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Israel Border Police rescue 14 yr-old Bedouin girl from Hebron sold for $3000

A 14 yr-old girl from Hebron was sold by her abusive father for about $3000, but with the assistance of the Israel Border Police, has been rescued and taken to a secure location by Israeli welfare services.

By i24NEWS


An Israeli Bedouin girl was sold into marriage by her father, but managed to escape and was rescued by Israeli security forces, Haaretz reported on Wednesday.

The 14-year-old who comes from the city of Hebron was sold by her abusive father for close to $3000 but, with the help of Israeli border police, escaped and has been taken to a hiding place by Israeli welfare services. Continue Reading »

Jewish Canadian Rescues Christian Sex Slaves From Islamic State Bondage

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view videoSteve Maman’s rescue teams have helped save 128 Christian & Yazidi women & girls in Iraq, saying: ‘What motivates me is being Jewish. Being part of a people who survived the Holocaust, we waited 6 years for people to help us.’

By Tzipi Shmilovitz


Canadian Jewish businessman Steve Maman has earned the nickname “the Jewish Schindler” after establishing an organization that saves Christian and Yazidi-Kurdish women and girls in Iraq who were kidnapped by the Islamic State.

The CYCI (Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq) is a secret project that has so far led to the release of 128 young women and girls from ISIS captivity.  Continue Reading »