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REPORT: One Dead after Israel retaliates for ISIS rocket fire with UAV attack


Following yesterday’s Islamic State rocket fire on Southern Israel, Arab media reports of an unidentified drone strike on a home & car in Rafah, Sinai, killing one.
– IDF has had no comment on the foreign reports.

By Roi Kais


Following rocket fire directed at communities in the Eshkol Regional Council Monday morning, Arab media outlet Al Jazeera reported that an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attacked a house in southern Rafah, killing one person.

Image of ISIS launching rocket at Israel – Arab media release

In addition to Al Jazeera, local media outlets in the Sinai reported that an unidentified UAV fired two missiles at a structure and vehicle, killing and wounding civilians. Continue Reading »

Biblical Retribution? – Gaza Tunnel No.11 Explodes, 2 Dead, 70 Wounded


According to Egyptian sources, a gas pipe exploded inside a tunnel beneath the town of Rafah, wounding some70 people, killing 2, causing the evacuation from some 60 homes, and exposing the locations of about 50 more Hamas tunnels.
– This is tunnel-collapse number 11…..the 11th Plague?

By Jewish Press News Briefs


A gas pipe running through a tunnel under the Gazan town of Rafah exploded, wounding some 60-70 people, and killing 2, according to Egyptian sources.

According to Al Bawab News, some 50 smuggling tunnels were uncovered due to the explosion.

This tunnel incident is separate from the Hamas terror tunnel that collapsed tonight in Khan Younis. Continue Reading »