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Jimmy Carter urges United Nations to stop Trump peace plan

U.S. President Trump’s Deal of the Century “undercuts prospects for a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians,” said former US president Jimmy Carter, 95, in a statement.



Former US president Jimmy Carter denounced the Trump administration’s vision for Middle East peace on Friday while urging the United Nations Security Council to uphold international law and stop Israel from annexing West Bank territory.

“The new US plan undercuts prospects for a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians,” Carter, 95, said in a statement.

Jimmy Carter with good Palestinian friends Arafat & Abbas

“If implemented, the plan will doom the only viable solution to this long-running conflict, the two-state solution,” said Carter, who brokered the landmark 1978 Camp David Accords that brought peace between Israel and Egypt. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Jimmy Carter remained silent on 1979 Israeli Nuclear test

Afraid of the political repercussions on Jimmy Carter’s presidential reelection bid just a year after his participation in the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty, a Foreign Policy report exposes how the Carter administration squashed publicizing “a nuclear test explosion in the ocean near the southern end of Africa” in 1979.



WASHINGTON – The Jimmy Carter administration was aware of an Israeli nuclear test that took place in the 1970s, but decided to turn a blind eye to avoid a possible setback ahead of the president’s reelection campaign, Foreign Policy reported.

Carter also wanted to avoid any negative impact on the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, which was just a year old at the time, according to the report. Continue Reading »

US advocates for Israel urge Trump to rescind Carter era legal opinion

Although the author of the Carter-era State Department legal opinion himself admitted the opinion was “controversial” and many distinguished legal experts were adamant that Israel’s settlements are indeed legal, it was accepted in 1977, giving a distinct unfair advantage to the Arab side ever since.

By Orli Harari


With Trump’s Deal of the Century in the offing, an anti-Israel legal opinion in the State Department has surfaced, which outlaws all Israeli communities over the Green Line. CUFI, which speaks for 4 million Christians, as well as the RCA and ZOA, are urging the Administration to rescind the controversial document. The fear is that Israel will be in a disadvantageous position if the “Deal of the Century” is published and an official pro-Arab legal opinion, negating all settlements, remains intact. Continue Reading »

UNSEALED: Carter Center sued for providing support to Palestinian terrorists

The 2015 suit recently unsealed, alleges the Atlanta based Carter Center received more than $30 million in taxpayer grants, while it violated federal statutes barring the Center from using said funds to provide material support to terror groups.

By Israel and Stuff


The Zionist Advocacy Center, which filed their suit in 2015, maintains the Carter Center has violated federal law by hosting designated Palestinian terrorists at its facilities, as well as by providing various forms of cooperative assistance to the Palestinian terror group Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, according to recently unsealed court documents.

Photographed here in 2009, former U.S.

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Jimmy Carter pens op-ed in the NYT urging Obama, America Must Recognize Palestine


The former US president urges Obama to push for a one-sided UN Security Council resolution, rewarding the Palestinians for their entrenchment, while imposing harmful realities on Israel.



Former US president Jimmy Carter has called on the outgoing Obama administration to take steps toward recognizing a Palestinian state before leaving office in January.

Former U.S. President Carter gives a hug to his friend, Hamas terror-leader, Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza in 2009

The 39th US president made the call in an op-ed published Monday in the New York Times under the title “America Must Recognize Palestine.”

“We do not yet know the policy of the next administration toward Israel and Palestine, but we do know that the current administration is keen on achieving a two state solution,” Carter wrote. Continue Reading »

BBC Report: President Carter suckered into supporting the Iranian Revolution


New information reported by the BBC details how Khomeini fooled Carter into helping him overthrow Iran, a close US ally, while deceiving the US public…. exactly how Obama was given ’empty promises’, forcing the US government lie to its constituents & allies, while Ayatollah’s gov’t reaps all the benefits.

By Matt Wanderman


New information has come to light, showing how former US President Jimmy Carter blindly accepted false promises and helped Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini carry out the Iranian Revolution.

Iranian women by a poster of Ayatollah Khomeini – Reuters

New information has come to light, showing how former US President Jimmy Carter blindly accepted false promises and helped Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini carry out the Iranian Revolution.

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Once Again, American Democrat ‘Throws Fight’ Giving Radical Islam 2nd Victory



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Jimmy Carter hopeful ‘Camp David’ plays on Broadway

Hamas supporter Jimmy Carter hopes the play ‘Camp David’, about the 13 days of talks between then Israeli PM Menachem Begin & Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, goes to Broadway.

By Associated Press & Israel Hayom Staff


Carter has been a governor, the nation’s commander-in-chief and a Nobel Prize winner. One thing he still would like to see is himself on a Broadway stage.

