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Norwegian Minister: ‘Europe now understands what Israelis live through’

In an interview with an Israeli news site, Norwegian Minister of Migration & Integration, Sylvi Listhaug, said, “We are now experiencing the fear that you have been experiencing in Israel for decades, and now many people understand the situation you live in. We see what is happening in Sweden, Britain and France.”

By Gary Willig


In 2015, Norway accepted approximately 30,000 immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East. Only 1,000 Muslim immigrants have entered Norway so far in 2017.

The dramatic decrease in immigration is the result of the immigration policies of Norwegian Minister of Migration and Integration Sylvi Listhaug. Continue Reading »

VIDEO: Bill Maher asks, ‘Maybe now Europe won’t be an a**hole to Israel’


WATCH Bill Maher, “I wonder now that Europe has been attacked 4 times now in a little over a year …Maybe Europe will have a little more sympathy for what Israel goes through.”



American media personality Bill Maher thinks that maybe after the attacks in Brussels that killed 31 on Tuesday, Europe will have more sympathy for Israel. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attacks at the Brussels airport and at a metro station in the city.

Maher made the remarks on Friday on his HBO show Real Time.

“Europe has been real assholes about Israel. Continue Reading »