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Philippines Police deports illegal alien – Hamas ‘rocket scientist’ to Iraq

Iraqi passport holder Taja Mohammad Al Jabori, who ‘admitted to being a member of Hamas,’ was arrested in the Philippines earlier this week after ‘a tip-off’ and found his visa had expired.
– Al Jabori, a chemist by trade, has been responsible for improving Hamas’ rocket capabilities.



The Philippines said Monday it would deport an elderly Iraqi man described as a scientist for Hamas and accused of helping the Palestinian terror group lob missiles at Israel.

Iraq tipped off the Philippines about the presence of Taja Mohammad Al Jabori, who was arrested on Sunday, national police chief Ronald Dela Rosa told reporters.However, Continue Reading »

Philippine President rejects US ‘second-hand’ equipment, seeks IDF weapons


“I will no longer accept second-hand military equipment” [from the US], said Philippine President Duterte, whose defense budget allocates $500 million for the acquisition of new weapons & military equipment this year.



MANILA – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte promised on Friday to buy brand-new military equipment to fight twin Maoist and Muslim rebellions, and no longer accept second-hand weapons from the United States.

President Duterte delivering his first State of the Nation Address – Photo: Ace Morandante/Wikimedia

The Philippine budget allocates more than 100 billion pesos ($2 billion) to modernize the military’s equipment under a five-year plan, spending 25 billion pesos this year on acquisitions from Israel and South Korea. Continue Reading »

Israel’s emergency medical team leaves Philippines



The Israel Defense Forces emergency medical team left  the Philippines 11 days after arriving there to aid typhoon victims.

The Israeli mission in the Philippines delivers a baby, Nov. 15, 2013.- Photo by Twitter account of IDF spokesman Peter Lerner

The Israeli mission in the Philippines delivers a baby, Nov. 15, 2013.- Photo Twitted by IDF spokesman Peter Lerner

The 148-person medical team vacated the IDF’s emergency field hospital in Bogo City on Monday after treating more than 2,600 patients, including 800 children. The team also conducted 52 surgeries and delivered 36 babies.

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West Bank ‘Settlers’ also Among 1st Responders to Aid After Philippines Typhoon

Hatzalah YOSH was among the 1st organizations arriving in the Philippines to offer medical attention following typhoon Haiyan’s destruction.

By Yoni Kempinski, Ari Yashar


The Hatzalah YOSH organization, established to provide emergency medical treatment in Judea and Samaria (sometimes referred to as the “West Bank”), was among the first to arrive in the Philippines and save lives following the typhoon Haiyan natural disaster.

'Rescuers Without Borders' in the Philippines   - Photo: Arutz 7 screenshot

‘Rescuers Without Borders’ in the Philippines – Photo: Arutz 7 screenshot

Video from the Judea and Samaria based rescue mission in the Philippines shows the group’s activities in the devastated landscape:

Aryeh Levi, a medic with Hatzalah YOSH and manager of “Rescuers Without Borders,” spoke to Arutz Sheva about his organization’s rescue efforts. Continue Reading »

IDF sends 148-member team, field hospital & 100 tons of aid to Philippines

IDF officers from the National Search & Rescue Unit of the Home Front Command plus senior doctors from the IDF Medical Corps are part of the Israeli team.


JERUSALEM — The Israel Defense Forces has sent a 148-member humanitarian delegation to the Philippines to provide search-and-rescue and medical services to areas hard hit by Typhoon Haiyan.

148 IDF soldiers are boarding an airplane for the typhoon-struck Philippines. – Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson Office

The team left Israel on Wednesday equipped with a field hospital as well as about 100 tons of humanitarian and medical supplies, according to the IDF.

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IDF field hospital sent to the Philippines


The Foreign Ministry announced that Israel would send a search & rescue team with experience in searching damaged buildings, as well as medical staff and a field hospital.



The IDF will send a humanitarian mission to assist victims of the Typhoon in the Philippines, army sources said.

Soldier preparing supplies for the Philippines – Photo Courtesy IDF

The mission, headed by Col. Ramtin Sabati, who commands the National Rescue Unit, will contain medical staff and a field hospital, and will head out to the storm-stricken areas on Wednesday. The decision came following an evaluation meeting held by IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Continue Reading »

Israel sends IsraAID advance medical team to Philippines


Israel sent its first advance team of 7 medical professionals to the storm-ravaged Philippines on Saturday night seeking to understand and evaluate scale of injury.



The IsraAID humanitarian organization sent a team of 7 medical professionals to Tacloban City in the storm-ravaged Philippines on Saturday night.

“It’s really hard to get any accurate numbers as far as [the scale of the] damage is concerned,” IsraAID founding director Shahar Zahavi said. “Since the area is so hard to reach right now, there’s a lot of doubt about the actual statistics. It’ll take a few days, but right now the most I can say is that people are comparing it to the 2004 [Indian Ocean] tsunami” that killed 230,000 to 280,000 in 14 countries.
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