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Israel Air Force returns night-time response to Hamas for earlier rocket fired from Gaza


IAF aircraft hit several of Hamas’ terror-related sites in Gaza, in retaliation for a rocket attack targeting the city of Netivot a few hours earlier.

By Elad Benari


Israeli Air Force (IAF) aircraft targeted several terror-related sites in Gaza on Thursday night, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement.

IAF airstrike in Gaza (archive) – AFP photo

According to the statement, the airstrikes targeted a weapons facility and a terrorist center in northern Gaza, as well as a weapons storage site in southern Gaza.

Direct hits were identified, and all aircraft returned safely to their basis, the IDF said. Continue Reading »

IDF Security Screw-up as Gazan Reaches Jewish Community

An unarmed man from Gaza succeeded in penetrating all the IDF defenses & reach the town of Netivot. Security officials concerned.

By Maayana Miskin


A man from Gaza managed to get past several layers of IDF security and to reach the Israeli city of Netivot shortly before Passover, Yisrael Hayom reports.

The man was unarmed and apparently did not plan to carry out a terrorist attack. His infiltration has caused great concern in the defense establishment regardless, as it is feared that he could have shown terrorists a way of entering Israel.

In addition, military commanders are concerned that the man may have been a terrorist doing reconnaissance. Continue Reading »