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WATCH: Anonymous vows #Op_Israel ‘Electronic Holocaust’ in April

In new video, the hacker group ‘Anonymous’, threatens to take down Israeli sites & servers on April 7, promising to ‘erase you from cyberspace’.

By Ran Rimon, Elior Levy



A video released this week by the Anonymous hacker collective vowed to inflict an “Electronic Holocaust” on Israel.


The video shows a masked individual in a suit delivering a prepared statement, in which he announces April 7 as the date of a concerted attack on Israel’s online servers. “As we did many times, we will take down your servers, government websites, Israeli military websites, and Israeli institutions,” he said.

“We will erase you from cyberspace in our Electronic Holocaust.” Continue Reading »

Meet Israel’s Hackers Who Struck Back

Israelis hit back at anti-Israel hackers by breaking into their computers, snapping mugshots of some of the ill-prepared hackers using their own webcams, then publishing their photos & names.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel this week has faced a heavier than usual amount of cyber-attacks, but local hackers are doing their bit to fight back. And you can follow their progress in near-real time thanks to the magic of Twitter.

Meet the Israeli Hackers Who Are Striking Back

Israel on average defends against tens of thousands of cyber attacks every day. But international hacker group Anonymous, or a branch thereof, sought to truly overwhelm the Jewish state this week with its annual #OpIsrael campaign, during which anti-Israel hackers seek to crash or penetrate Israeli websites and networks. Continue Reading »

Israeli hackers & IT Professionals Strike Back Under Pro-Gaza Cyber-Attack


Global hackers of Anonymous managed to only temporarily crash a very few Israeli websites whereas Israeli hackers successfully  penetrated the Anonymous website.

By Ryan Jones


The international hacker group Anonymous warned that Israel would be under a constant and determined cyber-attack on Monday, but by midday, Israeli cyber-security experts said the assault had been “unsophisticated” and largely unsuccessful.

Israeli Hackers Strike Back at the Anonymous anti-Israel campaign – Photo credit: It’s anonymous

Anonymous and allied hacker groups launched the fresh wave of cyber-attacks in response to Israel’s counter-terrorism strikes on the Gaza Strip.

The hackers primarily used two methods of trying to bring down or penetrate Israeli government and business websites. Continue Reading »

Anonymous cyber-warriors attack Israeli websites


One year after its last major cyber attack on Israel, AnonymousOpIsrael goes after Israeli websites again.


Exactly one year after its last major cyber attack, AnonymousOpIsrael hacked Israeli websites on Monday.

Cyber attack

Members of ‘team Red’ work on laptop computers during a mock cyberattack scenario with teams of amateur computer experts taking part and trying to fight this simulated attack in London, Friday, March, – Photo: AP

The pro-Palestinian “hacktivist’ collective broke into the Education Ministry’s website, as well as the websites of the Israel Postal Service and the Central Bureau of Statistics, Ynet reported.

Anonymous struck first in November 2012 after Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense assault on Gaza, and again on April 7, 2013.

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‘Anonymous’ cyber-terrorists warn Israel of impending cyber-attack

Cyber-group of anti-Israel hackers calls on its int’l band of “cyber warriors” to attack all major Israeli institutions & websites on Monday.


A group of anti-Israel hackers calling themselves ‘Anonymous Operation Israel’ called on “cyber warriors from across the planet” to attack Israel online on April 7th.

We are Anonymous

We are Anonymous – YouTube screenshot

“On April 7, 2014, we call upon our brothers and sisters to hack, deface, hijack, database leak, admin takeover, and DNS terminate the Israeli Cyberspace by any means necessary,” the group said in a YouTube video posted on April 2.

It is not the group’s first foray into cyber-warfare against the Jewish State. Continue Reading »

Hamas Reports: 123 Israeli Spies Exposed by Anonymous

Gaza terror group says Anonymous broke into Mossad website server & relayed names to Hamas.

By Gil Ronen



Terror group Hamas was quoted Saturday as saying that members of the hacking group Anonymous broke into a Mossad website and revealed the names of 123 Israeli spies.

According to a report in Egyptian newspaper Al Shaab al Masri, the claim was made by an officer for the “internal security intelligence” mechanism in the interior ministry of the Hamas government of Gaza.

The officer said that 48 of the spies work in Egypt’s and Saudi Arabia’s stock exchanges. Another 52 work in the EMPC building, where Egypt’s central television studios are located, 15 work on oil rigs in the Persian Gulf and Libya, ten in Egyptian communications media networks, and three in private firms. Continue Reading »

Israeli cyber-geniuses hacked anti-Israel hackers

Israeli hackers neutralizes website coordinating cyber attack on Israeli websites.

Anonymous successfully attacked the Education Ministry site.



Israeli hackers responding to a campaign to launch cyber-attacks on the country’s websites and Facebook accounts by breaking into the server hosting a major anti-Israeli hacking nerve center.

Photo: Screenshot from- http://www.opisrael.com/

The website, OpIsrael.com, which was run by the Anonghost hacking group to help coordinate an online attack on Israel, was taken over by an Israeli hacker calling himself EhIsR. Under the heading “A few forgotten facts,” the hacker posted content such as “Israel became a nation in 1312 BCE, 2,000 years before the rise of Islam.”

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‘Anonymous’ Proudly Disables Website for Children with Cancer

The int’l hackers’ group ‘Anonymous’ prides itself on repeatedly bringing down ‘Larger than Life’s’, a website aimed to help children with cancer .

By Gil Ronen



The hackers’ group Anonymous said Saturday that its planned attack on Israel has begun and will intensify Sunday. One of its prime targets is a website for an NGO that assists children with cancer.

The group announced that 19,000 Israeli Facebook accounts have already been hacked. In addition it said, personal details of students from Haifa University have been compromised, as have hundreds of passwords to Israeli email accounts.

Several dozen sites belonging to Israeli NGOs have been damaged, the web vandals claimed, including that of Larger than Life, and NGO for children with cancer. Continue Reading »

‘Anonymous’ attacks pro-Israeli websites over Gaza

Hacker collective launches wide-scale cyber-attack, named “#OpIsrael,” on hundreds of Israeli websites in protest of ‘Operation Pillar of Defense’.


Hacker collective Anonymous launched a wide-scale attack, named “#OpIsrael”, on hundreds of Israeli websites late Friday night in protest of Operation Pillar of Defense in the Gaza Strip. The attacks ranged from high-profile targets like the Foreign Ministry to tourism companies and locksmiths.

Hacker collective Anonymous

Hacker collective Anonymous – Photo: Screen capture

One of the most high-profile targets of the attack was the Foreign Ministry’s international development program, Mashav. In an announcement on Twitter, Anonymous claimed to have tampered with the website’s internal database. Continue Reading »