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Holocaust Denier David Irving Whines in Indignation Over Op-Ed on Rommel

Reading an opinion article penned by an American professor on an Israeli, English language media website, Holocaust denier David Irving went livid after reading how ‘those who glorify German Field Marshal Rommel are actually encouraging Neo-Nazism.’

By Arutz Sheva Staff


On October 9th, Arutz Sheva posted an opinion article by English professor (ret.) Robert Scott Kellner of the U. of Massachusetts and Texas A&M U, decrying what he describes as the skewed rewriting of history that glorifies German WWII Field Marshal Erwin Rommel as a great military genius.

Books praising the Field Marshal, who was defeated at El Alamein by the British General Montgomery in the famous 1942 battle that put an end to Nazi plans to conquer the Middle East – and extend the Final Solution to its Jews – even include a tribute by US General Wesley Clark in the foreword to military historian Charles Messenger’s Rommel in Palgrave Macmillan’s Great Generals series. Continue Reading »

VIDEO REPORT: 31 Female Jewish ‘Media Magnets’ Visit Israel, Posting To Their Followers

With 31 entertainers and media professionals from North America broadcasting their experiences, these ‘Media Magnets’ participants use their platforms to share inspiring Jewish values and hopefully, spread positive messages about Israel to their combined audiences of 10+million followers.

By the Arutz Sheva Staff


Leading entertainers and media professionals from North America participated recently in an exclusive Jewish women’s-only “Media Magnets” Trip to Israel, in coordination with the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP).

The group of 31 women explored Israel through a media lens, connecting to Israel’s media professionals and broadcasting their experiences to their combined audiences of 10+million followers.

Among these North American media magnets are Michaela Watkins, the star of Hulu’s hit series “Casual”; Erica Ehm, founder of Yummy Mummy Club, Canada’s leading parenting site; and Cailli and Sam Beckerman, twin fashion bloggers who are brand ambassadors for Chanel, Coach, and Disney, among others. Continue Reading »

P.M. Netanyahu: We Help Everyone Because Israel is a Light Unto the Nations

At a ceremony welcoming Christian media representatives to the Jewish State, P.M. Netanyahu was asked why Israel is always so eager to be the first helping victims of disaster around the world. His answers was from the Bible.
– WATCH Video

By Israel Today Staff


During a ceremony welcoming Christian media representatives to Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked why Israel goes so far out of its way to provide aid to disaster victims around the world.

From Haiti to Nepal to Japan to Mexico, Israel is almost always the first on the scene following major catastrophe, and more often than not sends one of the largest and best-equipped delegations, despite being so much smaller than many of the other nations responding. Continue Reading »

Saudi Daily Columnist Publicizes Admiration of Israeli Justice System

According to a senior Saudi writer, Al-Harbash, “When a citizen sees one of the most senior figures [from his country] brought to jail, he can wave his finger at the world and say, ‘We have justice here!'” This gives Israel its status as an “honorable” nation, despite accusations of injustice from the Arab world.



A senior columnist for the Saudi daily Al-Jazirah (not to be confused with Al Jazeera) praised Israel’s justice system in his column last month. Dr. Jasser Al-Harbash’s article, translated from Arabic by The Middle East Media Research Institute, stated that the justice system is the “secret of the Zionist entity’s advantage over his neighbors.” Continue Reading »

Jerusalem truck attack that killed 4 Israelis received int’l attention – but why, what changed?


view videoFor the first time foreign media & governmental officials treated the truck ramming by a Palestinian terrorist in Jerusalem differently, finally seeing the parallels to previous attacks by radical Islamists in Europe.

By i24news


Three days ago, a Palestinian driver plowed a truck into a group of IDF soldiers in Jerusalem, killing four. Throughout last year alone, Israel has suffered dozens of terror attacks carried out by Palestinians, including vehicular ones. Sunday’s attack in Jerusalem was different. Not because of the number of casualties, but thanks to the spotlight it received from international media and the reactions of the international community. Continue Reading »

In wake of last 3 attacks Israel to implement new anti-terror measures


During a consultation at the Prime Minister’s Office, Israeli official decided to close breaches in security fence separating Israel from the Palestinian Authority, take harsher measures against Israeli employers of illegal aliens, and closing down inciting PA media.

By Ben Ariel


Israeli officials decided on Tuesday night on a series of security-related measures in response to the ongoing terrorist wave.

Scene of Petah Tikva attack – United Hatzalah

The measures were decided upon during a consultation at the Prime Minister’s Office, which came after an escalation in the terror attacks, whereby three attacks took place in one day – in Petah TikvaJerusalem and Yafo.
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Listen: PA shuts down Hamas radio station over ‘incitement’


Gaza-based Al-Aqsa Voice Radio network silenced in the PA territory after Fatah issues threats.

By Tova Dvorin


The Palestinian Authority (PA) has banned a Gaza-based Hamas network from broadcasting within its borders Monday, it announced on its official Facebook page – apparently to stop incitement

While Israel has cracked down on incitement against Israelis and Jews from within the PA, the PA itself has apparently begun monitoring – and filtering – broadcasts as well.

