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Israeli Arabs Doing National Service are Still Breaking Records


Record breaking number of Arabs & other non-Jews are joining the IDF or doing other forms of national service, as they seek integration into Israeli society.

By Yossi Aloni


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week met with a number of these non-Jewish volunteers. He heard about how they are playing active roles in the police, fire stations, emergency medical services, schools, kindergartens and more. Netanyahu spoke with the volunteers about the challenges they face, and was told of the volunteers’ desire to fully integrate into Israeli society.

The director of the National Service Authority, Sar-Shalom Jerbi, informed the prime minister that the majority of the volunteers perform their service within Arab communities.

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Chabad emissaries may qualify as national service instead of IDF induction

Volunteers for Zaka, Magen David Adom & the Israel National Police have already receive the status of national service, which in most cases can be served instead of IDF service.



JERUSALEM – The work of 100 Israeli men serving overseas as emissaries on behalf of Chabad can count as national service, a Knesset committee decided.

File:2008 Mumbai terror attacks Nariman House front view 3.jpg

Nariman House, known as the Mumbai Chabad House. Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka Holtzberg, who was six months pregnant, were murdered with four other Jewish hostages inside the house by the attackers. 26, Nov. 2008 – Photo & Text: Wikimedia Commons.

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Increasing number of Israeli Christians volunteering for national service

Even some Muslim youth are interested as Israeli Christians are doing military and/or national service despite boycotts & denouncements by Arab public figures.

Zeidan Baha’s heartwarming story of how his volunteering as a firefighter was a way to ‘payback’ for his life being saved.

By Daniel Siryoti


In recent weeks the activity of the forum to recruit Israeli Christians to the Israel Defense Forces has made headlines. Israeli Arab public figures, both Muslim and Christian, have spoken out against the increasing numbers of young Christians who are interested in enlisting and want to share the burden along with other minorities such as the Bedouin and Druze.

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More Israeli Arabs are Volunteering for National Service

Despite pressure from their more anti-Israel elders to shun the Jewish state, there’s a significant rise this year in the number of young Israeli Arabs volunteering for national service.

By Yossi Aloni



At a time when the Israeli government is struggling to get ultra-Orthodox Jews into the army, a record number of Israeli Arabs are volunteering for national service.

Despite calls from leaders in the Arab community to shun national service, 3,000 young Israeli Arabs answered the call this year, a 76 percent increase from the 1,700 who volunteered last year.

At a ceremony earlier this week in Haifa, the National Service Administration welcomed the 3,000th Arab volunteer this year, Suriah Suad, who will do her national service by volunteering in the maternity ward at Ziv Hospital in Safed. Continue Reading »

Arab MK intimidating Arab girls who do national service, they won’t find husbands


MK Jamal Zahalka (National Democratic Assembly) threatens that not only will Israeli Arabs who perform national service be ostracized, but their marriage prospects will suffer. “This is cause for battle,” he says.

By Israel Hayom Staff

Israeli Arab Knesset member Jamal Zahalka (National Democratic Assembly) has spoken out against national service for Israeli Arabs, saying that young people who volunteer will be ostracized.

“Anyone who does national service should be ashamed,” Zahalka said on Saturday. “A young woman needs to know that if she performs national service, there is a chance no one will marry her and she will be ostracized. Continue Reading »

Arab Youth Discuss Holocaust’s Impact After Visiting Poland

Scores of Israeli Arab youths in the National Service participated in a Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony, then discussed the sad events and its relevance to Israeli Arabs.

By David Lev

Dozens of Arab youths in the National Service (Sherut Le’umi), who serve as counselors in the No’ar Oved Ve’lomed youth group (associated with the Labor Party), participated in a Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony on Sunday night. After the ceremony, the youths discussed the importance of the Holocaust to the Jewish people – and its relevance to Israeli Arabs.

Israeli youth at Auschwitz

Israeli youth at Auschwitz – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Many of the youths had recently returned from a trip to Poland, where they visited the concentration camps and learned first-hand about the Holocaust. Continue Reading »

More Arabs volunteering for national service, but general population remains hostile

Many young Arabs are realizing the importance Israel places on military or national service, and the doors one can open by doing his or her part. Unfortunately peer pressure and a hostile community keep many from participating.

By Israel Today Staff


A growing number of Israeli Arabs are opting to do national service (an alternative to military service), and some even have a genuine desire to serve the State of Israel beyond their initial commitment. But, sadly, they continue to face harsh criticism and even hostility from within the Arab community.

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Every Year More Israeli Arabs volunteer for National Service

Around 3000 Arab Israelis are now volunteering to enter National Service, & the number is growing each year.



Ein Naquba – When Nasim Awadallah finished high school two years ago, he didn’t have many prospects. His grades were not good enough to get into university. He worked at a minimum wage job for a few months but was not satisfied.

Women walking in the mixed Arab-Jewish city Lod

Women walking in the mixed Arab-Jewish city Lod – Photo: REUTERS

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