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World’s smartest child wants to study biotechnology, medicine in Israel 

Laurent Simons, a 9 yr-old prodigy, approached the Israeli embassy in Brussels seeking information, admitting his desire to begin his advanced studies in Israel.

By Itamar Eichner


A Belgian child prodigy who is the world’s youngest person to receive an undergraduate degree is eager to continue his education in Israel.

Nine-year-old Laurent Simons of Belgium has approached the Israeli embassy in Brussels, saying he would like to explore his possibilities for advanced studies in Israel.

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The International Atomic Energy Agency recognizes the ‘State of Palestine’

Since the Palestinian Authority has no nuclear reactors nor does the PA have sovereignty as an independent state, the absurdity of the recognition makes a mockery of the international organization.
– Emmanuel Nahshon, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman said the agreement was a “violation of international conventions.”



The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) signed an agreement to recognize Palestine, as a state as it joined the international body as a observer on Tuesday. While it is not a member, it can attend meetings as an observer, an IAEA spokesperson said.

The agreement, which was signed by the agency’s director general Yukiya Amano and the Palestinian Ambassador in Vienna Salah Abdul Shafi, gives the IAEA inspectors the ability to check the safety of radioactive materials and fissile nuclear materials, such as uranium. Continue Reading »

Israeli Foreign Ministry trade swipes after UNRWA called out on Twitter

Israel’s Foreign Ministry refuses to delete tweet after UNRWA head fumed over comment posted by ministry spokesman: “The terrorists shooting the rockets are all probably UNRWA graduates. You must be really proud of them.”

By Ariel Kahana and Israel Hayom Staff


Even as the winds of war seem to have temporarily subsided in Gaza, Israel’s Foreign Ministry and the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees continue to butt heads over the agency’s conduct during the most recent round of violence between Israel and Palestinian terrorist groups in Gaza.

Tensions began when UNRWA’s Commissioner General Matthias Schmale on May 4, intimated on Twitter that Israeli airstrikes were hindering UNRWA sponsored events to “celebrate children and their sports and fun activities.” Continue Reading »

#FakeNews: CNN called out by Israel’s Foreign Ministry for news ‘manipulation’

Israel’s Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon was furious at CNN’s chronologically inaccurate report which implied that the killing of the 4 Palestinians (3 of whom were Hamas terrorists) preceded the killing of IDF Staff Sgt. Aviv Levi, thus attributing blame for his assignation on Israel.

By Itamar Eichner


Israel’s Foreign Ministry slammed CNN and BBC on Saturday for what it said was unbalanced coverage of recent events in Gaza, accusing the news outlets of “manipulating” events.

The CNN tweet contains a chronological inaccuracy by implying that the death of four Palestinians, three of whom were Hamas terrorists, took place before a sniper in Gaza killed an Israeli soldier. Continue Reading »

Israel among first to dispatch humanitarian aid to Sierra Leone

As soon as massive mudslide outside Freetown reportedly killed more than 400 people, Israel’s PM Netanyahu instructs Foreign Ministry “to extend assistance immediately and in every way possible.”
• 10,000 meals already sent, with clean water, medicines, blankets, etc.

By Eli Leon, Shlomo Cesana, News Agencies & Israel Hayom Staff


Israel on Tuesday sent humanitarian aid to the West African country of Sierra Leone after a deadly mudslide struck areas outside the capital, Freetown.

Authorities said more than 400 people were killed in and around Freetown on Monday after heavy rains triggered a massive mudslide. The Red Cross estimated that 600 people were still missing, and said the death toll was certain to rise. Continue Reading »

PLO Official says Israel will prevent French int’l peace conference


Israeli official repeats calls for direct talks, instead of being forced to cater to the interests of each European country participating in the initiative, when some have clear anti-Israel positions.



Top Abbas advisor Ahmad Majdalani said on Sunday that the Palestinian leadership still hopes to participate in an international peace conference in Paris before the end of the year, but fears that Israel will prevent it from taking place.

Ahmad Majdalani (left) speaks to the press - Syrian News Agency

Ahmad Majdalani (left) speaks to the press – Syrian News Agency

“I cannot say with certainty that [the conference] will take place because the Israeli government is placing all the possible obstacles and impasses in front of it,” Majdalani, who also serves as a PLO Executive Committee member, told The Jerusalem Post, adding, “I don’t think Israel will participate and it is also pressuring its allies not to participate.” Continue Reading »

Israel’s Foreign Ministry threatened by chronic manpower shortages due to low wages


Five diplomatic missions are to be closed as Israel’s Foreign Ministry is in the midst of a severe manpower shortage, primarily due to budgetary shortfalls & low salaries.

By Itamar Eichner


The Foreign Ministry Appointments Council on Monday appointed 22 people to 22 different positions in Israeli diplomatic posts around the world. There were only 22 candidates to begin with – one applying to each position.

The rest of the positions are in countries considered “difficult,” such as Ethiopia, India, Peru, Nigeria, Kenya, and Nepal, where their tasks are seen as nearly impossible.

Foreign Ministry Cadets – Photo: Elram Mandel

This illustrates the scope of the deep manpower crisis in which the Foreign Minister finds itself. Continue Reading »