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Trump announces: Morocco agrees to full diplomatic relations with Israel

US President Donald Trump does it again in yet another historic breakthrough! The President informed Israeli PM Netanyahu that Morocco has agree to be the 4th Muslim state to formally agree to normalize relations with Israel.
– Meanwhile, Palestinian leaders are furious, feeling abandoned & ignored.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


In an historic breakthrough, Morocco has agreed to establish diplomatic relations with Israel. As part of the deal, the United States will recognize the Western Sahara as part of Morocco.

President Trump announced the development in a tweet Thursday.

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When a King meets a Rabbi

Having run into Rabbi Goldberg at a Chabad tefillin stand in France, the two discussed the Seven Noahide Laws, the importance of charity in Judaism and recited a Hebrew blessing together.

By David Rosenberg


For decades, emissaries of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement have set up tefillin stands in universities and at street corners around the world, looking to encourage Jewish passersby to put on phylacteries.

One such tefillin stand in Paris received a most unusual visitor on Monday, when a middle-aged tourist from Morocco approached the stand and began chatting about the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

As Chabad emissary Israel Goldberg soon learned, the visitor was not the run-of-the-mill tourist, but Mohammed VI, the King of Morocco. Continue Reading »

Morocco permits Israeli Judaka to display “ISR” on competition uniform

Unlike last month’s tournament in Abu Dhabi, Israel’s judo team in Morocco was to allowed to display Jewish state’s insignia on their Judogi (uniforms).



JERUSALEM — Israeli judoka Or Sasson was allowed to wear Israel’s insignia at the Openweight World Championships in Marrakech, Morocco.

Egyptian judoka Islam el-Shehaby refuses to shake hand of Israeli, Or Sasson at the Rio 2016 Olympics – Screenshot: YouTube

Sasson, who won a bronze medal for Israel in the 2016 Rio Olympics, was eliminated from the tournament Saturday by a loss to France’s Cyrille Maret. But his appearance with “ISR” on his Judogi was still a victory of sorts for Israel’s judo team, which was barred from displaying national symbols last month in a tournament in Abu Dhabi. Continue Reading »

Hundreds of Moroccans protest against Israel’s flag flying in Marrakesh


“Death to America, death to Israel!” cried hundreds of demonstrators outside Morocco’s parliament in Rabat, saying the hoisting of Israel’s flag at the UN climate talks ‘symbolizes recognizing Israel.’



Hundreds demonstrated in the Moroccan capital Wednesday against the Israeli flag being flown beside the colors of 195 other countries at UN climate talks in the central city of Marrakesh.


More than 200 people protested outside parliament in Rabat against the Jewish state’s flag being hoisted at the COP22 conference that opened Monday.

“The Israeli flag at COP22 means Morocco symbolically recognizing the state of Israel. It’s unacceptable,” one protester told AFP.”Death Continue Reading »

King Mohamed VI of Morocco asks country’s Jews to pray for rain

Throughout Morocco, prayers are recited at mosques & synagogues to remedy news of impending drought.




Prayers were recited at synagogues and mosques across the country at the request of the king upon learning that Morocco may suffer a drought this year.

King Mohamed VI of Morocco.

King Mohamed VI of Morocco. – Photo: AP

At the request of the king, prayers for rain were held over the weekend at synagogues throughout Morocco.

The prayers were recited on Saturday, one day after Muslims said similar prayers in mosques at the request of King Mohammed VI, the Moroccan daily Le Matin reported. The king made the request upon learning that Morocco may suffer a drought this year. Continue Reading »

Due to possible terror threat in Turkey, gov’t warns Israelis to stay away


Morocco & Turkey,  popular destinations where tens of thousands of Israelis have visited,  appears on Israel’s Counterterrorism Bureau’s semi-annual travel advisory. Gov’t asks Israelis to mix up their routines while abroad.

By Shlomo Cesana


The Israeli government issued an unequivocal travel advisory on Monday warning Israelis to avoid visiting Turkey, a popular vacation destination for Israelis over the summer and during the coming Jewish holidays.

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Moroccan King is preserving Cape Verde’s Jewish heritage sites.

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI is paying for the restoration of Jewish heritage sites in Cape Verde, and accordingly, his Jewish adviser says it reflects the king’s recognition of the Jewish influence on his country’s culture.

Moroccan diplomat Abdellah Boutadghart

Abdellah Boutadghart, right, of the Moroccan embassy in Senegal, and Rabbi Eliezer Di Martino from Lisbon on May 2 at Praia’s main cemetery.

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