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REPORT: Hamas in ‘final stretch’ of ceasefire agreement with Israel

According to a Hamas official interviewed on Lebanon’s Al-Mayadeen TV, Hamas is in final stage of a ceasefire agreement, but the talks are temporarily paused until the conclusion of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha later this month.

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The ceasefire negotiations between Israel and Hamas are in “the final stretch,” according to a top Hamas official who was interviewed by Lebanon’s Al-Mayadeen TV on Friday.

The ceasefire would be based on the understanding that was reached between Israel and Hamas after the 2014 Gaza War, Kahlil al-Hayya was quoted as saying, adding that Hamas is interested in signing an accord. Continue Reading »

Report: Netanyahu Hasn’t Sanctioned Ceasefire Talks Between Israel & Hamas

Contrary to news reports originating in the Arab media, a senior Israeli official  asserts Prime Minister Netanyahu has not authorized any contact, or negotiations, with Hamas.

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Israel denied reports circling the Arab world on Monday of long-term ceasefire discussions being held in Qatar’s capital of Doha on behalf of the Jewish state and Hamas.

One report suggested former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair had passed a document to Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal regarding a long-term ceasefire with Israel in return for a removal of the IDF’s blockade of Gaza.

Large issues concerning a “peace deal,” such as the status of Jerusalem, would be postponed and not addressed in the ceasefire deal Blairsupposedly presented. Continue Reading »

WATCH REPORT: Hamas-Israel Ceasefire for Lifting Gaza Blockade

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Gaza-based Palestinian Islamist group Hamas held meetings with representatives from the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip during which it updated them with the details of talks with European and American officials about a ceasefire with Israel.

A picture taken from the Israeli side of the border shows rockets being fired by Palestinian militants from the Gaza strip into Israel – Photo: AFP

A spokesperson for Hamas said that any proposal offered regarding a ceasefire will be presented to the Palestinian factions. Continue Reading »

Turkey & Qatar reportedly broker new truce deal between Israel & Hamas

According to the Israeli report, Turkey has delivered to Israel a proposal for a 5-yr ceasefire.

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Qatar and Turkey have drafted a new proposal for a long term ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, Israeli news site Walla! News reported on Tuesday.

Palestinian Baha Obeid (L) and his cousin Mohamed Obeid paddle on their makeshift boat made of plastic bottles on April 18, 2015 at the port of Gaza City – Photo: Mohammed Abed/AFP

According to Palestinian sources quoted by Walla! Turkey has passed on to Israel a proposal for a five-year ceasefire, during which a floating port would be built across from the Gaza Strip’s sea shore, where cargo ships would dock.

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Israel reportedly sought European mediation for dialogue with Hamas

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Hamas’ Rockets Targeted Israel’s Off-Shore Natural Gas Well

A gas platform, located about 30 km off the coast of Gaza, hasn’t suffer any damage in 1st attack of this kind.



Palestinian militant group Hamas said it fired two rockets at an Israeli gas installation about 30 km (19 miles) off the coast of Gaza on Wednesday in the first apparent attack of its kind.

A natural gas rig west of Haifa, Israel. – Photo: Albatross Aerial Perspective/AP

The Israeli military said no missiles had struck any gas platforms at sea.

The armed wing of Hamas, engaged in a six-week war with Israel, said on its website it had fired two rockets at Noa, a gas well owned by Nobel Energy and Delek. Continue Reading »

Hamas forces deployed throughout Gaza to prevent rockets fired on Israel



Gaza Strip government has set up security checkpoints to prevent confrontation with Israel.

Diplomatic communications via Egyptian mediator helps avert breakdown of cease-fire.

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The security services of the Hamas-run government in the Gaza Strip have deployed forces along the major roadways leading to the border fence with Israel and across the eastern stretch of the Strip. The move is an attempt by the terrorist organization to prevent an escalation in the scale of hostilities with Israel.

#Breaking: picture of the motorcycle in the Israeli assassination in Gaza city. #Israel #Gaza #USA #KSA #Egypt #Syria #Jordan #Lebanon

The motorcycle after the Israeli airstrike in Gaza city. – Tweeted by: Abdulla M. Al Hamarna

Hamas forces are searching vehicles approaching the security fence to avert any additional rocket fire on Israel. Continue Reading »