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Palestinian petitions Israeli court to block funds to corrupt PA officials

In an urgent petition filed with the High Court of Justice, a Palestinian who lives in Haifa demands that the funds normally transferred to Mahmoud Abbas’ PA via Israel’s Finance Ministry, be directly deposited into the accounts of Palestinian workers and needy families.



Mohammad Aref Massad, a former Palestinian security prisoner, has demanded that Israel stop transferring tax-revenue funds to the Palestinian Authority on the pretext that the money is being used to fund terrorism and corruption.

Massad, who currently lives in Haifa, made his demand in an urgent petition he filed last week with the High Court of Justice against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and the Knesset Finance Committee. Continue Reading »

EU demands Israel stop demolition of illegally constructed Arab homes

The European Union calls for ‘immediate halt’ to demolition of illegally built Arab apartment buildings, in a move to veto Israel’s High Court decision decreeing the improper construction was too close to Israel’s security fence.

By David Rosenberg


The European Union formally condemned the demolition of illegal Arab apartment buildings near Israel’s security barrier separating Jerusalem from Palestinian Authority-controlled areas, and demanded Israel halt its enforcement of demolition orders.

In a statement issued Monday afternoon, the European Union’s foreign affairs department said the demolitions undermine the “viability of the two-state solution”.

“Israeli authorities have proceeded with the demolition of 10 Palestinian buildings, containing some 70 apartments, in Wadi al Hummus, part of Sur Baher neighbourhood in occupied East Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

Israeli court orders demolition of 13 illegal buildings in East Jerusalem

Palestinians are worried the High Court decision sets a precedent allowing Israel to demolish thousands of unauthorized Palestinian-owned structures outside of Jerusalem’s municipal boundaries and into the West Bank.

By i24NEWS


Israel’s High Court of Justice approved the demolition of 13 buildings in an East Jerusalem neighborhood that falls under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority, Haaretz reported Monday.

Palestinians fear the ruling will set a precedent empowering Israel to demolish thousands of buildings in the West Bank.

Demolition of an illegally constructed Palestinian home in an East Jerusalem neighborhood. – Screenshot/ IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The 13 buildings are located in the Wadi Humus neighborhood is located in southeast Jerusalem, but part of the neighborhood lies outside of the city’s municipal boundaries into the West Bank. Continue Reading »

8 European countries try to interfere in Israel’s Supreme Court ruling

In ignoring Israeli High Court of Justice decision to demolish the illegally built Bedouin encampment, Khan al-Ahmar, and have the squatter residents removed from the public land, a statement was read by the Dutch ambassador outside the UN rebuking Israel’s HCJ decision by publicly trying to (erroneously) associate it to a “forced transfer of population,” a war crime.

By The Associated Press


Eight European Union nations are underlining their opposition to Israel’s planned demolition of the illegally-built Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar and are urging its government to reconsider the decision.

The statement was read by Dutch Ambassador Karel Van Oosterom outside the UN Security Council on Thursday. Continue Reading »

The Islamic Waqf is brewing a new crisis on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

The newest crisis emerging on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount has to do with the Islamic waqf’s objection to an Israeli observation post erected atop the Old City’s Golden Gate, to ensure Palestinian Muslims aren’t covertly violating an Israel High Court ruling that protects precious archaeological material.

By Nadav Shragai


In the summer of 2004, history was made on a small scale in the Supreme Court in Jerusalem when the High Court of Justice ruled in favor of a petition filed by a Jewish group to protect the Temple Mount antiquities. In one of the last cases Justice Jacob Turkel handled before retiring, the judge adopted the petition filed by the Committee for the Prevention of Destruction of Antiquities on the Temple Mount, forcing the government to take action that went against what was almost natural for it in those days – simply giving in to the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf, the body that oversees what takes place on the Mount. Continue Reading »

Israeli High Court blocks repatriating body of a Palestinian killed by IDF

Israel’s High Court of Justice rules on filed petition from the parents of Lt. Hadar Goldin, who said it is “a moral imperative for the Israeli government to stop rewarding Hamas” with one sided return of the dead.

By Yair Altman and Nitzi Yakov


The High Court of Justice on Thursday granted a petition to stop the state from repatriating the body of a Palestinian killed in a security incident off the Gaza Strip’s coast in February.

The petition was filed by Simcha and Leah Goldin, whose son, Lt. Hadar Goldin of the Givati Brigade, was killed in Gaza during the 2014 conflict. Continue Reading »

Analysis: Israeli law seizing Palestinian property applicable to international standards

Unlike “the racist legislation of the Palestinian Authority which imposes the death penalty in case of sale of land to Jews,” the state said, the law provides the Palestinian landowners with their only option, to receive generous renumeration for their property.



