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Sisi’s Response to Massive Sinai Terrorist Attack: Egypt to establish buffer zone on Gaza border


Sitting alongside his top generals in a televised speech to the nation, Egypt’s President Sisi, directed blame at “foreign powers who are trying to break Egypt’s back.” 


Egypt’s ruler, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, denounced “foreign hands” whom he believes were behind the deadly car bombs that killed scores of security personnel in northeast Sinai on Friday.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi gives a speech outside the Supreme Council in Cairo. – Photo:REUTERS

The president, whose regime has been battling jihadist elements since the military ousted the Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi last year, declared a three-day mourning period throughout the country on Saturday. Continue Reading »

IAF Strikes Gaza in Retaliation to Hamas Rocket Fire on Southern Israel

After latest retaliatory attack on 3 terror targets, Israel will wait 24 hrs to allow the Egyptian gov’t to broker a ceasefire, which Jerusalem hopes will restore calm to southern Israel.



The Israel Air Force has struck targets in the southern Gaza Strip on Friday evening in retaliation for the Palestinian rocket barrage that pounded the south, Channel 10 reported. There is no word of casualties.

Israel Air Force F-16 Netz/Barak – Photo courtesy: IDF Spokesperson Unit

Israel will wait an additional 24 hours to allow the Egyptian government to broker a ceasefire which Jerusalem hopes will restore calm along the Gaza frontier, Channel 10 television reported on Friday. Continue Reading »

Egyptian court Blacklists Hamas as terrorist organization, banning activities


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Egypt still closing tunnels, keeping the pressure on Hamas

Egyptian security personnel warn Gaza’s ruling militant group that they will be held responsible for any terrorism near their border.

By i24news


Egypt security officials issued a strict warning to Hamas on Friday, telling the militant group that it would not accept the use of smuggling tunnels between the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula, according to a report by Israel Radio.

Vue d'un tunnel creusé en territoire israélien depuis la bande de Gaza, le 13 octobre 2013  ( David Buimovitch (AFP) )

Gaza Tunnel – David Buimovitch/AFP

Egypt also warned that Hamas would be held responsible for any incursions near the border.

Since the overthrow of Morsi, Egyptian security forces have sealed and destroyed most of the 1,200 tunnels that used to bring food, cars and weapons into Gaza. Continue Reading »

Egypt Making Buffer Zone, Destroys 10 Newly Discovered Hamas Tunnels on Gaza Border

Adapting IDF protocols in security, Egypt continues its crackdown on Hamas’ treachery by destroying 10 smuggling tunnels and blowing up buildings that concealed them in it’s decision to create a sterile buffer zone on it’s border with Gaza.

By Elad Benari


Egypt is continuing its crackdown not only on Sinai terrorism but on Gaza’s Hamas rulers as well.

The Bethlehem based Ma’an news agency reported that Egyptian border forces destroyed 10 tunnels and seven homes in the Sinai on Saturday, as part of new campaign to create a buffer zone along the border with Gaza that would extend 500 meters in some places. Continue Reading »

Hamas forces deployed throughout Gaza to prevent rockets fired on Israel



Gaza Strip government has set up security checkpoints to prevent confrontation with Israel.

Diplomatic communications via Egyptian mediator helps avert breakdown of cease-fire.

Elior Levy


The security services of the Hamas-run government in the Gaza Strip have deployed forces along the major roadways leading to the border fence with Israel and across the eastern stretch of the Strip. The move is an attempt by the terrorist organization to prevent an escalation in the scale of hostilities with Israel.

#Breaking: picture of the motorcycle in the Israeli assassination in Gaza city. #Israel #Gaza #USA #KSA #Egypt #Syria #Jordan #Lebanon

The motorcycle after the Israeli airstrike in Gaza city. – Tweeted by: Abdulla M. Al Hamarna

Hamas forces are searching vehicles approaching the security fence to avert any additional rocket fire on Israel. Continue Reading »

Hamas Is the Palestinian’s Punishment


With the downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt turns its wrathful gaze upon Hamas who has now lost its open door to the Sinai Peninsula, a crucial supply route for the terror group.

