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#UNRWAfail: Chief resigns over ‘sexual misconduct, corruption’ charges

UN Palestinian agency head quits, a deputy left over “personal reasons,” another senior official accused of bullying staff and acting like a “gangster” and a “thug” left, as senior management is charged for engaging in “sexual misconduct, nepotism, retaliation, discrimination and other abuses of authority, for personal gain.”



The report paints a picture of a small number of mostly foreign senior leaders centralizing power and influence while disregarding UN checks and balances.

Pierre Krahenbuhl, Commissioner-General of the UNRWA himself is alleged to have been romantically involved with a colleague who was appointed in 2015 to a newly created role of senior advisor to the commissioner-general after an “extreme fast-track” process, the report says. Continue Reading »

UNRWA staffers accused of widespread anti-Semitic posts with impunity

Amid scandalous accusations of top UNRWA officials with “sexual misconduct and abuses of authority for personal gain,” now, according to a UN Watch report, staff members & teachers have shared antisemitic posts on social media for years without fear of repercussion.



UNRWA staff members, including teachers regularly share antisemitic and pro-terrorism content on social media and face no consequences, according to NGO UN Watch.

Incitement to violence poster, PFLP call to Intifada – Hafez Omar

In a report published on Wednesday, the Geneva-based organization exposed posts from 10 United Nations employees that included praises of terrorism against Israelis, and a picture of Adolf Hitler describing him as a humanitarian. Continue Reading »

US Envoy blasts UNRWA failures, urges “adult choices” from UNSC

WATCH: At the UN Security Council, US Mideast Envoy Jason Greenblatt, blasts UNRWA failures, blaming the Palestinian refugee organization for squandering the significant funds donated by many countries, including the $6 BILLION contributed by the U.S. alone.

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President Donald Trump’s special envoy to the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt, said in a speech to the Security Council that the Palestinians would make a mistake if they did not come to the economic conference initiated by the United States in Bahrain.

“It would be a mistake for the Palestinians not to join us. They have nothing to lose and much to gain…” he said adding that it would be the first step towards a political solution to the conflict that would “transform the lives of the Palestinians.” Continue Reading »