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Following 3 years of threats Palestinians end CIA information-sharing

Mahmoud Abbas’ government security arrangements with the CIA continued quietly despite the PA’s decision to disengage with the Trump White House following their move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem in 2017.

By i24NEWS


Palestinian security services will no longer share information with their US counterparts in protest at Israeli plans to declare sovereignty over parts of the West Bank, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat aid Thursday.

The announcement comes after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared on Tuesday an end to all agreements with Israel and the US.

PLO Secretary-General, infamous fabulist, renowned Palestinian spin-master, Chief PA ‘peace negotiator’, and grandmaster propagandist, Saeb “Pinnochio” Erekat – YouTube Screen Shot

“It has been 48 hours that the American Intelligence Service has been notified that the agreement with them is no longer in force,” Erekat said referring to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Continue Reading »

Guard tower being erected outside Damascus Gate in Jerusalem sparks criticism

Israel Police observation posts being erected outside the Damascus Gate entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City are part of enhanced security measures announced last summer, including additional surveillance cameras and more security personnel.
 – Arab resident of Jerusalem, ‘This makes me sad, and angry.’
 – Public Security Minister Erdan,  ‘Damascus Gate is going through a revolution.’

By John T. Huddy, The Media Line


A new Israeli Border Police guard tower stands at the base of the Damascus Gate entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City.It’s a noticeable part of the landscape and an example of Israel’s increased security presence at the ancient entrance to the Muslim Quarter, which in the recent past has been a flashpoint for violence. Continue Reading »

Israel to heighten security presence in public areas


A governmental committee examining the issue of security in public spaces recommended a legal amendment requiring open-air shopping centers apply for the same permits as indoor malls, requiring more armed security guards and allowing the police to perform security patrols.

By i24news


Israel plans to boost security in open malls and markets with on-site guards and patrols, two months after Palestinian attackers opened fire on shoppers and diners at Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market, the Times of Israel reported on Tuesday.

The site of the terror attack in which two Palestinian gunmen killed four patrons of the Sarona market in Tel Aviv a day earlier, June 9 2016 – Photo: JESSI SATIN/I24NEWS

Four people were killed and over a dozen wounded in the Tel Aviv attack, which many commentators said recalled the darkest days of the second intifada, when Tel Aviv residents were regularly targeted with bombings on public transports and places of leisure such as restaurants. Continue Reading »

Entry to Temple Mount Restricted to Men Over 40 Until End of Yom Kippur


Israel security personnel on high alert in Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria and Gaza prior to Yom Kippur & the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha which follows.

By Uzi Baruch


Jerusalem District Commander Moshe Edri on Monday evening announced that the entry of Muslims to the Temple Mount compound will be restricted in the coming days, in light of the ongoing violence in the area and in the wake of intelligence received that Arab youths intend to cause disturbances during the Yom Kippur holiday.

Under the guidelines, only Muslim men aged 40 and older will be permitted to enter the compound, as well as women of all ages. Continue Reading »

US law enforcement delegation in Israel learning local anti-terror tactics




Law enforcement officials from a series of US agencies and police departments are in Israel this week to learn counter-terror strategies and compare tactics with their Israeli counterparts, according to an official leading a foreign delegation of law enforcement officials visiting Israel this week.

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REPORT: The Palestinian Authority Sends Israel Ultimatum to Stop ICC Probe

‘Carrot & the Stick’ – PA official says Abbas would withdraw war crimes petition at the ICC if Israel stops building ‘settlements’ – and if refused, they will halt all security coordination with Israel.

By Tova Dvorin


The Palestinian Authority (PA) may have moved forward with its attempt to prosecute Israel for “war crimes” in the International Criminal Court (ICC) – but it would drop the case if Israel stopped building Jewish communities in Judea-Samaria, a PA official close to Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said Sunday.

The senior official, speaking from Ramallah to Walla! News on condition of anonymity, said that the PA has announced the ultimatum through Jordan and Egypt.

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