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5yr-old Arab girl was found tied up in bathroom, covered in blood

Magistrates Court extends arrest of parents who are in Israel illegally, after 5 yr-old daughter was found by police with hands & feet bound and “covered in her excretions and blood, unable to move.”

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The Rishon Lezion Magistrates Court on Tuesday extended the arrest of the Arab man whose five-year-old daughter was found tied up and alone in the shower in the family’s home in Lod.

According to Channel 12, the police investigator said: “Yesterday, during the early evening hours, we received a report of a child screaming and crying from inside an apartment. Police officers arriving at the scene discovered a locked apartment and entered exactly when the owner arrived. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israel Border Police catch 120 Palestinians illegally entering Israel

view videoSome among those MAGAV detained were found to have criminal records while others investigated posed serious security threats.



Israeli Border Police (MAGAV) overnight stopped and apprehended 120 Palestinians attempting to illegally cross into Israel from the West Bank.

Border Police capture 120 Palestinians attempting to illegally cross into Israel – Photo courtesy: Israel Police

In the early hours between Tuesday and Wednesday, authorities were alerted to the large movement of potential infiltrators near Oranit, a settlement straddling the Green Line, northeast of Rosh Ha’ayin.

Border Police, with the help of volunteers, were able to track down the would-be trespassers before they reached the security fence, after which they were taken for interrogation, where it was discovered that a number of them are suspected of being security threats, or have a criminal record. Continue Reading »

Israeli Court Shows Illegal Palestinian Worker Mercy for Having Saved Jews

Israeli Judge rules Arab worker who illegally entered Israel to be released and not punished further, for being ‘Righteous Among the Nations’ as he selflessly protected innocent Jews from harm.

By Israel Today Staff


“The defendant is a kind of ‘Righteous Among the Nations,’” ruled Judge Shamai Becker, referencing the designation given to non-Jews who helped save Jewish lives during World War II.

Palestinian workers at a checkpoint leading into Israel-proper. The poor, corruption-riddled Palestinian economy leads many to seek jobs in the Jewish state. – Israel Today

Becker sentenced the defendant to 18 days in prison, which he had already served while in custody. Continue Reading »

A Week After Tel Aviv Stabbing, Jews Still Smuggling PA Arabs Into Israel

Violent illegal Arabs have committed horrendous high profile terror attacks – and now a Jew from an ultra-religious Tel Aviv suburb was caught trying to smuggle 3 ‘potential terrorists’ in his car trunk.

By Ari Yashar


There have been two high-profile stabbings in Tel Aviv in recent months committed by Arab residents of Judea and Samaria who illegally crossed the 1949 Armistice line – and yet a Jewish resident of a haredi suburb of the city on Tuesday was arrested bringing Arab illegals into the Tel Aviv area in his car trunk.

A 32 year-old Jewish resident of Bnei Brak, a haredi suburb of Tel Aviv, was arrested on Tuesday evening at a security point in Samaria on Highway 5.
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