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US Courts Sentences Ex-PFLP Bomber to Jail for Lying Before Being Deported

Rasmieh Odeh to be incarcerated 18-month before being deported for concealing being imprisoned for terrorist past & the murder of 2 Israelis.

By Ari Yashar, Gil Ronen


Rasmieh Yousef Odeh, 67, was sentenced to 18 months in prison on Thursday for immigration fraud for failing to tell US authorities that she had been jailed in Israel for a 1969 supermarket bombing in which she murdered two Israeli students, Leon Kanner and Eddie Joffe.

Odeh leaves courtroom – Photo: Reuters

She had been found guilty of immigration fraud in a Detroit federal court last November, with federal prosecutors noting she failed to reveal her criminal history when she immigrated from Jordan in 1995, and again when she was naturalized as a U.S.

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#BDSfail MASSIVE #PAfail: US Federal Court verdict against PLO for $654 million

Historic verdict by US court charges Palestinian Authority with $654 million in damages for direct involvement in 6 separate terrorist attacks against civilians.

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Kuwait Airways Bars Wife From Accompanying Husband on Flight Because She’s Israeli

Iris Eliazarov, an Israeli citizen who lives in NYC says this discrimination is reminiscent of the old European ‘selection process.’
• Airline’s attorney claims policy is against citizenship, rather than religion.

By Ynet


Iris Eliazarov, an Israeli who lives in Queens, has filed a lawsuit against Kuwait Airways after she was barred from boarding its flight out of Kennedy Airport because she’s an Israeli citizen, the New York Daily News reported on Friday.

Iris Eliazarov and husband David Nektalov

Eliazarov and her husband David Nektalov bought tickets from a travel agent to fly from New York to London with the flagship Kuwaiti airline.

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$3 Billion NYC Trial Against PLO Role in Israel Attacks Has American Bombing Victims Testify

Manhattan courtroom hears testimony of Sokolow family from New York, as they recount horrifying moments of Palestinian terrorist bombing that targeted random civilians in Jerusalem.

By Reuters


Seconds after the blast hit downtown Jerusalem, Jamie Sokolow lay on the ground, her right eye damaged by shrapnel and her face feeling as though someone had set it aflame. “I thought, ‘I’m 12 years old, I’m from New York, and I’m going to die,'” she testified in Manhattan federal court on Monday, at times breaking down in tears.

Terror attack at Hebrew University’s Mt. Scopus campus in 2002 – Photo: AP

The Sokolow family is the lead plaintiff in a civil trial against the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority that will decide whether the groups should pay up to $3 billion for allegedly providing support for six attacks in the Jerusalem area between 2002 and 2004. Continue Reading »

Palestinian Authority Defendant in First Ever Trial in US, Linked to 6 Terrorist Attacks

Plaintiff’s lead Attorney: “More than a decade after these 6 horrific terrorist attacks left Americans dead or wounded. Today marks the day that survivors brought the perpetrators to face justice.”



With the first trial ever in US history against the Palestinian Authority for terrorism charges kicking off on Tuesday, plaintiffs’ lawyer Kent Yalowitz said, “More than a decade after these six horrific terrorist attacks left Americans dead or wounded, today marks the day that survivors brought the perpetrators to face justice.”

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas greets released Palestinian prisoners at his headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah on Dec.

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US gov’t fines Israel’s Bank Leumi $400m in tax fraud case

Israeli financial institution admits tax evasion charges and agrees to pay $400m settlement to end probe of decade-long effort to fraudulently conceal US citizens’ assets.



Bank Leumi Group has admitted to helping US taxpayers hide assets and agreed to pay a $400 million fine to settle a criminal probe, the Department of Justice announced Monday.

Bank Leumi branch in Tel Aviv

Bank Leumi branch in Tel Aviv

From at least 2000 until early 2011, Leumi sent private bankers from Israel and elsewhere to meet with US taxpayers and help them conceal assets at Leumi locations in Israel, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Leumi, a unit of Bank Leumi, also helped US taxpayers prepare and present false tax returns, prosecutors said. Continue Reading »

PA Panics, Files Another ‘Desperate’ Writ to Postpone Terror Trial – Again

Palestinian Authority legal team tries once again to stall January court date on $1 billion terror lawsuit in NY Circuit Court.

Israel Law Center: ‘Families of victims deserve their day in court.’ 

By Ari Yashar


After losing a landmark decision on November 20 allowing them to be tried for terrorism charges in a $1 billion case, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) have now filed a very rare appeal to the Second Circuit of courts trying to squash the case.

Shurat Hadin (Israel Law Center) is leading the legal charge against the PA and PLO.
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United States District Judge scheduled jury selection for damages trial against Arab Bank

A jury will determine how much money the Jordanian-based bank, found guilty of violating the Anti-Terrorism Act, owes in damages to the American victims of Hamas terror attacks the Arab Bank funded.

By Cynthia Blank


Arab Bank will face a jury trial in May to determine how much money it owes in damages to victims of Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel, a court order stated.

In September a federal jury found Arab Bank liable for providing material support to Hamas in two dozen attacks attributed to the terrorist group. Nearly 300 Americans who were either victims or related to victims of the attacks were plaintiffs in the suit.

