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PLO ‘Throwing a Fit’ Demanding Apology Over Eurovision Flag Policy


PLO representatives have denounced the ‘shameful, totally biased & unacceptable decision’ from the Eurovision song contest organizers after a document was leaked banning the flags of all non-UN member state, including the Palestinian Authority flag.



The Palestinians demanded an apology on Saturday from the organizers of Eurovision, who are already under fierce criticism after a document leaked forbidding certain flags, such as the Basque and Palestinian ones.

In a letter addressed to Jean-Paul Philippot, the president of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and obtained by AFP, Saeb Erekat, the number two of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), denounced a “shameful, totally biased and unacceptable decision” and demanded “its immediate cancellation.” Continue Reading »

European Broadcasting Union bans Palestine, ISIS flags from Eurovision song contest


The venue hosting the contest published the European Broadcasting Union’s guidelines on spectator conduct which includes a ban displaying Palestinian, ISIS flags.



If there’s excitement and anticipation in the air, if there’s about to be an explosion of glitz and glamor, you know what that means – the Eurovision song contest is upon us.

The flags of the Palestine Liberation Organization and Islamic State. – Photo: Courtesy

The annual display of over-the-top kitsch is just less than two weeks away, but if you are one of the lucky ones who will be attending the extravaganza at Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, don’t bother taking your flags of Palestine or Islamic State. Continue Reading »

Al Qaeda, Hamas & Hezbollah Flags Wave in Jerusalem

At Arab wedding procession in Jerusalem’s Old City, terrorist flags are waved amid shouts of ‘we will write on the pistol: Al-Aqsa is holy to us.’

By Ari Yashar


During an Arab wedding procession in Jerusalem’s Old City on Thursday night, the Jewish state’s 3,000-year-old capital bore witness to a multitude of terrorist organization flags.

Participants in the wedding, who received permission from the police to hold the procession in the Old City, waved the flags of terror groups including Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and Hamas, alongside the flag of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

As they marched with the flags, the Arab revelers chanted slogans insulting Israel and Judaism, such as “even with the rifle, the (‘Palestinian’) nation will live and will not die,” and “we will write on the pistol: Al-Aqsa (Jerusalem) is holy to us.” Continue Reading »

IDF makes deal to remove Palestinian flag from Hebron roof


Arab resident says he agreed after IDF officer promised to release young neighbor that was arrested for throwing stones.



Israeli soldiers turned up for the second time on Saturday at a home in Hebron to order the removal of a Palestinian flag, even though the Israel Defense Forces said last week there is no policy against displaying flags.

Settler caught climbing on Arab's roof to remove Palestinian flag - screenshot

Hebron resident caught climbing onto Arab’s roof to remove Palestinian flag – Photo: screenshot

Shadi Sider, a member of a Palestinian family living near the Jewish settlement enclave of Beit Hadassah, said the soldiers had arrested a neighbor for allegedly throwing stones and conditioned his release on the removal of the flag. Continue Reading »