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Google uncovers ‘Israeli’ spy app made to track & hack smartphones


Google discovers what it fears to be the most dangerous android spyware to date, suspected of being created by an Israeli company, that can copy internal memory, messages, call logs, internet history as well as spy on people by remotely activating the smartphones’ camera and microphone.

By Sagi Cohen


Security researchers at Google and Lookout have discovered an extremely sophisticated Android app capable of spying on users by hacking their smartphones’ camera and microphone, as well as track calls, messages, internet history and more.

Called Chrysaor, the spyware seems to be linked to Pegasus, a notorious program that was found to be targeting iPhone users in 2016 and is suspected of having been created by Israeli firm NSO Group Technologies. Continue Reading »

IDF releases first secured military smartphone for the battlefield


WATCH: IDF releases to it’s soldiers a new secure smartphone, the first of its kind, to help them maintain their security on and off the battlefield.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The IDF recently released a new military smartphone, which can support both G4 and military networks.

Using the new smartphones, IDF soldiers and commanders will be able to securely share classified information, as well as footage and visuals from the field. Spoken code, as well as the dangerous need to speak on the battlefield, will become a thing of the past.

Earlier in January, Hamas terrorists managed to hack the phones of dozes of IDF soldiers by posing as women on Facebook. Continue Reading »

Israeli IBM Researchers in Haifa Develop App That Identifies ADHD


IBM Researchers in Haifa have developed an app for smartphones or smartwatches that can help detect attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms by analyzing the person’s movements.

By Sagi Cohen


Israeli researchers have developed a prototype of an app that can detect attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms by monitoring and analyzing hand movements.

Users could self-diagnose ADHD using a smartphone, a smartwatch or an activity band.

IBM in Israel – Photo: Suzy Peres

According to researchers at the at IBM Research Center in Haifa, people with ADHD have motor characteristics which separate them from the rest of the population. Continue Reading »

New emergency app being developed in Israel to help tackle kidnapping

In light of recent kidnapping, smart-phone technology reportedly being engineered to enable emergency distress button to alert authorities, without having to place call.




A new smartphone app to help people from getting kidnapped is currently being developed in Israel, Channel 2 reported Monday.


Smartphone. – Photo: REUTERS

As Israeli police and security forces search for three missing Israeli teenagers, believed to be kidnapped in the West Bank – the Shomron Regional Council is working on an app that will enable people in danger to report their location to authorities, without actually picking up the phone and placing a call. Continue Reading »

New Startup from Israel Develops Wireless Mobile Chargers

Wi-Charge claims that their charging times can compete with that of wired chargers. Furthermore, there is also no electromagnetic or radio frequency radiation involved, adding to the user’s safety, Wi-Charge reports.

By Sean Sade, NoCamels



Every cellphone owner has experienced the depressing moment when their battery dies at the most inconvenient of times.  Veteran Israeli entrepreneurs Victor Vaisleib and Ortal Alpert joined together to create a radical solution to charge a phone without a charger – using infrared light.

Wireless Charging Solution Provider - Wi-Charge YouTube screenshot

Israeli Wireless Charging Solution Provider – Wi-Charge YouTube screenshot

Founded in in 2010, the Wi-Charge group has been working to create a safe wireless power transmitter that allows clients to charge their devices, using infrared radiation. Continue Reading »

Israeli Company Unveils New Unique Medical Smartphone

Israeli company LifeWatch Technologies unveils the LifeWatch V, a medical smartphone that measures seven medical indexes.

By Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski


Israeli company LifeWatch Technologies unveiled on Tuesday the LifeWatch V, a first of its kind medical smartphone that renders it possible to independently measure seven medical indexes: ECG, heart rate, body temperature, blood sugar levels, body fat percentages, blood oxygen saturation and an index for measuring stress.

LifeWatch V -

LifeWatch V – Henzi & Micciche

The revolutionary development transforms the user’s personal cellular handset into a sophisticated “life preserving apparatus”.

LifeWatch V is equipped with a rich package of tools which supports the ability to independently manage various aspects of personal health and welfare, including: Nutrition management based to the users profile and preferences, a medication reminder and physical activity log. Continue Reading »