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Tavor Battalion Commander: ‘Protecting the security fence is a daily fight’


The Tavor Battalion, which is just 1 1/2 yrs-old, one of the youngest in the IDF, has already seen its fair share of ambushes & attacks. Just 2 weeks earlier, a company commander protecting the security fence, came under a Molotov cocktail attack.



Molotov cocktails, burning tires with exploding gas tanks hidden inside, slingshots that can break bones, shootings – these are the daily security challenges that the Home Front Command’s Tavor Battalion has faced for the past five months, as it defended the West Bank security barrier.

The battalion was deployed in a sector west of Ramallah, covering areas such as the Maccabim checkpoint, Budrus, Bil’in, Ni’lin and Kibya.

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View clip: Palestinians walk into Israel in broad daylight with impunity


Just days after the brutal murder of an IDF soldier by his Palestinian ‘friend’ working in Israel without permit, Ynet films dozens of Palestinians crossing into Israel illegally from same area murderer entered Israel from.

Security establishment aware of issue, but unable….unwilling to properly respond.

By Yoav Zitun & Attila Somfalvi

Sergeant Tomer Hazan was murdered Friday at the hands of his friend Nidal Amar – an illegal alien who unlawfully entered Israel. However, even this tragic event has failed to stop the endless flow of Palestinians infiltrating into Israel from the West Bank.

hole in fence

Palestinians cross into Israel – Photo: Uri Davidovich, Asi Cohen, Yogev Atias

Ynet’s cameras captured dozens of Palestinians crossing into Israel without hindrance through the border fence in the exact same area from which Hazan’s murderer originated. Continue Reading »

Turkey erects ‘Apartheid’ wall at Syria border crossing

Following the death of 65 people in border town by terrorist bombings, Ankara, adapting Israel’s experience, constructs 2.5km long twins security walls, beefing up border security.



ANKARA – Turkey is constructing 2.5-km-long (1.5 mile) twin walls at a border crossing with Syria to increase security at the frontier following three deadly bombings this year.

Officials work on one of the scenes of the twin car bomb attacks in the town of Reyhanli.

Officials work on one of the scenes of the twin car bomb terrorist attacks in the town of Reyhanli. – Photo: Reuters

The concrete walls will be built on either side of the road leading from the Turkish side of the crossing at Cilvegozu to the Syrian border gate and will be topped with barbed wire, the Turkish Customs Ministry said in a statement.

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Arabs Sneak Through Jerusalem Security Wall

Arab protesters break huge hole in Israel’s security barrier, cross into Jerusalem & are welcomed with rubber bullets by Israel Border Guard.

By Maayana Miskin


Dozens of Arab men held a protest Friday against the security barrier that runs between Abu Dis and Jerusalem.

'Returning' from Israel after being fired at with rubber bullets - Screenshot

‘Returning’ from Israel after being fired at with rubber bullets – Screenshot

As part of the protest, the men took large hammers and created a gaping hole in the wall. Several men used the hole to enter Jerusalem without going through a security checkpoint.

The protest was part of the “Nakba Day” events in which Arabs mourn the creation of the state of Israel. Continue Reading »

Dutch Court won’t charge local company on Israel’s ‘Security Wall’

A Palestinian rights organization al-Haq & Dutch lawyer had petitioned the Dutch courts to prosecute Lima Holding B.V. for war crimes for providing equipment for constructing  Israel’s ‘Security Wall’.



Dutch authorities say they will not prosecute a company for renting out equipment used to construct Israel’s West Bank separation fence.

West Bank separation fence

Children walking in front of a mural painted on the West Bank separation fence, -. Photo: Reuters

A Dutch lawyer and Palestinian rights organization al-Haq had asked the Dutch to prosecute Lima Holding B.V. for war crimes for providing the equipment.

In a statement Tuesday, the National Prosecutions Office said that investigations revealed that Lima, known in the Netherlands as Riwal, rented cranes and aerial platforms that were used in construction work in the occupied territories. Continue Reading »

Video: Israeli supporters of a Palestinian village


Jewish volunteers from Jerusalem help their Arab neighbors from al-Walaja create a better life for themselves.

Resident: It helps our children distinguish between our ‘oppressors’ and allies.

By NTD Television

The Palestinian village of al-Walaja was re-established after the War of Independence in 1948 on a mountain ridge overlooking the remnants of the original village abandoned in Israel.

Construction of West Bank barrier (archives) Photo Reuters

Construction of West Bank barrier (archives) – Photo: Reuters

As attacks on Israel increased, a military embargo followed, making life harder for the villagers. The Israeli West Bank security barrier being built will isolate the village from Jerusalem and separate the residents from their farmland. Continue Reading »

New Zealand government fund divests from Israeli firms

New Zealand Super Fund excludes 3 Israeli firms on ethical grounds

By NZHerald BusinessDesk


The $20 billion New Zealand Superannuation Fund has excluded three Israeli companies from its portfolio on ethical grounds because of their involvement in illegal settlements and the security wall.

The fund’s investments in the firms were insubstantial. Some $9,744 was held in Africa Israel and its subsidiary Danya Cebus, which had been involved in building Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.


The ‘wall’, here on the edge of Abu Dis, is ugly and intrusive, but succeeded in halting the dozens of suicide bomber that murdered hundreds & maimed thousands prior to its construction.

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Yesha Security Barrier Construction to Resume

IDF sources say construction of Israel’s security barrier in Judea and Samaria will resume in the coming days.

By Gabe Kahn


An IDF source on Thursday said Israel will resume construction of its incomplete security barrier in Judea and Samaria (Shomron) in the coming weeks.

Security barrier near Jerusalem

Security barrier near Jerusalem
Shimon Cohen

Restarting construction of the barrier – slammed by Jewish and Arab leaders in the region alike – comes after a five-year delay due to “budget problems.”

A series of lawsuits over the route of the security barrier, which currently snakes through the western reaches of Judea and Samaria had also stalled construction.

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