The Settlements Regulation Law which seizes private Palestinian property meets both Israeli and international legal standards, the state said on Monday evening.

It presented a lengthy brief on the legislation to the High Court of Justice. In a rare move the brief was penned by an outside consultant attorney Harel Arnon.

Israel’s High Court of Justice, with Knesset in background, Jerusalem – Photo: ISRAELTOURISM/Wikimedia

Attorney General Avihai Mandelblit has sided with the petition to the HCJ by a consortium of 13 non-governmental groups against the legislation. Continue Reading »

Israel High Court of Justice rules gov’t policy should suffice on fate of illegal EU structures


High Court of Justice rules state should have wide discretion to decide whether demolition orders issued against illegally built European Union-financed structures east of Jerusalem should be executed or not.

By Yair Altman


Israeli authorities should not be forced to implement demolition orders that were issued for European Union-built structures east of Jerusalem, the High Court of Justice said on Monday.

Construction along Highway 1 has been contested by local Jewish communities – Photo: Courtesy of the Regavim organization

The Kfar Adumim community and the Regavim movement had asked the court to order the implementation of the demolition orders for more than a dozen structures in Kfar Adumim’s municipal boundaries, claiming that the state was shirking its duty to enforce the law. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Supreme Court approves demolition of 2 terrorists’ homes


Israel’s High Court rejected petitions against the demolitions of the homes of two Palestinian terrorists who carried out random, unprovoked, yet brutal murders of Israelis in Jerusalem.

By Shlomo Pitrikovski


The High Court on Tuesday evening rejected petitions by the families of two terrorists who carried out attacks in Jerusalem and which the IDF had issued demolition orders for their homes.

The two terrorists in question are Bahaa Alian, who carried out a terror attack on a bus in Jerusalem’s Armon Hanatziv neighborhood on October 13, and Alaa Abu Jamal, the terrorist who carried out a stabbing and car attack on Malchei Yisrael Street the same day. Continue Reading »

EU charged in court for funding illegal Palestinian construction




Settlers on Monday asked the High Court of Justice to order the demolition of 15 Palestinian homes in Area C of the West Bank, which they say are illegal and funded by the European Union.

The modular structures with cement floors located within the boundaries of the Kfar Adumim settlement were built in 2015 and house Palestinian Beduin.

Illegal EU funded Palestinian structures in the area of Kfar Adumim.

Continue Reading »

Court suspends detention when Palestinian hunger-striker found with brain-damage

Palestinian prisoner Allan ends his 65 day hunger strike after Israel’s High Court of Justice freed him from administrative detention because of deteriorating medical condition.



Palestinian prisoner Muhammad Allan ended his 65-day hunger strike Wednesday after the High Court of Justice freed him from his administrative detention due to his deteriorating medical condition, his lawyer said.


A handout supporting a Palestinian hunger striker. – Photo: Courtesy

“The story is over, administrative detention is canceled and therefore there is no strike,” Jameel Khatib told Reuters.

The High Court of Justice late Wednesday night made the decision after the revelation Wednesday afternoon that his brain had been damaged. Continue Reading »

Decision: Israel’s High Court of Justice Rules State May Prosecute Anti-Israel Boycotters

High Court justices rule that protecting Israel’s well-being surpasses the right to boycott & does not contravene free speech
The law, passed some 4 years ago, now makes the call for a boycott of Israel a civil offense.

The Knesset did not trample constitutional rights when it legislated a bill aimed at punishing those who call for a boycott of Israel, the High Court of Justice said on Wednesday.

The High Court of Justice largely upheld the anti-boycott law on Wednesday – Photo: Lior Mizrahi

An extended panel of nine justices said the law, known as the Law for the Prevention of Boycotts Targeting Israel, passed constitutional muster, noting that the state has the right to defend itself against those who want to forcefully undermine its very foundation. Continue Reading »

High Court of Israel rules on racial profiling at Ben Gurion International Airport

After many years before Israel’s High Court of Justice, the current civil rights case was dismissed, but allows future petitions if necessary.


The High Court of Justice on Wednesday carved out a middle ground in one of the most important recent cases to be decided on the issue of racial profiling, with the particular case relating to security at Ben-Gurion Airport.

Entry into security check at Israel’s Ben Gurion Int’l Airport – Photo: REUTERS

On one hand the court dismissed the petition which had an ultimate goal of complete elimination of racial profiling and partially accepted the state’s argument that it could not completely change without heavily burdening all travelers, a change which would have been disproportionate. Continue Reading »