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Palestinians honor former UN official who condemned Israel


Despot Mahmoud Abbas awards Jordanian Rima Khalaf, former UN official who resigned after refusing to retract report accusing Israel of apartheid, the ‘Palestine Medal of the Highest Honor’ in recognition of her ‘courage & support’ for the Palestinian people.

By The Associated Press


The Palestinian president has awarded his people’s highest honor to a former UN official who was forced to resign last week after authoring a report that accused Israel of establishing an “apartheid regime.”

Rima Khalaf, 2011 – Wikimedia Commons: Chatham House – Flickr

The official Palestinian news agency Wafa said Sunday that President Mahmoud Abbas informed Rima Khalaf by phone that she would receive the Palestine Medal of the Highest Honor in recognition of her “courage and support” for the Palestinian people. Continue Reading »

UN’s Under Sec-Gen Rima Khalaf, Promotes & Advances Antisemitism

Trying to halt the UN’s promotion of antisemitism, Israel’s envoy to the United Nations, Ron Prosor sends his second letter to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, to address the latest example.

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Below is the second letter addressed to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the subject of UN’s official propagation of myths, revisionist history, and antisemitism.

Ron Prosor

At the UNITED NATIONS — Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor – Photo: Shahar Azran


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