WATCH CC security camera captures police neutralizing attackers outside Jerusalem market


view videoTwo teenage female Arabs attack a Jewish and Palestinian man with scissors outside Jerusalem market before security shoots one dead and leaving other terrorist in serious condition.


The footage shows the two Palestinian teenage assailants attempting to stab passersby before being shot by security forces.

Security camera footage emerged Monday of the earlier terror attack near the Jerusalem outdoor market in which two people were injured.

The footage captures the two Palestinian teenage assailants attempting to stab passersby before being shot by security forces.

One female teenaged Palestinian terrorist was killed, and her female teen accomplice is in critical condition, after attacking a Jewish and Palestinian man with scissors outside the Mahane Yehuda Market Monday morning, in the heart of downtown Jerusalem.

A puddle of blood on Jaffa Road, a few meters outside the open market’s main entrance, marked the scene of the attack, where dozens of police and medical personnel worked feverishly to evacuate the wounded and secure the area.

Light rail cars, which run down the bustling thoroughfare, grounded to a halt, as hundreds of concerned bystanders and journalists looked on from behind police lines.

At 11:30 a.m., roughly 15 minutes after the attack, Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the two unidentified Palestinian teens, aged 14 and 16, carried out the stabbing while thousands of pedestrians were shopping in the market, or walking down Jaffa Road.

“Two female terrorists carried out the stabbing using scissors,” he said. “Both of the terrorists were shot by police officers who responded at the scene; one of them was killed and the other one was taken to the hospital.”

Israeli Ambulance bringing wounded to hospital

A guard who responded to the attack also sustained a light wound to his hand in the resulting crossfire, police said.

“The area has been cordoned off, and forensics teams are looking at the scene while we look for the identities of both the female terrorists, and where they came in from,” Rosenfeld continued. “We have confirmed that they are Palestinian.”

Rosenfeld added that heightened security is continuing across the capital to prevent other attacks from taking place.


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  1. Francois says:

    It is sad to see young people killed, but it is the fault of their parents. Israel has had enough. Enough is enough.
    Every Israeli should be on the same page. Murderers and attempted murderers should die. If the sentence is swift and certain, that gets the attention of evildoers. It is good to see Israeli civilians fighting back also. No more silence of the lambs.

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