Since last week, many staff members of the Al-Aqsa Radio Hamas channel’s PA branch have been arrested on “various pretexts,” sources told Walla! News, and were also threatened anonymously over the phone and on Facebook. Continue Reading »

Israel Pulls the Plug on 3rd Hebron Radio Station Over Incitement to Attack Israelis


Order signed by GOC Central Command chief supports the IDF in its anti-incitement crackdown, closing Radio Dream from broadcasting for 6 months.
• Earlier this month, 2 other Hevron radio stations were closed after spreading incitement and organizing violent demonstrations.

By Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


For the third time this month, Israeli forces raided a Hebron radio station overnight Saturday as part of an ongoing effort to clamp down on anti-Israeli incitement over the Palestinian airwaves.

IDF troops raid the Al-Hurriyya radio station in Hebron earlier this month – Photo: Twitter

The raid, conducted against Radio Dream’s offices, was carried out with the help of Shin Bet security agency agents and Civil Administration officials. Continue Reading »

US backed Palestinian government shuts newspaper over political disagreement


The Arab newspaper branded the closure as politically motivate because of embarrassing reports of PA security coordination with Israel, and alleged torture within the Palestinian jails.



The Palestinian administration in the West Bank shut down the local office of a pan-Arab newspaper this week after accusing it of “offensive” reporting on Palestinian security coordination with Israel, officials said.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas attends a ceremony in Ramallah. – Photo: REUTERS

The Palestinian administration in the West Bank shut down the local office of a pan-Arab newspaper this week after accusing it of “offensive” reporting on Palestinian security coordination with Israel, officials said. Continue Reading »

Former BBC head condemns network’s biased coverage of Israel


Former network chief, Lord Michael Ian Grade, says BBC shirked its duty by not reporting on the constant incitement by Palestinian leaders, which “has played an undeniable part in stoking tension recently and is an important part of the story.”

By Eli Leon, News Agencies & Israel Hayom Staff


Former BBC chairman Lord Michael Ian Grade lambasted the network last week, saying its coverage of the recent terrorist attacks in Israel has been plagued with bias.
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Int’l media ignores or misreports latest wave of Palestinian terrorism throughout Israel


International media is focusing on Palestinian deaths by Israeli security forces, mostly ignoring that the Palestinians were killed after stabbing or killing civilians and/or police.

By Eli Leon & News Agencies


Although the international media, for the large part, has not been devoting significant coverage to the recent wave of Palestinian terrorist attacks in Israel, many of the outlets that have reported the attacks have failed to accurately represent the situation.

Independent Headline Screenshot

Independent Headline Screenshot

One example is a headline in British newspaper The Independent about Saturday’s stabbing attack near Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate, in which two Jewish men in their 60s were wounded. Continue Reading »

After Ridiculed for Being Exploited With Choreographed Pics UK Papers Change Story

Daily Mail and Telegraph change headlines critical of Israel after UK Media Watch detailed how family of prolific professional Palestinian provocateurs photographed planned protest to purposely incite IDF soldiers, then spoon-feed the media anti-Israel spin.

By Yaniv Halili



LONDON – Two of Britain’s leading newspapers have changed their coverage of a violent clash between an IDF soldier and Palestinian women and children after claims arose that the family involved in the incident, and particularly a blonde girl photographed biting the soldier, are known provocateurs.

On Friday, an IDF soldier trying to arrest a stone-throwing 13-year-old Palestinian boy drew international outrage after he was documented in a violent clash with Palestinian women and children.  Continue Reading »

Bill O’Reilly: ‘It’s important for all Americans to know what Netanyahu knows about Iran’


Bill O’Reilly tells Fox News Network viewers, “I want to hear what P.M. Netanyahu has to say on Iran”
• Chris Stirewalt Fox News’ political correspondent, said White House comments on Netanyahu’s invitation was just “too cute.”

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UK Daily selects President Rivlin as one of 2014’s heroes

The respected British daily, the Guardian, says that Israel’s President Rivlin serves as ‘country’s conscience’ by fighting ‘racism & intolerance, and standing up for civil rights of Palestinian Arabs.’

By Ynet


The British daily the Guardian has selected Israeli President Rueven Rivlin as one its ‘heroes’ for 2014.

President Rivlin – Photo: Motti Kimchi

The left-leaning paper said that “Reuven ‘Ruvi’ Rivlin is an unlikely hero” due to his lifelong affiliation with the Likud and support of the idea of a “Greater Israel”.

Yet the paper said that “ever since his elevation to Israel’s largely ceremonial presidency he has acted as something like his country’s conscience – both castigating what he sees as a national slide into racism and intolerance, and standing up for the civil rights of Palestinians.” Continue Reading »

CNN apologizes for “mistake”: Being caught doing unprofessional, bias & inaccurate reporting


1st  “mistake”: CNN ran a headline stating that 4 Israelis and 2 Palestinians killed in Jerusalem attack, equating the savages to their victims.
2nd  “mistake”: Then in separate incident, CNN coverage had “Deadly attack on Jerusalem mosque” superimposed on top of coverage.



CNN apologized Tuesday night for mistakes in its coverage of the earlier terror attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem terror attack

CNN’s initial report on Jerusalem terror attack ‏- Photo:screenshot

CNN ran a ticker that read, “4 Israelis, 2 Palestinians dead in Jerusalem,” failing to note that the two Palestinians were the terrorists.

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