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Israeli Arab parliamentarians team up with Palestinians against Israel at UN

Israeli Knesset Members from the Joint Arab List party met with UN and senior PA officials in order to facilitate the passing of an anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations to condemn Israel’s Nationality Law as “Apartheid.”

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Arab MKs from the Joint Arab List are preparing a resolution at the United Nations to condemn the Nationality Law, Hadashot News reported.

According to the report, a number of MKs from the Joint List met with UN officials alongside Palestinian Authority representative Riyad Mansour and other senior PA officials in order to arrange the passing of the anti-Israel resolution. Continue Reading »

Palestinians continue to condemn ‘Israelization’ of Jerusalem


Maintaining their rights to use education as a tool in fulfilling their ultimate goal of acquiring all of Israel one day, Arab-Israeli Knesset Members released a statement acknowledging their intent to continue the Palestinian curriculum, which praises terrorists and treats Israel as a temporarily occupied area.

By Dalit Halevi


The Palestinian Authority and members of the Israeli Arab population slammed the Education Ministry for its “Israelizing” policies in education in the eastern part of Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Ministry of Education criticized the Jerusalem policies in a statement published on July 30. The statement was signed by Palestinian Education Minister Sabi Saydem, by several Israeli Arab public figures, and by Israeli-Arab MKs Ahmed Tibi and Jamal Zahalka.

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PM Netanyahu’s plea to Israeli Arabs condemned by Israeli Arab Knesset Members


view videoThe Arab’s Joint List chairman MK Ayman Odeh was unimpressed with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s appeal to Israeli Arabs to take full part in Israeli society, calling it an unsuccessful “spin”.
– Watch video of Netanyahu urging Arabs to ‘take part in our society’

By Hezki Baruch


Arab Knesset members on Monday night blasted Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu after he released a video (below) urging Israeli Arabs to take full part in Israeli society.

Joint List chairman MK Ayman Odeh responded to the video and said, “I watched the video tonight and I asked myself whether this is the same person who tried desperately to prevent the economic plan for Arabs, who tried to add more conditions to the program so that it would not be implemented? Continue Reading »

Israel’s President Bars Arab MK Entry Into Residence After Meeting Terrorists’ Families


After condolence meetings with the families of Palestinian terrorists, Arab MK was not permitted entry into President Rivlin’s meeting with over 60 Arab leaders, Finance Minister & Israel’s Social Equality Minister.

By Itamar Eichner


Joint List MK Jamal Zahalka has been refused entry to the President’s Residence because of his meeting with families of terrorists.

Arab MK Jamal Zahalka at Israel’s Knesset- Photo: Alex Kolomoisky

“While unfortunately, there are those, individual Knesset Members who seek to cynically and maliciously sabotage our ability to establish trust between us (Jews and Arabs), nevertheless we are here today because we believe in our path,” Rivlin said at the meeting. Continue Reading »

Suspended Arab Knesset Member promises to keep visiting terrorists’ families


Joint Arab List MK Basel Ghattas says the terrorists are “martyrs” and they “did not attempt to kill out of a criminal motive, they did so in the context of the just struggle against the oppressive occupation.”

By Daniel Siryoti


Joint Arab List MK Basel Ghattas, one of three Israeli Arab Knesset members suspended this week after visiting terrorists’ families, said that he will not stop making such visits and referred to the deceased terrorists as “martyrs.”

Joint Arab List MK Basel Ghattas – Photo: AFP

Ghattas was suspended from the Knesset Monday alongside fellow Joint Arab List MKs Hanin Zombi and Jamal Zahalka (photo above) when their meeting with families of terrorists, which included a moment of silence in honor of the terrorists, was determined to have constituted conduct unbecoming. Continue Reading »

Israeli Arab MK Challenges Israel’s Law And Armed Forces By Joining Gaza-Bound Flotilla

In a provocative act of defying a legal security blockade of Gaza, an Arab MK, Dr. Basel Ghattas, plans to join the pro-Hamas flotilla currently making its way to the terror enclave.

By Moran Azulay


MK Basel Ghattas of the Joint Arab List on Sunday confirmed to Ynet that he intends to board a solidarity flotilla from Greece to Gaza.

Violence on board the Marmara – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit



Ghattas is not the first Arab MK to board a flotilla: Five years ago, his colleague from the Joint Arab List, MK Hanin Zoabi, was on the Mavi Marmara, a flotilla that was raided by Israeli commandos in 2010. Continue Reading »

Court Convicts Arab Knesset Member from Hadash of Assault


Arab MK Mohammed Barakeh was found guilty in Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court of beating someone at left-wing protest 8 years ago, with 3 other charges dropped.

By Golad Morag


Hadash MK Mohammed Barakeh was found guilty Sunday of attacking a person at a left-wing protest in Tel Aviv eight years ago. According to the charges, Barakeh approached a person who was documenting the protest, elbowed him in the ribs and punched him.

Mohammed Barakeh MK, February 28, 2006 - Photo: Haaretz Archive

Mohammed Barakeh MK, February 28, 2006 – Photo: Haaretz Archive

Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court overturned other charges, including an attack on an IDF soldier in the central West Bank village of Bil’in; two other charges have also been dropped over the years. Continue Reading »

Arab Knesset Member Writes Pope to Prevent Christian Volunteering for IDF


Israeli Arab lawmaker appeals to Vatican in a letter, asking help in stopping Arabic-speaking Christians from integrating too much with Israel.

