Following massisve barrage of 130 Gaza rockets, 2 dead, 6 hurt in Israel

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In planned attempt to overwhelm the Iron Dome, Palestinian terrorists fire 137 rockets in ‘largest ever’ barrage at Ashdod & Ashkelon, leaving 6 Israelis wounded and 2 killed.

By Ynet Staff


Israel suffered its first casualties of the current round of fighting with Palestinian militants after two people were killed and two others wounded Tuesday by rocket fire on the city of Ashkelon.

Magen David Adom said one of the victim was an 80-year-old resident of the city. The identity of the other victim is still unknown. Two other people sustained wounds in the rocket attack, including one person who is in a critical condition. Another person suffered serious injuries.

The southern cities of Ashdod and Ashkelon sustained over ten direct hits from rockets after Gaza militants fired 137 projectiles in five minutes in what Hamas said was “largest ever barrage”.

This the first time Ashdod was targeted by rockets since the start of the current round of fighting between Israel and the terror groups in Gaza.


The massive bombardment came shortly after the Islamic Jihad confirmed two of its military wing’s senior officials were killed in an IDF strike on an apartment in a multi-story residential building.

Palestinians reported the apartment belonged to Mohhamad Salim Abu Al Atta, the brother of a Islamic Jihad commander killed by Israel in 2019. He appears to have been seriously wounded in the strike.

The terror group said it will avenge the strike against its senior commanders. “Our response will be grave and the enemy should expect it at any moment,” the terror group said in a statement.

In an unusual move, Hamas also announced Tuesday morning that several people were killed and some were missing after an IDF attack on a building used by its members.

Shortly after the bombardment, Hamas issued another statement, calling it “the largest ever” rocket salvo and claiming they fired 137 rockets in five minutes.

Two of the direct hits occurred in Ashdod and six in Ashkelon, including a school.

Hamas rocket hits Ashkelon home, injuring family – Screen-grab: Magen David Adom on Twitter

Four people, including a young girl, were lightly hurt in Ashdod after suffering shrapnel wounds. Magen David Adom teams also provided treatment to a man in his 40s, who was lightly injured while running for the bomb shelter.

More than 300 rockets have been fired from the Strip since Monday evening, when Hamas launched a barrage at the Jerusalem area in response to what it called Israeli “crimes” in the capital. The IDF has responded with airstrikes on dozens of targets in Gaza, in what it has dubbed “Operation Guardian of the Walls.”

Ashkelon became the preferred target for Gaza militants in this round of fighting and earlier in the day, at least six people were wounded when two residential buildings were hit in the city in the early hours of Tuesday.

The southern city, which is just 6km from Gaza, was targeted by dozens of rockets in a period of some 30 minutes.

Among the wounded were four members of the same family, whose 8th-floor apartment sustained a direct hit.

The father of the family was seriously wounded, his wife suffered moderate wounds and their two children were both lightly hurt. Two other residents of the building also sustained minor injuries.

All six were being treated in hospital.


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