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Israeli plastics giant sells 80% of company for $1.7 billion


Israeli business daily Globes reports of Israel’s Keter Plastic Ltd. reportedly selling 80% of its stock to BC Partners for $1.7 billion.



The Israeli plastics firm Keter reportedly has sold 80 percent of its stock at a price of $1.7 billion.

Keter products

BC Partners, a private equity firm with offices in London, Paris, Hamburg and New York, has been in exclusive talks to buy a stake in Keter, according to the Israeli business daily Globes.

Keter Plastics owner Sami Sagol reportedly had been trying to sell full ownership of the company for $2 billion. BC will still have an option of buying the remaining shares, according to Globes. Continue Reading »

Business: Israeli life science firms trying hard to become another Teva

Many Israeli concerns have been unsuccessful achieving the success that Teva has accomplished, because of the challenge in breaking into the innovation sector, the inability to raise proper funding for expansion, and the lack of experience in taking drugs through the regulatory process & to market.

By Reuters


As Israel’s biggest company Teva strives to get even bigger by swallowing up rival Mylan for more than $40 billion, further down the food chain a raft of upstart life science firms are struggling to climb onto the global ladder.

Photo: EPA

Now the government is starting to take notice, urged on by influential advocates, including Teva Pharmaceutical Industries’ own boss, who says the country’s economic future depends on replicating his company’s success. Continue Reading »

Singapore seeks closer ties with Israel

Since both countries are high-tech nations with small populations, they have to turn to broader markets to expand and thrive.


Singapore is looking to increase its investments in Israel, and serve as a bridge to the wider Asian market.

A guest swims in the infinity pool of the Skypark that tops the Marina Bay Sands hotel towers in Singapore. – Photo: REUTERS

“We notice there’s a gap down there. Israeli companies don’t come to Asian that often. We realized that this is an opportunity for us,” said Alex Lim, Global Head of Infocomm Investments (IIPL), a new $200 million Singaporean Government backed fund to invest in start-ups & growth stage companies around the world. Continue Reading »

Israel introduces a hand-held molecular scanner that analyzes chemical makeup

WATCH: New Israeli hand-held scanner lets consumers check the ingredients & chemical makeup of any product by just pointing the beam at the object.


A new Israeli high-tech development might just revolutionize the consumer experience.

The hand-held Scio molecular scanner. - Photo: Scio

The hand-held Scio molecular scanner. – Photo: Scio

The Scio, developed by Consumer Physics, is the world’s first molecular sensor that fits in the palm of a hand. Using it, a consumer can scan any product and get instant information about its full chemical make-up.

Consumer Physics CEO Dror Sharon says that the Scio will pave the way to intelligent consumerism. Using the sensor, consumers will be able to avoid unsafe ingredients in products and will no longer be dependent on the supplier’s word that a cheese is low fat, say.

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Kenya hires Israeli biometric firm for national ID project to stem terror

Unnamed Israeli company, chosen to aid in the fight against terror, will gather biometric data and issue e-cards in Kenya’s endeavor to increase security in East African nation.


An unnamed Israeli firm has signed a deal to help Kenya develop a biodata system for issuing ID cards to all its citizens, which the government hopes will aid it in the fight against terror, The East African reported Saturday.


Mourners remembering their loved ones killed in the Westgate terror attack at the Amani Garden memorial site in the Karura Forest in Nairobi, Kenya, Sept. 21, 2014. – Photo: AP

The information is also meant to help the rein in tax evasion, loan defaults and corruption, according to the news site.

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SodaStream consolidates and moves to large new site in Israel’s Negev

SodaStream said move to new factory in southern Israel is not because Palestinian activists launched a campaign boycotting the company because the factory was located in an Israeli town in the West Bank.

By Dror Reich, Reuters and


SodaStream is shuttering its controversial West Bank plant next year as part of a plan to boost growth, the company said Wednesday.

The SodaStream plant in Mishor Adumim.

The SodaStream plant in Mishor Adumim. – Photo: Bloomberg

The plant in the Ma’aleh Adumim industrial zone, which employs Palestinian workers, has made the at-home soda machine maker a target of the anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, and put the company at odds with European policies blocking the import of products made in West Bank settlements.

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Azerbaijan Buying a Dozen Israeli Naval Defense Vessels

Jane’s Report confirms that Azerbaijan, a Muslim nation purchased 12 advanced vessels, based on photographs from website of Azerbaijani president.


Azerbaijan is reportedly acquiring 21 new coast-guard vessels from Israel, according to Eurasianet.org.

Azerbaijan president

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, left, with the allegedly Israeli-built coast guard vessel in the background. Photo by Website of the President of Azerbaijan

While Azerbaijan made no formal announcement about such a purchase, Jane’s, the defense and intelligence publication, confirmed Thursday that the Azerbaijan Coast Guard ordered six Shaldag Mk V patrol boats and six Saar 62 offshore patrol vessels.

Jane’s based its assertion on images obtained in mid-July showing details of work being done on the vessels at a new shipyard.