Best of pals – Jimmy Carter & Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza in 2009

The 39th president is hoping Lawrence Wright’s play “Camp David” can find a Broadway theater and remind New York audiences about the bravery that went into the landmark 1979 Egypt-Israel peace treaty. Continue Reading »

Jimmy Carter: Seeking meeting with Netanyahu is waste of time



Speaking in Jerusalem, former US president Jimmy Carter on Saturday urged Israel to work toward a diplomatic resolution to the Palestinian conflict and end its military presence in the Palestinian territories.

Best of pals – Jimmy & Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza in 2009 – AFP

However, he sounded a less-than-optimistic note regarding the Israeli leadership’s commitment to these goals.

“We didn’t ask for any meeting with Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu or his cabinet we have never met in the past and this time we didn’t ask because it would be a waste of time,” said Carter, a member of The Elders, an independent Group of global leaders.

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No Hugging Hamas on Thursday As Jimmy Carter Cancels Gaza Trip

With no official reason given, Carter cancels trip to Gaza after both Israel’s President Rivlin and PM Netanyahu refused to meet him.



Former US president Jimmy Carter called off his visit to the Gaza Strip, according to Palestinian sources on Wednesday. No reason for the cancellation was given.

Former US President Carter met Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza in 2009

Carter was scheduled to arrive on April 30 in Gaza to meet with Hamas leaders, and then with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to help mediate between the two factions’ stalled national reconciliation. The status of Carter’s visit to the West Bank is still unknown and so far has not been cancelled. Continue Reading »

Israel’s President & Prime Minster Blow Off Jimmy Carter, Want Nothing to Do with Him

Israel’s top two leaders reject request to meet with former US president Carter on grounds of his ‘anti-Israel’ position during last summer’s conflict, ‘Operation Protective Edge’ with Gaza.

By i24news


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin rejected a request from former US President Jimmy Carter to meet with him during a planned trip to Israel, Haaretz reported Monday.

Former US President Jimmy Carter speaks to the media on April 10, 2013 in New York City – Photo: Mario Tama/AFP

A senior official told the Israeli daily that the Foreign Ministry recommended that the Israeli leaders not meet with Carter because of his “anti-Israeli stance” over the last few years. Continue Reading »

Dershowitz: Does Jimmy Carter’s Support for Hamas Constitute a Felony?

As Jimmy Carter was maliciously accusing Israel of war crimes & encouraging greater int’l support for Hamas, the terrorist group ruling Gaza, a noted civil rights advocate & legal expert claims the ex-president may have committed several criminal offenses by advocating for and providing support to a terrorist organizations.



Recently retired Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz told J.D. Hayworth at Newsmax TV that Carter’s recent article in London’s Guardian Newspaper, urging international recognition for Hamas, may have constituted recruitment for an organization classified as ‘terrorist’ under US law.

Former President Jimmy Carter - Photo by AP

Former President Jimmy Carter – Photo by AP

Dershowitz accused Jimmy Carter of being “an all-out supporter of Hamas,” warning that if his advocacy turns into material support for the terrorist Hamas, Carter will be committing a felony. Continue Reading »

Carter guesses that Israel stockpiled over 300 nuclear bombs


The worst former U.S. president advises Obama should not attack Iran even if Teheran successfully deceives the world and does develop a nuclear bomb.

By Yoni Hirsch & Israel Hayom Staff


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Jimmy Carter: Obama is the First President who Doesn’t Call Me

“I think the problem was that the Carter Center has taken a very strong and public position of equal treatment between the Palestinians & the Israelis,” said Carter. “And I think this was a sensitive area in which the president didn’t want to be involved.”

By Sandy Fitzgerald


President Barack Obama is the first president who has not solicited advice from former President Jimmy Carter since he left office, Carter told NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

Former President Jimmy Carter - Photo by AP

Former President Jimmy Carter – Photo by AP

“President Clinton did and President George W. Bush and H.W. Bush and even Ronald Reagan used to call on us to go into sensitive areas,” Carter told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Sunday.

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Jimmy Carter urging the EU to label settlements products

Former Peanut Farmer calls on EU to condemn settlement expansion and label their products clearly.




Former US president Jimmy Carter is pushing the European Union to implement a law forcing products coming out of the West Bank settlements to be labeled as such, according to a report in the Irish Times.
Former President Jimmy Carter - Photo by AP

Former President Jimmy Carter – Photo by AP

“The EU has repeatedly condemned settlement expansion in the West Bank,” Carter was quoted as saying, “it could therefore introduce a clear labeling of products made in Israeli settlements, which are illegal under international law.”

Carter said that European diplomats share his belief that any Israeli building beyond the 1967 lines are an “(illegal) intrusion by Israel into Palestine.”

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