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Christian leader accuses Omar of waging jihad against Jews from Congress

Evangelical Christian leader, “Ilhan Omar is waging an unholy war against the Jewish people from Congress.”  Launching campaign to demand Congresswoman Omar’s resignation over anti-Semitism, she says, “The Jews don’t stand alone.”

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Laurie Cardoza-Moore, President of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations has launched a nationwide campaign to demand Ilhan Omar’s immediate resignation from Congress over her recent anti-Semitic tirades. Cardoza-Moore who serves as a United Nations Special Envoy for the World Council of Independent Christian Churches (WCICC) which represents over 44 million congregants worldwide and whose “Focus On Israel” television program reaches a global audience of over a billion, has begun a petition to increase pressure upon Omar to stand down. Continue Reading »

Omar apologized for anti-Semitic tweets, but more anti-Semitism still planned

U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) will be speaking alongside a well-known Islamic Relief USA official, Yousef Abdallah, who has publicly advocated for violence against Jews and has posted antisemitic comments on social media.




Congresswoman Ilhan Omar will be a keynote speaker at an Islamic Relief USA emergency fundraising dinner for Yemen on February 23.

Omar will be speaking at the Florida event alongside a well-known Islamic Relief USA official, Yousef Abdallah, who has openly advocated for violence against Jews and has shared antisemitic sentiments on his social media pages.

Islamic Relief USA official, Yousef Abdallah at anti-Israel DC rally.

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Democratic Muslim congresswoman ducks question on BDS support

WATCH: Minnesota Congresswoman accused of anti-Semitism after bashing Israel last month in an interview is now seen dodging CNN reporter’s question regarding her support for the anti-Israel BDS.

By David Rosenberg


While the Senate managed to pass a bill empowering states and local governments to ban cooperation with the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, the refusal of nearly two dozen senators to back the legislation has highlighted the growing divided within the Democratic Party over support for Israel.

With the bill now taken up by the Democratic-led House of Representatives, some factions within the party have vowed to oppose the bill – not only citing what some call freedom of speech issues, but even their support for anti-Israel boycotts. Continue Reading »