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Biden’s pro-PLO promises called illegal and subject to judicial scrutiny

Biden’s reversing Trump policies with promise to reopen PLO Washington office will make Palestinians open to liable cases of $655.5 million in financial penalties and Biden’s commitment of refinancing PA, violates the Taylor Force Act, a law passed by Congress in 2018.



US President Joe Biden’s plan to work to reopen the Palestinians’ diplomatic mission in Washington could be held up over a law that exposes Palestinian officials to US anti-terror lawsuits, officials and advisers to the Palestinians say.

The Biden administration hopes to repair relations with the Palestinians after a sharp deterioration under former President Donald Trump, who closed the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Washington office in 2018 and cut millions of dollars in aid to the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Continue Reading »

US House Democrats pass $250M funding to Palestinians

The bill, which violates the Taylor Force Act, is earmarked “to restore humanitarian and development assistance to the Palestinians,” despite the Trump administration having ended all funding, since the Palestinians refuse to end paying assassins & terrorists life-long pensions as required by US law.

By JNS.org. and ILH Staff


Report: At $14.5B, Israeli startup exits nearly double in first half of 2019
Restoring US funding to PA has bipartisan support | Illustration: AP
A US House subcommittee included $250 million in funding for Israeli-Palestinian dialogue and Palestinian business development in a $66 billion spending bill passed earlier this week, despite the Trump administration defunding both areas. Continue Reading »

Israel confiscates $4 million that Iran sent to Hamas

Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett signed an order to seize $4 million transferred from Iran to Hamas, saying, “We will pursue anyone who harms us, in order to make killing Israelis an unprofitable business.”

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Defense Minister Naftali Bennett on Thursday signed an order to seize $4 million transferred from Iran to Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The money is intended to develop Hamas terrorist infrastructure in Gaza, including the production of weapons and payment to the organization’s terrorists, and originates from the Iranian government working against the State of Israel.

Israel’s Defense Minister Naftali Bennett – Screenshot: Twitter @naftalibennett

The order signed today by the defense minister is directed against a Gaza money exchange company which is owned by Gaza businessman Zuhir Shamalah and his family. Continue Reading »

Israel Defense Minister synchronizes agencies to intercept funds for Palestinian terror

Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has formed a new financial warfare agency tasked with coordinating Israel’s assorted security and tax agencies to make the Palestinians feel the crunch by undermining transactions in their financing of terrorism.

By Yoav Limor


After a period of relative calm, terrorism has again reared its head and claimed Israeli lives. Tuesday’s murder of Raziel Shevach near Nablus underscores Israel’s dilemma in searching for effective ways to combat terrorism.

Let’s be honest: The various statements made by politicians in the wake of the attack are nothing more than empty words. The government can approve additional construction in Judea and Samaria, or give Shevach’s home settlement of Havat Gilad retroactive permits, but this will not stop terrorism. Continue Reading »

Another ‘Trump success’? – Palestinian terrorists report monthly stipends have stopped


A representative for Palestinian prisoners in Gaza reports 277 released prisoners aligned with Hamas have not received their monthly ‘stipends for murderer.’
• A released terrorist: “We believe Palestinian Authority has succumbed to U.S., Israeli pressure.”

By The Associated Press, Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


Scores of former Palestinian prisoners freed by Israel and living in the Gaza Strip said on Sunday their stipends from the Western-backed Palestinian Authority have been suspended in an apparent bid to appease Israel and the United States.

A spokesman for Palestinian prisoners said that 277 freed prisoners in the Gaza Strip, most of whom are aligned with the Islamist terrorist Hamas group that runs the coastal enclave, were surprised to find their May stipends had not been paid. Continue Reading »

REPORT: European gov’s, UN bodies financing Palestinian terror group PFLP


In its report, NGO Monitor exposes financial links between UN agencies and European governments with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, designated a terrorist organization by the US, EU & Israel.

By Amit Mizrahi


European governments finance civilian Palestinian organizations with clear ties terrorist groups to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a new NGO Monitor report said Monday.

Leila Khaled came to public attention for her role in a 1969 hijacking in one of four simultaneous airline hijackings by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorists.

NGO Monitor, is a watchdog group that promoted greater transparency among foreign-funded Israeli nongovernmental organization. Continue Reading »