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Israel’s President Bars Arab MK Entry Into Residence After Meeting Terrorists’ Families


After condolence meetings with the families of Palestinian terrorists, Arab MK was not permitted entry into President Rivlin’s meeting with over 60 Arab leaders, Finance Minister & Israel’s Social Equality Minister.

By Itamar Eichner


Joint List MK Jamal Zahalka has been refused entry to the President’s Residence because of his meeting with families of terrorists.

Arab MK Jamal Zahalka at Israel’s Knesset- Photo: Alex Kolomoisky

“While unfortunately, there are those, individual Knesset Members who seek to cynically and maliciously sabotage our ability to establish trust between us (Jews and Arabs), nevertheless we are here today because we believe in our path,” Rivlin said at the meeting. Continue Reading »

UK Daily selects President Rivlin as one of 2014’s heroes

The respected British daily, the Guardian, says that Israel’s President Rivlin serves as ‘country’s conscience’ by fighting ‘racism & intolerance, and standing up for civil rights of Palestinian Arabs.’

By Ynet


The British daily the Guardian has selected Israeli President Rueven Rivlin as one its ‘heroes’ for 2014.

President Rivlin – Photo: Motti Kimchi

The left-leaning paper said that “Reuven ‘Ruvi’ Rivlin is an unlikely hero” due to his lifelong affiliation with the Likud and support of the idea of a “Greater Israel”.

Yet the paper said that “ever since his elevation to Israel’s largely ceremonial presidency he has acted as something like his country’s conscience – both castigating what he sees as a national slide into racism and intolerance, and standing up for the civil rights of Palestinians.” Continue Reading »