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Reclaiming stolen Jewish homes in Jerusalem, one house at a time


WATCH: Family of Arab squatters are finally evicted from a Jewish owned building in Silwan by Israel Police officers after a 25 year court battle.
Plus: Photo-essay from 1948 of Jerusalem being made ‘Judenfrei’ (without Jews) for the first time in 2 millennia.

By David Rosenberg


A two-and-a-half decade-long legal battle over a Jewish-owned building in eastern Jerusalem finally ended Wednesday morning, when Israeli police evicted Arab squatters from the property and transferred the building to its owners.

On Wednesday, Israeli police removed members of the Siyam family, and activists supporting the family, from a building they had illegally taken control of in the Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

Left-wing group turns to High Court to relieve Elad control of Temple Mount tunnel

Archeological activist from Emek Shaveh dismiss the group as a “radical left-wing organization,” funded by European gov’ts, believes they should have control of the tunnel, which extends from the Silwan parking lot opposite the Dung Gate to the Western Wall.


During a Thursday morning press tour of a contested tunnel being excavated under the Temple Mount, Yonathan Mizrachi stopped to explain why his archeological NGO submitted a petition to the High Court requesting that a right-wing NGO cease managerial oversight of the project.

EMEK SHAVEH archeologist Yonathan Mizrachi leads members of the press on a tour of the contested Temple Mount tunnel.

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