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Fourth mysterious explosion in Iran translates to ‘reprisal or humiliation’

Tehran says Saturday’s massive fire that damaged a power plant in the restive Khuzestan province also “was an accident”… but was it?



Iran is under intense pressure after four serious explosions that appear to have damaged key infrastructure linked to its missile and nuclear program, as well as other facilities.

On Saturday yet another massive fire damaged a power plant in its restive Khuzestan province. Iran said, once again, this was an accident. But quietly Iran is letting it be known that there are concerns, including through commentary at its major media suggesting it might respond to the attacks. Continue Reading »

Payback: Israeli cyberattack disrupts Iran’s largest strategic port

In retaliation for Teheran’s earlier attempted cyberattack on Israel’s rural water distribution systems, the IDF cyber unit targeted Iran’s largest port operational system, which reportedly caused far more than the 3 days damage previously admitted to by Iranian officials.

By Ynet, Reuters


Israel appears to be behind a cyberattack earlier this month on computers at Iran’s Shahid Rajaee port that caused massive backups on waterways and roads leading to the facility, the Washington Post reported on Monday.

Citing unnamed U.S. and foreign government officials, the Post said the May 9 disruption of Iranian computers was presumably in retaliation for an earlier attempted cyberattack on rural water distribution systems in Israel. Continue Reading »

Report: Israeli intel-spies expose Russians using popular software to hack systems

In a NYT report, Israel’s cyber intelligence unit allegedly discovered Russian gov’t hackers manipulated Kaspersky Lab antivirus software, used globally by hundreds of millions of people including the U.S. government, to obtain sensitive info inside the U.S.



Israeli intelligence officials spying on Russian government hackers found they were using Kaspersky Lab antivirus software that is also used by 400 million people globally, including US government agencies, according to media reports on Tuesday.

Israel cyber crime unit situation room – Israel Police Spokesperson’s Dept.

The Israeli officials who had hacked into Kaspersky’s network over two years ago then warned their US counterparts of the Russian intrusion, said The New York Times, which first reported the story. Continue Reading »

Survey: Every minute 63 cyber crimes are committed in Israel

Since the beginning of the year, Israel Police dealt with 712 cases of the 30 million cases of cyber bullying that took place.


There were some 30 million cases of cyber bullying in Israel in the first 10 months of this year, victimizing about 387,000 people 20 or older, according to a survey by the Public Security Ministry. This works out to 63 cases of cyber bullying every minute.

there are 63 Israeli cases of cyber bullying every minute

Internet porn is the price we pay for freedom of information. – Photo: AP

Yet the police have opened an average of only 712 cyber-bullying cases a year over the past four years, accounting for a mere 0.19 percent of all police cases opened during this period.

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Israel’s PM Establishes National Civilian Cyber-Defense Authority

After major hacking attempt during Gaza war to crash  non-governmental websites, Netanyahu makes historic move to protect civilians – not only the gov’t – from intrusive cyber warfare.

By Tova Dvorin


In a landmark decision Sunday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced the establishment of a National Authority for Cyber Defense.

Cyber security – Reuters

The new authority will be headed by Dr. Eviatar Mattaniah, head of the cyber-defense staff, and will be responsible for the protection of Israeli civilians against cyber attacks.

Netanyahu’s decision takes the already extensive work and thorough preparation to protect Israel’s cyberspace against terror several steps further, drafting leading experts in the field to coordinate and lead the entire Israeli cyber-defense team. Continue Reading »

Netanyahu forced to mediate which Israeli security agency controls state cyber defense

Israel’s Prime Minister is expected to make a decision on the cyber-defense issue this week after procrastinating for months.


The Shin Bet security service and National Cyber Bureau have been waging a months-long battle over authority for protecting Israel’s economy and civilian institutions against cyber attacks.

Cyber defense

An IDF course for cyber-defense in Ramat Gan. – Photo: Alon Ron

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has taken on the cyber issue as a personal project — the bureau is part of the Prime Minister’s Office, and he has defined cyber attacks as one of the four main threats to Israel.

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Cyber warfare unregulated admits IDF Legal adviser

Because there is no convention or international legislation on how a military unit operates in the digital realm, it is still murky legal ground.


The field of cyber warfare is unregulated, which makes legal advice in this area particularly important, an Israel Defense Forces legal adviser said Monday.

Cyber defense

An IDF course for cyber-defense in Ramat Gan. Alumni of such units formed startups such as Adollam and Aorato. – Photo: Alon Ron

Speaking at the CyberNight conference at the Shamoon College of Engineering in Be’er Sheva, Maj. A., the Military Intelligence legal adviser, described the role of legal consulting in the era of cybernetic warfare, saying that “Although the field is not regulated – and because the field is not regulated – the legal adviser plays a central role.

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Meet Israel’s Hackers Who Struck Back

Israelis hit back at anti-Israel hackers by breaking into their computers, snapping mugshots of some of the ill-prepared hackers using their own webcams, then publishing their photos & names.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel this week has faced a heavier than usual amount of cyber-attacks, but local hackers are doing their bit to fight back. And you can follow their progress in near-real time thanks to the magic of Twitter.

Meet the Israeli Hackers Who Are Striking Back

Israel on average defends against tens of thousands of cyber attacks every day. But international hacker group Anonymous, or a branch thereof, sought to truly overwhelm the Jewish state this week with its annual #OpIsrael campaign, during which anti-Israel hackers seek to crash or penetrate Israeli websites and networks. Continue Reading »

Israeli hackers & IT Professionals Strike Back Under Pro-Gaza Cyber-Attack


Global hackers of Anonymous managed to only temporarily crash a very few Israeli websites whereas Israeli hackers successfully  penetrated the Anonymous website.