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US Judge: Palestinian Authority and PLO must stand trial in US court over terror support


Judge George Daniels of the US District court accepted petition from American victims of bombings & shooting attacks in Jerusalem, setting Jan 12, for trial date after his denial of Palestinian Authority’s motion to dismiss decade-running $1 billion class action lawsuit.

By Reuters & Israel Hayom


U.S. victims of bombings and shootings in Jerusalem more than a decade ago have cleared a final hurdle to take the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization to trial in New York for supporting the attacks.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas [Archive] – Photo: Reuters

U.S. District Judge George Daniels in Manhattan largely denied bids by the Palestinian Authority and the PLO to dismiss the long-running $1 billion lawsuit ahead of a jury trial scheduled for Jan.

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Convicted Palestinian Terrorist Asks US Court to Be Released Until Sentencing

Rasmieh Odeh, convicted  last week of immigration fraud for hiding her conviction & incarceration as a murdering Palestinian terrorist, asks Judge to remain free until sentencing.

By Cynthia Blank


Former Palestinian terrorist, Rasmieh Yousef Odeh was found guilty last week of not disclosing she had been convicted in a 1969 terrorist attack in Israel when she was applying for United States citizenship. Two people were killed in the attack she participated in.

On Wednesday, she petitioned the court to be released from custody until her sentencing hearing, scheduled for March 2015.

Odeh, 67, could face up to 10 years in prison for her conviction, be stripped of her citizenship, and deported. Continue Reading »

US Federal Judge Sets Trial Date for Convicted Terrorist in Immigration Fraud Case

Rasmieh Odeh, who was convicted of killing 2 in a terrorist bombing at a Jerusalem supermarket, failed to mention her membership in a terrorist organization, terror conviction & incarceration in Israeli prison, when becoming naturalized US citizen.

Associated Press

DETROIT – A federal judge refused Thursday to dismiss charges against an Arab activist accused of failing to tell US immigration officials in Michigan that she’d been convicted in a fatal terrorist bombing in Jerusalem.

Photo: AP

Convicted PFLP terrorist & murderess, Rasmieh Odeh – Photo: AP

Rasmieh Odeh, associate director at the Arab American Action Network, is being targeted for political reasons, her lawyers said in a motion seeking to have the case thrown out. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem terrorist bomber arrested in US faces prison and loss of citizenship


Rasmieh Yousef Odeh received a life sentence for a Jerusalem supermarket bombing that killed 2.
• Odeh was arrested in the U.S. on immigration fraud charges for failing to report her terror conviction.

By News Agencies & Israel Hayom Staff


A U.S. federal judge has scheduled a Nov. 4 trial for a Chicago-area Arab leader accused of covering up her conviction in a fatal terrorist bombing in Jerusalem when she moved to the U.S.

Rasmieh Yousef Odeh allegedly hid her conviction when applying for U.S. citizenship – Photo: AP

Detroit U.S. District Judge Gershwin Drain on Tuesday also scheduled motion hearings for Oct.

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Arab Bank: Lack of proof Hamas funds went to terrorists

Hamas official tells umbrella Hamas-funding group they are ‘room full of terrorists’.

A plaintiffs’ lawyer said the bank required “all their employees to donate 5% of their salaries” to the intifada.

In one of the dramatic key moments of the historic Arab Bank terror finance trial, the plaintiffs on Tuesday showed a video in which a top Hamas official told a conference of the “Union of Good” umbrella Hamas-funding group that they are a room full of terrorists.

US Supreme Court

US Supreme Court. – Photo: REUTERS

Top Hamas expert Dr. Matthew Levitt, may be the key witness in the case, testified regarding the video that the Saudi Committee, which Arab Bank transferred voluminous funds to, is essentially an alter ego of Hamas’ Union of Good in a “web of charity organizations” providing cover for the funds’ terror purposes.

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Victory in Court: Iran to pay $9 Million to Israeli Terror Victims

US federal court awarded families of victims to a 1997 Jerusalem terror attack, $9 million from frozen Iranian assets, in a ‘Chanukah miracle’ verdict.

By Ari Yashar


On Wednesday an unprecedented US court victory awarded $9 million in frozen Iranian assets to the families of 5 terror victims murdered in a triple suicide bombing in Jerusalem back in 1997.

The bombings, which took place in the capital’s busy Ben Yehuda street, was carried out by Hamas. Among the 5 murdered were three 14 year old girls.

Shurat HaDin (Israeli Law Center) began the petition in 2001 against Iran, which it claimed provided material and financial support to Hamas in conducting the attack. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem prohibits former gov’t official from participating in U.S. anti-terrorism case

Israel’s decision draws criticism from families of victims of Palestinian terrorism, that Jerusalem is caving under Chinese pressure.



The Israeli government is prohibiting a former security official from testifying in an anti-terrorism case in an American court, drawing accusations from victims of Palestinian violence that it is bowing to pressure from China.

A woman walks past a Bank of China sign in Bejing,

Bank of China sign in Bejing,- Photo: Reuters

In a petition to an American federal court, the government asked to quash the deposition subpoena issued to Uzi Shaya, who could have tipped the scales in a case filed by families of victims of suicide bombers who accuse the Bank of China of facilitating terrorist funding via branches in the United States.

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