Many Palestinians say the group is getting just what it deserves.

By Aviel Schneider



The Hamas regime in Gaza has found itself cornered between Israel and a now-unfriendly Egypt. “This is precisely what traitor (Hamas) deserves,” a Palestinian from Ramallah told Israel Today. “We will never forget what Hamas has done to us back in 2007 (when the group violently seized control of Gaza. Hamas is a punishment for the Palestinian people.” Continue Reading »

Egypt to Hamas: PA forces in place is key to reopening Rafah crossing


Cairo says without Abbas’ PA forces, Rafah border crossing will remain closed.

Hamas officials furious, calling the decision a “conspiracy”.





Egypt won’t reopen the Rafah border crossing unless forces loyal to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas are allowed to return to the terminal, the PLO ambassador in Cairo, Barakat al-Farra, announced on Saturday.

A member of Hamas security forces rides a motorcycle on the border between Egypt and southern Gaza.

A member of Hamas security forces rides a motorcycle on the border between Egypt and southern Gaza. – Photo: REUTERS

Hamas said the announcement proved that the Gaza Strip was facing a “conspiracy.”

Abbas’s presidential guard was in control of the border crossing between 2005 and 2007, when Hamas expelled the PA from the Gaza Strip.

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Hamas furious over Egyptian move at creating buffer zone with Gaza


Egyptian families in Sinai protest after their homes were demolished to create a buffer zone with Hamas ruled Gaza.



The Hamas government said Sunday it was “surprised” to hear that Egypt is planning to create a buffer zone along the border with the Gaza Strip.

Egyptian soldiers keep guard in Sinai

Egyptian soldiers keep guard in Sinai – Photo: REUTERS

Ehab Ghissin, spokesman for the Hamas government, said that there should be no buffer zones “between brothers and friendly countries.”

Ghissin expressed hope that the Egyptian move would not “solidify the blockade” and increase the suffering of the people in the Gaza Strip. Continue Reading »

Hamas Tells Egypt: Open the Border Crossing

Gaza’s terrorist rulers urge the Egyptian gov’t to reopen the Rafiah border crossing that was closed after the latest terrorist attack left 25 Egyptian security personnel executed.

By Elad Benari


Gaza’s Hamas rulers urged Egypt on Wednesday to reopen the border crossing with Gaza that was closed after Islamist terrorists killed 25 Egyptian security personnel in northern Sinai earlier this week.

The officers were killed as they were travelling in two buses which came under attack from armed men close to the town of Rafiah, on the Gaza border. As a result of the attack, Egypt closed down the Rafiah crossing between the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza. Continue Reading »

Cold breeze from Cairo is sending Hamas for cover


1000’s of Palestinian workers in already wounded Gaza have been laid off because Egypt has closed the border & sealed most smuggling tunnels while some of the 10’s of thousands of Palestinians living in Egypt are already keeping a low profile for fear of being targeted in an anti-Hamas backlash.

The Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff


The coup in Egypt has cost Gaza’s Hamas its most important foreign ally, while more and more ordinary Palestinians are getting caught up in the growing animosity between Egypt’s new government and Gaza’s Islamic militant rulers.

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Hamas objects to Egyptian authorities’ charge of Morsi’s link to Gaza movement


Egypt’s interim gov’t warns both, Mashaal and Haniyeh: Stay out of Egypt’s internal affairs.





Hamas officials condemned over the weekend the Egyptian authorities’ decision to charge ousted President Mohamed Morsi with links to the Palestinian Islamist movement.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh gestures during an interview with Reuters in Gaza City May 10, 2012.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza City May 10, 2012. – Photo: REUTERS

The officials said that the allegations against Morsi came in the context of Egypt’s recent punitive measures against Hamas, including the demolition of about 80% of the smuggling tunnels along the border with the Gaza Strip and the closure of the Rafah terminal.

Meanwhile, sources in the Gaza Strip said on Saturday that the Egyptian authorities have warned Hamas leaders against “meddling in Egypt’s internal affairs.”

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