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Knesset to decide on limited public transport on Saturdays

Yesh Atid Knesset members seek to allow minibuses to run to & from city centers on Shabbat and holidays, allowing the economically weaker sector travel, not just car-owners.

By Gideon Allon


Yesh Atid MKs Yael German, Karin Elharrar and Yoel Razvozov intend to put forth a private member’s bill that would allow local authorities to operate public transportation on Saturday. The bill would permit minibuses to run within each locality and on intercity roads.

Will the No. 5 bus run down Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv on Saturdays, too? – Photo: Yehoshua Yosef

According to the bill, making public transportation available on Shabbat is designed to give some mobility to sectors that cannot drive or afford to drive, such as the elderly or youth. Continue Reading »

Buses to run in Jerusalem on Shabbat

The “Shabus” bus line will begin operating with 3 mini-buses from an east Jerusalem transportation company from 8 pm Friday night to 2 am on Saturdays.


The Cooperative Transportation Association of Jerusalem will begin operating its new “Shabus” program next weekend, introducing buses that will run between Jerusalem neighborhoods and the city’s nightlife destinations on Friday night.

Members of the Cooperative Transportation Association of Jerusalem holding signs for the new bus line that will run on Shabbat, called “Shabus” – Photo: Ori Katzman

Public transportation in the vast majority of Israeli cities does not operate on Shabbat. Continue Reading »

Payback: Petition forbids ministers from using gov’t vehicles on Saturdays & holidays

‘It’s time elected officials set an example,’ says petition creator, in response to Transportation Minister Katz’s dismissive attitude in launching public transport on Saturdays.

By Itay Blumental


After Transportation Minister Israel Katz angered many Israelis this week with his dismissive response to the demand for public transportation on Saturdays and holidays, citizens decided to fight back with a petition calling to bar ministers from using their government vehicles in days public transport does not run.

Transportation Minister Katz: No trains on Shabbat – Photo: Transportation Ministry

“It’s important to forbid ministers who prevent the operation of public transportation on Saturdays and holidays from using their government vehicles, which are funded by tax-payers,” read the petition, which has been signed by over 5,500 people so far. Continue Reading »

Labor party rejects Shabbat buses

Bus debate Photo: Motti Kimchi

Bus debate Photo: Motti Kimchi

Several key Labor members abstain from vote on bill calling of public transportation on Shabbat


Several Laborparty members, including Chairwoman Shelly Yachimovich, chose to abstain from a Knesset vote Wednesday on a bill calling for public transportation on Shabbat.

While Labor is seen as a traditional supporter of secular causes, several key party members stayed away from the vote, where the bill calling for Shabbat buses was defeated.

Yachimovich already declared her objection to such bill in the past, arguing that it would cause “deep social harm.”

Meanwhile, Labor member Isaac Herzog said that the party faces deep disagreements on the issue and has not yet formulated its stance on it. Continue Reading »