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Egypt expands buffer zone to 1.5 km wide along border with Gaza

Egyptian military uses bulldozers to destroy an additional 140 homes along its unsecured border with Gaza to expand its buffer zone once again, this time in a coordinated effort with Hamas to prevent illicit weapons, ISIS and other militants from covertly crossing the border.

By The Associated Press


Egypt’s military has bulldozed at least 140 homes and more than 200 acres along the Gaza Strip border, expanding a buffer zone in an effort to cut off the flow of weapons and militants.

The governor of Northern Sinai province, Maj. Gen. Abdel-Fatah Harhour, told The Associated Press late Monday that the military began a new phase in clearing the zone, which is 1,500 meters (4,900 feet) wide and 10 kilometers (6 miles) long. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Netanyahu working with Trump, Putin to establish anti-Iran/Hezbollah zone in Syria


Times of London reports Israel’s PM Netanyahu called Russian President Putin on the phone seeking assurances Iran-backed groups like Hezbollah won’t operate within a designated buffer-zone, that could extend 30 miles east of Golan Heights, once Syria is divided.

By Shlomo Cesana, Erez Linn & Israel Hayom Staff


Israel has asked the United States and Russia to establish a buffer zone in southern Syria that would curtail Iranian activity as part of the overall political arrangement for the country, The Times of London reported Thursday.

According to the report, based on sources in the Middle East, Jerusalem would like the two powers to “guarantee a buffer zone in southern Syria where Hezbollah and other Iranian-backed militias will not be allowed to operate.” Continue Reading »

Palestinians starts maritime border talks with Egypt


The Palestinian Authority’s agenda is to establish an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) off Gaza’s coast under UN Convention on Law of the Sea, that incidentally has not been signed by Israel, or the U.S.



Goal is to establish exclusive economic zone off coast of the Gaza Strip under UN Convention on Law of the Sea
The Palestinians have begun talks with Egypt on setting out the maritime borders of their hoped for future state and the resources they can extract from the sea, their UN ambassador to the United Nations said Friday.

Border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, seen from Rafah, – Photo: SAID KHATIB:AFP

The goal is to establish an exclusive economic zone off the coast of the Gaza Strip under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, said ambassador Ryad Mansour. Continue Reading »

Egypt’s army destroyed 20 more smuggling tunnels under Gaza border in November


The 20 tunnels that were found & destroyed in November are part of Egypt’s policy, after it cleared a buffer zone along the Gaza border last year, in its attempt to eliminate the cross-border network of tunnels used for terrorism in the Sinai, & smuggling weapons to Hamas and other terror organizations in Gaza.

By The Associated Press & Israel Hayom Staff


The Egyptian military says it has destroyed 20 recently discovered underground tunnels along the border with the Gaza Strip.

A Palestinian worker repairs a smuggling tunnel after it was flooded by Egyptian security forces – Photo: Reuters

The army says the tunnels were found and destroyed in November. Continue Reading »

World Remains Silent as Gazans Suffer Continued Egyptian Expulsion

Palestinians along Egypt’s border complain of constant explosions ‘worse than IDF operation’ as their homes are demolished, & Gaza’s economy collapses.

By Ari Yashar


Residents in Gaza’s south, and particularly the Sinai border town of Rafah, are being expelled from their homes and having them demolished by dynamite and bulldozers – an expulsion world media has largely shied away from because it is being conducted by the Egyptian army.

The Egyptian expulsion to create a buffer zone follows lethal terrorist attacks on Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai last month, and the ensuing crackdown on smuggling tunnels from Gaza by which Hamas reportedly armed the attackers has already seen hundreds of homes destroyed. Continue Reading »

Day 3: Egypt Destroys 800 Gaza Homes for Buffer-Zone – World Remains Indifferent

Watch Video of Egyptian forces continuing after already destroying over 800 Gaza homes for its imposed security ‘buffer zone’, as Gaza’s Palestinian residents cry ‘Egyptian Nakba.’

By Ari Yashar


The Egyptian army continues expelling Arab residents and detonating buildings in its destruction of the Gazan side of the Egyptian border as the world is notably silent, even as Egypt reveals it will not refrain from taking action against Muslim clerics as well.

The Egyptian Waqf (Islamic trust) announced it will dismiss and expel Muslim clerics if smuggling tunnels are found below the mosques in which they serve, reports the Egyptian news agency Aswat Masriya. Continue Reading »

Egypt Army Enters Gaza, Destroys Homes Making Buffer-Zone & World is Silent

Hamas (AND the world) remains silent as tanks, helicopters and Egyptian soldiers force Gazans out of their homes before being blown up for Cairo imposed buffer zone, with no international criticism, condemnation, or protests.

By Ari Yashar


Arab residents of Gaza were rounded up by armed soldiers and forced to flee their homes, which were promptly exploded in impressive plumes of dust and sand – but the soldiers were Egyptian, and there has been no international criticism of the buffer zone Egypt is establishing by force on the Gaza side of the Sinai border.

In the buffer zone plan, Egypt is seizing and evacuating all homes and farmland up to 500 meters (over 1,640 feet) into Gaza, all along the 13 kilometer (over eight mile) border.  Continue Reading »