By Ryan Jones


The international hacker group Anonymous warned that Israel would be under a constant and determined cyber-attack on Monday, but by midday, Israeli cyber-security experts said the assault had been “unsophisticated” and largely unsuccessful.

Israeli Hackers Strike Back at the Anonymous anti-Israel campaign – Photo credit: It’s anonymous

Anonymous and allied hacker groups launched the fresh wave of cyber-attacks in response to Israel’s counter-terrorism strikes on the Gaza Strip.

The hackers primarily used two methods of trying to bring down or penetrate Israeli government and business websites. Continue Reading »

Anonymous cyber-warriors attack Israeli websites


One year after its last major cyber attack on Israel, AnonymousOpIsrael goes after Israeli websites again.


Exactly one year after its last major cyber attack, AnonymousOpIsrael hacked Israeli websites on Monday.

Cyber attack

Members of ‘team Red’ work on laptop computers during a mock cyberattack scenario with teams of amateur computer experts taking part and trying to fight this simulated attack in London, Friday, March, – Photo: AP

The pro-Palestinian “hacktivist’ collective broke into the Education Ministry’s website, as well as the websites of the Israel Postal Service and the Central Bureau of Statistics, Ynet reported.

Anonymous struck first in November 2012 after Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense assault on Gaza, and again on April 7, 2013.

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Arab Hackers Attack Israeli Facebook User Accounts

Hackers from Gaza & Tunisia break into the Facebook accounts of about 13,000 Israelis, making a list of usernames & their passwords public.

By Elad Benari


Channel 10 News reported on Monday that Arab hackers had broken into the Facebook accounts of some 13,000 Israelis.

The hackers, from Tunisia and Gaza, made public on Monday evening the usernames and passwords of the accounts which they had broken into. In some cases they changed the profile pictures of the users in question.

Victims of the hacking attack confirmed to Channel 10 that their Facebook account was hacked, with some saying they had thought the attack was a prank by their friends. Continue Reading »

Israeli PM: Tehran Stepping Up Cyber-War against Israeli Targets

Iran now has Hizbullah and Hamas working with them to carry out cyber-warfare against Israeli targets.

By Gil Ronen


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Iran has been stepping up its cyber-attacks on Israel.

Netanyhau arrives for weekly cabinet meeting at his office in Jerusaelm, May 26, 2013 - Photo: REUTERS/Menahem Kahana/Pool

Netanyhau arrives for weekly cabinet meeting at his office in Jerusaelm, – Photo: REUTERS/Menahem Kahana/Pool

“In the last few months,” he said, “we have identified a meaningful surge in the scale of cyber-attacks by Iran, which are being carried out directly by Iran and its proxies, Hizbullah and Hamas.”

Netanyahu spoke at the International Cybertechnology Conference of the National Cyber Council in the Prime Minister’s Office, held in cooperation with the Yuval Ne’eman Workshop at Tel Aviv University. Continue Reading »

Syrian hackers targeted Haifa’s water system

Israeli official says Syria’s failed cyber attack was launched about 2 weeks ago.

Literally, hundreds of cyber attacks occur every minute against crucial Israeli infrastructure.

By Ilana Curiel

A senior Israeli official revealed on Saturday that Syria has attempted two weeks ago to launch a cyber attack against Haifa‘s water system, in retaliation to the alleged Israeli attack in Damascus a month ago.

נשיא סוריה אסד. הפעיל את "יחידת הצבא הסורי האלקטרוני"?  (צילום: AP)

Syria’s Bashar Assad – Photo: AP

Yitzhak Ben-Yisrael, chairman of the National Council for Research and Development, said that Israeli critical infrastructures such as electricity, water and the stock exchange undergo hundreds of cyber attacks every minute. Continue Reading »

The IDF’s silent cyber attack force

Unseen, the IDF’s cyber warfare capabilities have become a key to battlefield victory, not only against enemy armies, but increasingly against terrorist organizations, such as Hamas & Hezbollah.



These days, the idea of Israel engaging its enemies in a war, whether in near or distant arenas, without its “silent attack force” is unthinkable.

THERE ARE two types of standard electronic warfare in most militaries: defensive and offensive.

THERE ARE two types of standard electronic warfare in most militaries: defensive and offensive. – Photo Courtesy IDF

The silent attackers would be the soldiers of the IDF’s Electronic Warfare (EW) Section, whose mission is to cause rival forces to enter a state perhaps best summed up in the famous Psalms verse: “They have eyes, but cannot see.

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Israeli cyber-geniuses hacked anti-Israel hackers

Israeli hackers neutralizes website coordinating cyber attack on Israeli websites.

Anonymous successfully attacked the Education Ministry site.



Israeli hackers responding to a campaign to launch cyber-attacks on the country’s websites and Facebook accounts by breaking into the server hosting a major anti-Israeli hacking nerve center.

Photo: Screenshot from- http://www.opisrael.com/

The website, OpIsrael.com, which was run by the Anonghost hacking group to help coordinate an online attack on Israel, was taken over by an Israeli hacker calling himself EhIsR. Under the heading “A few forgotten facts,” the hacker posted content such as “Israel became a nation in 1312 BCE, 2,000 years before the rise of Islam.”

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