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Undeterred by war, Ryanair seeks to transform Israel into hub for low-cost flights

Despite current military conflict, Ryanair management blames Jerusalem’s bureaucracy & the gov’t’s determination to protect El Al from foreign competition for the delay in entering Israel’s market.


Low-cost airline Ryanair wants to launch an “Israeli version” of the Irish company and turn Israel into one of its hubs, CEO Michael O’Leary told the Irish Independent newspaper.

A Ryanair jet

A Ryanair jet. – Photo: Bloomberg

Ryanair is Europe’s largest low-cost airline, and it has already said that it intends to start flying to and from Israel. O’Leary says the company has great aspirations for Israel, and promised Israel’s tourism minister last year that the company would bring Israel 4-5 million tourists a year.

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Study: Israelis Exploit the Internet More Than Europeans or Americans

Survey demonstrates Israelis pay less for it’s use, but, what do online media outlets have to do to get Israelis to spend more money?

By Amir Teig



Everyone knows that Israelis are quick to embrace new technology and are avid consumers of locally produced content. What’s surprising is that Israeli media organizations struggle to leverage these advantages in order to survive in the digital age. New and old media companies alike are fighting for survival worldwide, but because the Israeli market is a small one the stakes are higher.

Israel Supporter (Illustrative) - Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Israeli on the internet (Illustrative) – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

The most interesting conclusion of a recent survey of Israelis and the Internet, commissioned by Google from the Boston Consulting Group, is that Israeli online consumers value the Internet more than their counterparts in Europe and twice as much as their counterparts in the United States.

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Israeli ‘wearable robot’ gets FDA approval to allow paraplegics to walk

The FDA has approved Israel’s ReWalk, a set of motorized leg braces that is sometimes described as a robotic exoskeleton,for home use in the United States.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a wearable support device produced by Yokne’am-based ReWalk Robotics that can help some people with spinal cord injuries to walk again.

ReWalk electric powered exoskeletal suit.

ReWalk electric powered exoskeletal suit. – Reuters

ReWalk, a set of motorized leg braces that is sometimes described as a robotic exoskeleton, was approved in the United States for home use only.

The braces support the wearer’s legs and lower torso, while the motors provide movements to the knees, thighs and ankles, enabling some paraplegics to sit, stand and walk.

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Chinese engineering firm to build $1b private shipping port in Ashdod

Now that China Harbor will be developing the port in Ashdod, Jerusalem can use this new port as a bargaining chip with dockworkers’ unions. No longer will the country be blackmailed with union strikes costing Israel millions in lost revenues.

By Avi Bar-Eli


The first private port to be developed under the state’s port reforms will be located in Ashdod and built by China Harbour Engineering Company, a Chinese government-owned firm, TheMarker has learned.

Shipping containers being unloaded in Ashdod. Soon to have a rival port.

Shipping containers in Ashdod Port. – Photo: Ilan Assayag

China Harbour, which won the international tender to construct two new private ports a week ago, opted Sunday to develop the southern port in Ashdod, instead of the northern one in Haifa.

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SodaStream stocks jump with talks of merger with Starbucks


2 months after Keurig Green Mountain announces joint venture with Coca Cola, SodaStream stocks rally after Israeli daily reports brewing deal with Starbucks.

Starbucks &  SodaStream declined to comment.

By Hili Yacobi-Handelsman, Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


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The Tel Aviv real estate market remains strong

Southern Tel Aviv & Jaffa are still the places for investors, with peripheral neighborhoods like Kiryat Shalom, Kfar Shalem & Neve Sharett heating up.



The big new trend TheMarker identified a year ago in the Tel Aviv real estate market was a shift to the south, and this year that trend is expected to continue. Over the past year, many new apartment buildings aimed at investors were built, mostly in the south Tel Aviv Florentin neighborhood, for young renters and others who have been priced out of rentals in central and northern areas of the city.

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Missouri lawmakers seek to open economic development office in Israel

Missouri’s office in Israel would be focused on developing joint business partnerships in biotechnology, agriculture & other emerging fields.




JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri – Some Missouri lawmakers want the state to open an economic development office in Israel.

The Gateway Arch of Saint Louis, Missouri. April 2, 2014

The Gateway Arch of Saint Louis, Missouri, as seen from Saint Louis University School of Law on April 2. – Photo: AP/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Laurie Skrivan

A spending plan embraced by a Senate committee would insert $200,000 into the next state budget to open an office in Israel.

The Senate and House have each passed bills that would require the Department of Economic Development to establish an office in Israel.

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Israel declines requests of being world’s medical ‘pot dealer’


Although Israel has the climate & know-how to be the major exporter of medical marijuana, it doesn’t want to.


The Czech Health Ministry would like to import medical marijuana from Israel, but the government has not arranged for local growers to export the drug.

Medicinal marijuana

Growing facility for the Tikun Olam company near the northern city of Safed. – Photo: Reuters

Visiting here last month, Czech Health Minister Svatopluk Nemecek dropped by a medical marijuana operation on moshav Ein Irron. The logistic center there is operated by Bazelet — the marijuana division of the Barak Group, a medical supplier that serves five of the eight authorized growers of medical marijuana in Israel.

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