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High Court of Israel rules on racial profiling at Ben Gurion International Airport

After many years before Israel’s High Court of Justice, the current civil rights case was dismissed, but allows future petitions if necessary.


The High Court of Justice on Wednesday carved out a middle ground in one of the most important recent cases to be decided on the issue of racial profiling, with the particular case relating to security at Ben-Gurion Airport.

Entry into security check at Israel’s Ben Gurion Int’l Airport – Photo: REUTERS

On one hand the court dismissed the petition which had an ultimate goal of complete elimination of racial profiling and partially accepted the state’s argument that it could not completely change without heavily burdening all travelers, a change which would have been disproportionate. Continue Reading »

Israel Airport to undergo sensitivity course on ‘humiliating’ security procedures


Knesset ruling follows public outcry after improper treatment of an Arab Israeli teacher, who underwent a strip-search.

By i24NEWS


The Knesset Public Petitions Committee decided on Monday that Israeli Airport Authority officials will meet with people who have been forced into invasive security checks. The meetings, which will involve Arab MKs will be part of an attempt to enlighten airport officials on the often humiliating security searches that Arabs have to go through.

AN EL AL plane at Ben Gurion International Airport ( Wikimedia Commons )

AN EL AL plane at Ben Gurion International Airport – Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Haaretz newspaper reported that the decision follows last month’s public outcry over the treatment of Ezias Elias Shehadeh, and Arab Israeli teacher who was strip-searched while flying with her Jewish students. Continue Reading »

Israeli Court rejects Israeli Arab suit over airport ‘profiling’

Nazareth District Court Judge explains that only Supreme Court justices are privy to materials relating to secret security checks & suggests that the plaintiffs each file a personal lawsuits rather than seeking to represent entire Arab sector.


The Nazareth District Court last week rejected a request from three Israeli Arabs pursuing a billion-shekel class-action suit to seek compensation for humiliating inspections at Ben Gurion International Airport.

Airport security in Israel - David Bachar

Security staff questioning Israeli Arab passengers at Ben-Gurion Airport. – Photo: David Bachar

The three had sought to sue the Shin Bet Security Service, the Airports Authority, and Israeli airlines El Al, Arkia, and Israir, on behalf the entire Israeli Arab sector. Continue Reading »