old Syrian citizen has undergone a pioneering jaw implant made from titanium – one of the most precious metals on Earth – after suffering a bullet wound in his country’s civil war that completely destroyed his lower jaw.

Doctors at Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center treat a Syrian patient. – Photo: RAMBAM HOSPITAL SPOKESMAN

Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center announced the successful operation using the customized artificial jawbone created on a 3D printer. Continue Reading »

Electronic Artificial Skin Could Help Amputees Sense Touch, Temperature & Humidity

Scientists at the Haifa’s Technion Institute of Technology celebrated a medical breakthrough that could allow amputees to actually feel again.

By Sean Fitz-Gerald, Mashable



Researchers have developed a flexible sensor with the potential for integration into electronic skin. If successful, the e-skin could attach to prosthetic limbs, letting people with artificial appendages experience changes in their environments, such as touch, humidity and temperature, simultaneously.


Image courtesy of Agustín Ruiz

This is a big step forward, per the Technion Society, as current forms of e-skin can only detect touch. The researchers developed the new system using gold particles and a kind of resin, which is at least 10 times more sensitive to touch than other touch-based e-skin systems. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Given Imaging bought by Covidien for $860 million

The combination of Covidien’s global presence and Given Imaging’s innovative capabilities has the potential to transform a $3 billion GI market.

By Reuters



Medical device maker Covidien is buying Israeli camera-in-a-capsule maker Given Imaging for $30.00 per share in cash, totaling $860 million, the companies said on Sunday.

The nex generation of Given Imaging’s PillCam capsules  are expected to boost sales.

The next generation of Given Imaging’s PillCam capsules are expected to boost sales.

Given Imaging developed a pioneering technique for non-invasive endoscopy. Its technology for visualising, diagnosing and monitoring the digestive system starts with the PillCam, a capsule containing a miniaturized video camera. Over the years Given Imaging, which operates out of Yokneam, developed a number of versions for the technology, including one for esophageal diagnostics. Continue Reading »

Israeli Scientists Find New Treatment For Brain Damage

Tel Aviv University researchers discovered hyperbaric oxygen treatment can greatly increase a subject’s cognitive ability.

By Tova Dvorin


Israeli researchers have found a revolutionary way to treat brain damage, Business Standard reports.

Tel Aviv University (TAU) researchers and staff at the Assaf HaRofeh Medical Center in Tzrifin have found that high levels of oxygen in a pressurized atmosphere can significantly improve chronic brain damage.

After treatment, patients who sustained brain injuries from 20 years ago improved their cognitive and physical responses following the treatment, the study concludes.

Doctors worldwide treat brain injuries with physical rehabilitation, but its effects have been limited partly because the window of opportunity to repair the brain damage after the injury is short. Continue Reading »