By Israel Today Staff


Israeli Arab Member of Knesset Basel Ghattas has issued an appeal to Pope Francis to personally intervene against the enlistment of Arabic-speaking Christians in the Israeli army.

Israeli Arab Member of Knesset Basel Ghattas – Photo source: Israel Today

Haaretz reports that Ghattas’ letter was delivered to the Vatican’s representative in Jerusalem, Archbishop Giuseppe Lazzarotto, in hopes that Pope Francis would address the issue when he visits the Holy Land in May.

Like most other minorities, local Arabic-speaking Christians are not required to serve in the Israeli army, but a growing number are choosing to do so, many at the encouragement of the Nazareth-based Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum. Continue Reading »

WATCH clip: PM Netanyahu’s response to Arab MK who said, ‘Arabs were here 1st’

Arab Knesset member rejects Jews’ claim on Israel in late-night Knesset debate: “We were here before you; we will be here after you”.

This prompts PM Netanyahu to deliver a rebuttal: “The 1st part is not true & the 2nd will never take place.”

By Israel Hayom Staff



Late Wednesday night, the Knesset voted on a bill to make the controversial “referendum law” a basic law, which would necessitate a national referendum on any peace deal that would require territorial withdrawals.

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MKs Demonstrate Anger By Standing Silent

Unusual silence in Knesset as MKs express their outrage with ‘Governance Bill’ that will increase the vote threshold for the Knesset from 2% of the national vote to 4%.

By Maayana Miskin


Members of Knesset who opposed the Governance Bill chose an unusual way to express their anger on Wednesday night. Instead of continuing the passionate debate over the bill, they chose to use their three minutes on the Knesset podium to protest with silence.

MK Hanna Swaid (Hadash) explained the protest. “This law is intended to silence the Arab parties,” she accused. Therefore, she said, MKs will remain silent. Continue Reading »

Arab MK Hit With Kabbalistic Curse for Disrespecting Hatikvah

An American Jewish group slapped Arab MK Masoud Ganaim with the “pulsa dinura” curse, an ancient Kabbalistic ritual to hasten his demise.

By David Lev


An American rabbinical group on Monday declared that it was placing a “pulsa dinura” (“lashes of fire”) curse on Arab MK Masoud Ganaim (Ra’am-Ta’al). The group, calling itself “the Great Pulsa Dinura Committee,” said that Ganaim deserved the curse because he refused to stand when Israel’s national anthem, Hatikvah, was played at a recent event, and for ripping up in the Knesset a copy of a law to regulate Bedouin settlement of the Negev.

In a statement, the “Pulsa Dinura Committee” said that it had deliberated on Ganaim’s actions, and had determined that it had no choice but to impose the curse. Continue Reading »

Christian Arabs say Israel only country worth fighting for

So, what has Israel’s Muslim Arab Knesset members so upset?

Growing number of Christian Arab youth are joining the Israeli army, openly identifying with the Jewish state.

By Ryan Jones


Arab Christian residents of Nazareth who proudly serve in the Israeli army and encourage their children to do the same are coming under increasing attack, and Israel is starting to take notice and come to their aid.

Elinor Joseph, was born 1991 into a Christian family from the Arab village of Jish, is the first Arab woman ever to serve in a combat role in the I.D.F.

Elinor Joseph, was born 1991 into a Christian family from the Arab village of Jish, is the first Arab woman ever to serve in a combat role in the I.D.F. – Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson Office.

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Muslim Arab MKs to be questioned on suspicion of incitement against Christian Arabs


Attorney general gave police ‘OK’ to open investigation based on claims that Arab MKs incited against the Reverend Jubrail Nadaf who supports & encourages Christian teens to enlist in the IDF or National Service.

By Moran Azulay

Arab Knesset members will be questioned on suspicion of incitement against a religious leader who encouraged Christian teens to enlist in the army, Ynet learned Wednesday.

Jubrail Nadaf a 39-year-old Arab Christian priest – Photo: Michel Dot Com

Speaking at a Knesset committee meeting, a police representative revealed that Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein has given police a green light to question MKs on suspicion of inciting against Reverend Jubrail Nadaf. Continue Reading »

Israeli Democracy at work: Arab MKs seek to outlaw drawings of Muhammad


Arab Knesset members seek Israel’s penal code to include a ban on drawings of Muslim prophets, citing Islamic prohibition as precedent.

The new bill would make the portrayal of Muhammad, Moses & Jesus punishable by a full year in prison & would also outlaw the degradation of scripture.

By Israel Hayom Staff


Arab MK Ibrahim Sarsur (Ra’am-Ta’al) has reintroduced legislation that would lower the threshold for what is considered a racist offense and would ban the publication of materials that disparage the Prophet Muhammad through a “cartoon, defamation and insult.” Sarsur is one of three sponsors of the bill, all of whom are from Arab parties.

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Arab MK after Terrorist Kills Jew: “Settlers have no right to self-defense.”

Arab MK Zahalka refuses to condemn the stabbing to death of a young father of 5 saying ‘Settlers have no right to self defense.’

By Maayana Miskin


Member of Knesset Jamal Zahalka has refused to condemn the murder Tuesday of a young father-of-five. A terrorist stabbed actor Evyatar “Napo” Borovsky to death as he waited for a ride at the Tapuach Junction.

Zahalka, of the controversial Balad party, declined to condemn the slaying during a heated debate with MK Orit Struk and others over a proposal to allow Jews living in Judea and Samaria (Shomron) to shoot home invaders, as is legal elsewhere in Israel. Continue Reading »