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Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y) remains silent as violence against Jews intensifies

Op-ed. The shameful tolerance for violence against Jews is horribly indisputable, as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and fellow Democrat leaders disappear into silence.

By Larry Gordon


No matter how it is spun, in the world at large the Jewish people are stuck in a conundrum that has us determined to win, but not to win by too much.

This debate or conflicted approach to the recent battle between Israel and Hamas has once again the matter of Israel’s strength and military superiority. As absurd as it is on its surface a great deal of the recent debate revolved around the issue as to whether Israel has the right to defend itself. Continue Reading »

Holocaust Survivor: AOC deserves “Nobel Prize in stupidity”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “doesn’t want to learn — she’s looking for excuses… I would like to nominate her for the Nobel Prize in stupidity,” confessed 93 yr-old Holocaust survivor, Ed Mosberg.



Ed Mosberg, a 93-year-old Holocaust survivor from New Jersey, has called on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to be removed from Congress for her comments comparing the migrant detention centers in the south of the United States to Nazi concentration camps.

“She should be removed from Congress,” he told the New York Post. “She’s spreading antisemitism, hatred and stupidity.”

He insisted that there were major differences between the detention centers and concentration camps.

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Will American Jews Turn ‘Never Again’ Pledge Into Empty Slogan?

Op-ed: American Jews, who traditionally have been overwhelmingly Democrat, need to choose if the Jewish state’s security & survival trump the legacy of, & loyalty to, a lame duck president that Israel feels is endangering it.

By Shoula Romano Horing 


After World War II, Jews everywhere promised that never again would they be silent or sit idly by while evil tries to destroy the Jewish people. Iranian leaders have repeatedly promised to destroy the Jewish state. It appears that the nuclear deal will give them the means to do it. 

Democratic Senator Eliot Engel (L), who has come out against the Iran nuclear deal, with Secretary of State John Kerry – Photo: AP

American Jews, who are overwhelmingly Democrats, will have to choose the Jewish state’s survival and security over the legacy of and loyalty to a lame duck president from the Democratic Party. Continue Reading »