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Madonna negotiating terms for 2019 Eurovision in Tel Aviv

Madonna has agreed in principle to entertain at the prestigious singing competition planned to be held in Tel Aviv, however, the singer’s representatives don’t agree over the sum offered by the event’s production team.

By Ran Boker


Pop diva Madonna is reportedly in negotiations to perform at the Eurovision 2019 Song Contest due to be held next May in Tel Aviv.

Sources affiliated with the event’s production say although the singer has agreed in principle to participate, there is some disagreement over the amount of money demanded by Madonna’s representatives and the sum the show’s producers are willing to offer. Continue Reading »

Eilat enters competition with Tel Aviv, Jerusalem to host 2019 Eurovision

Hoping to host the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, Israel’s Southern most city plans to submit an ambitious bid, focusing on the resort town’s unique infrastructure and new airport.

By Raz Israeli


As Israeli authorities begin looking for a venue for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, the southern resort city of Eilat is stepping up its efforts to be chosen as the host.

Israel won the right to host next year’s Eurovision after Israeli singer ‎Netta Barzilai won the 2018 pop contest ‎in Lisbon, Portugal, ‎with her catchy techno-dance tune “Toy.” ‎

Israel has hosted the event twice before in Jerusalem, in 1979 and 1999. Continue Reading »

Major #BDSfail When Israel Won Eurovision Song Contest

After the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) worked hard to make sure Netta didn’t amass votes outside of Israel, they were devastated to learn Saturday night, it was a huge waste of time & money.
– Watch Netta’s winning performance.
– Watch Netanyahu’s reaction…it’s hilarious.

By Israel Today Staff


War with Iran seems more likely than ever, and the United States is about to move its embassy to Jerusalem. But on Sunday morning Israelis could talk of little else than the nation’s victory at the Eurovision song contest.

Final tally of top 26 of 43 entries to the 63rd edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest.

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Revealed by Azerbaijan MP: Mossad neutralized Iranian terrorists at 2012 Eurovision event


MP Yevda Abramov, head of Baku’s Parliamentary Committee on Israel-Azerbaijan Relations, reported that Israel’s “Mossad divers neutralized an Iranian terrorists cell” targeting the 2012 Eurovision song contest in the capital.

By News Agencies & Israel Hayom Staff


Israeli intelligence agents were able to prevent a major terrorist attack in Azerbaijan during the 2012 Eurovision song contest in Baku, Azerbaijani MP Yevda Abramov revealed Tuesday.

The Crystal Hall in Baku, which hosted the 2012  – Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Local website econbez.ru quoted Abramov as saying that “during the Eurovision song contest in Baku … Mossad divers neutralized at sea a group of terrorists who arrived from Iran to Azerbaijan.” Continue Reading »

PLO ‘Throwing a Fit’ Demanding Apology Over Eurovision Flag Policy


PLO representatives have denounced the ‘shameful, totally biased & unacceptable decision’ from the Eurovision song contest organizers after a document was leaked banning the flags of all non-UN member state, including the Palestinian Authority flag.



The Palestinians demanded an apology on Saturday from the organizers of Eurovision, who are already under fierce criticism after a document leaked forbidding certain flags, such as the Basque and Palestinian ones.

In a letter addressed to Jean-Paul Philippot, the president of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and obtained by AFP, Saeb Erekat, the number two of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), denounced a “shameful, totally biased and unacceptable decision” and demanded “its immediate cancellation.” Continue Reading »

European Broadcasting Union bans Palestine, ISIS flags from Eurovision song contest


The venue hosting the contest published the European Broadcasting Union’s guidelines on spectator conduct which includes a ban displaying Palestinian, ISIS flags.



If there’s excitement and anticipation in the air, if there’s about to be an explosion of glitz and glamor, you know what that means – the Eurovision song contest is upon us.

The flags of the Palestine Liberation Organization and Islamic State. – Photo: Courtesy

The annual display of over-the-top kitsch is just less than two weeks away, but if you are one of the lucky ones who will be attending the extravaganza at Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, don’t bother taking your flags of Palestine or Islamic State. Continue Reading »

Danish Lawmaker Demands Palestine Participation at Anual Eurovision Song Contest


Citing IDF’s mistreatment of Palestinians, Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen says having Palestine invited to song contest would send strong message to Israel.

By Gil Naveh


Every year, and this year’s event in Copenhagen is no exception, geopolitics play out in some way at the Eurovision Song Contest. This time, it’s the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen, a member of the Danish parliament, attacked the organizers of the competition at the opening ceremony for not inviting the Palestinian Authority to participate even though Israel is, Turkish newspaper the Daily Sabah reported.

Suzy representing Portugal performs during the first semi-final at Eurovision, 2014.

Suzy representing Portugal performs during the first semi-final at Eurovision, 2014.

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