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Who would have believed? – Israel, Egypt & Hamas, together against ISIS in Sinai


Last week, Hamas deployed 300 hundred combatants along the Gaza-Sinai border, working with Egypt to prevent ISIS terrorists from breaching into coastal enclave.



Israel, Hamas, and Egypt have aligned their strategies and formed an unlikely alliance against the Islamic State in Sinai, who are planning increasingly sophisticated and daring attacks in the region, The Washington Post reported on Sunday.

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GRAPHIC VIDEO: Egyptian soldiers shoot & kill naked Palestinian who illegally crossed Gaza-Sinai border




Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were enraged on Saturday after Al Jazeera television aired footage of Egyptian soldiers shooting and killing a Palestinian man who had wandered into the Egypt side of the Rafah crossing through the beach.

In the clip, the man is seen entering the water along the Sinai-Gaza divide. After he steps a few meters into the Egyptian side, he is hit by live fire.

The victim has been identified as Ishak Khalil Hassan, 28, from the Gaza City neighborhood of Zeitoun. Continue Reading »

Abbas: Israel & Hamas negotiating with Egypt to annex part of Sinai to Gaza


Hamas officials, Abbas has lost his legitimacy as president of the PA and no longer represents the Palestinians. Another said that Abbas was behaving like a “clown.”



Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was quoted on Monday as claiming that Israel and Hamas have been conducting direct negotiations to expand the Gaza Strip so that it would include some 1,000 square kilometers of Sinai.

Hamas members at an anti-Israel rally in Rafah in southern Gaza, November 13, 2014. – Photo :REUTERS

Abbas, who is currently visiting Cairo, told Egyptian journalists who met with him on Sunday night that the idea of slicing off land from Sinai to expand the Gaza Strip was first proposed by ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. Continue Reading »