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Israel Navy watching Gaza-bound flotilla set to sail from Italy

A senior Islamic Jihad leader said his organization would end truce with Israel if the navy intercepted the flotilla, however security sources did not express particular concern over the threat.

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Watch: Channel 2 Anchor’s Body Language Demonstrates Obvious Personal Opposition

Yonit Levy’s exaggerated posture in overly callous interview appeared to be telling viewers she finds Naftali Bennett extremely objectionable.

By Gil Ronen


Channel 2 evening news anchor Yonit Levy’s body language appeared to disclose her contempt for Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett in an abrasive interview Sunday night.

Left-leaning media? – Screenshot

Levi appeared to be leaning as far away from Bennett as possible, even as she grilled him over statements about rampant crime and anti-Jewish violence in the Arab sector that she found “racist.” The interview is embedded below.

Israel has three television news channels: Channel 1 public television, and the commercial channels 2 and 10, which are government supervised to a certain degree.

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Former South African President: ‘Israel Not an Apartheid State’


The man who would know, former South African President de Klerk says it’s nonsensical to refer to Israel as an apartheid state.

By Israel Today Staff


It is wrong for anyone to refer to Israel as an apartheid state, the man who brought an end to South Africa’s apartheid regime said to Israeli media on Tuesday.

Israel Not an Apartheid State, Says the Man Who Would Know

Former South African President Frederik Willem de Klerk says, “Everyone has closed boarders, also the United States has closed boarders.” – Channel 2 News screenshot.

In an interview with Channel 2 News, former South African President Frederik Willem de Klerk suggested that it is nonsensical to label Israel an apartheid state simply because it has closed off the border that the world insists exists between Israel-proper and the “West Bank.” Continue Reading »

Finance Minister stops money transfers to settlements



Following Friday evening’s news magazine on Channel 2 suggesting funds intended for West Bank settlements were illegally transferred to Yesha Council for anti-gov’t campaigns, Minister Lapid orders his office to freeze funds transfers pending examination.

By Ynet


Finance Minister Yair Lapid ordered a halt on all money transfers to the settlements pending the clarification regarding their specific use, a statement on his behalf said Saturday evening.

Finance Minister Yair Lapid

Finance Minister Yair Lapid – Photo: Yair Sagi

The decision was made after Channel 2 television reported Friday evening that settlements were misusing government funds. Additional information also reached the finance minister, claiming funds were illegally transferred from the settlements to Yesha (Judea, Samaria and formerly Gaza) Council. Continue Reading »