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Republican lawmakers delay Biden’s refunding the Palestinians

The Congressional Republicans noted how, “Since 1993, the US government provided more than $6.3 billion to the Palestinians… (but) US programs have not just failed but have been counter-productive, with the money facilitating terrorist incitement and making its way to terrorists.”



Congressional Republicans put a hold on $75 million of the newly reinstatedUS aid to the Palestinians, two sources in Washington confirmed on Thursday.

On March 26, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) sent Congress a “program narrative” of about $75m. in Economic Support Funds (ESF) for programs in the West Bank and Gaza that would begin 15 days after the notification was received. Continue Reading »

Biden’s pro-PLO promises called illegal and subject to judicial scrutiny

Biden’s reversing Trump policies with promise to reopen PLO Washington office will make Palestinians open to liable cases of $655.5 million in financial penalties and Biden’s commitment of refinancing PA, violates the Taylor Force Act, a law passed by Congress in 2018.



US President Joe Biden’s plan to work to reopen the Palestinians’ diplomatic mission in Washington could be held up over a law that exposes Palestinian officials to US anti-terror lawsuits, officials and advisers to the Palestinians say.

The Biden administration hopes to repair relations with the Palestinians after a sharp deterioration under former President Donald Trump, who closed the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Washington office in 2018 and cut millions of dollars in aid to the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Continue Reading »

US House Democrats pass $250M funding to Palestinians

The bill, which violates the Taylor Force Act, is earmarked “to restore humanitarian and development assistance to the Palestinians,” despite the Trump administration having ended all funding, since the Palestinians refuse to end paying assassins & terrorists life-long pensions as required by US law.

By JNS.org. and ILH Staff


Report: At $14.5B, Israeli startup exits nearly double in first half of 2019
Restoring US funding to PA has bipartisan support | Illustration: AP
A US House subcommittee included $250 million in funding for Israeli-Palestinian dialogue and Palestinian business development in a $66 billion spending bill passed earlier this week, despite the Trump administration defunding both areas. Continue Reading »

Israel passes law that deducts funds to PA equal to ‘Pay to Slay’ pensions

Israel’s Knesset [parliament] passes long debated law that will permit deduction of funds from tax revenues it transfers to the Palestinian Authority, equal to PA’s ‘terror payments’ annual budget.

By i24NEWS


The Israeli parliament on Monday passed a law that will slash tax transfers to the Palestinian Authority (PA) unless welfare payments to convicted terrorists and their families are stopped.

First mooted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu two years ago, it sailed through the Knesset with 87 votes in favor and just 15 against.

Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jail, all paid generous monthly stipends by the PA.  – Palestinian propaganda blog

Israel collects tax from Palestinians in the West Bank and then transfers the funds to the PA. Continue Reading »

Australia ends direct funding Palestinian Authority due to its ‘Pay to Slay’ policy

FM Julie Bishop rejects using Australian humanitarian funding for the PA to pay monthly stipends to entice Palestinian attacks on Israelis, as it is an “affront to Australian values, and undermines the prospect of meaningful peace between Israel and the Palestinians.”



Australia has discontinued funding the Palestinian Authority because of concern that the money is making PA payments to terrorists and their families possible, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced Monday.

Canberra had allocated AU$10 ($7.4) million to the World Bank’s Multi-Donor Trust Fund for the Palestinian Recover and Development Program that went to the PA.

Abbas’ monthly pension ‘price-list’ to entice terrorists – updated 2017

“I wrote to the Palestinian Authority (PA) on 29 May, to seek clear assurance that Australian funding is not being used to assist Palestinians convicted of politically motivated violence,” Bishop said in a statement. Continue Reading »

REVEALED: White House freezes all U.S. aid to Palestinian projects

Pending review, the United States has quietly frozen all American aid for projects designed to boost the Palestinian economy, develop infrastructure, and boost institutional capacity among other goals, until four anti-terrorism conditions are met – unless the Secretary of State certifies an exception.

By Eylon Aslan-Levy


The United States has quietly frozen its aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) pending review,i24NEWS has learned. The move comes two months after Congress passed the Taylor Force Act, which aimed to force the PA to terminate its “pay-for-slay” policies of paying stipends to convicted terrorists in Israeli jails and to the families of dead terrorists. Continue Reading »

US Senate passes Taylor Force Act to end Palestinian funding to kill Israelis

Taylor Force Act ends U.S. funding to the Palestinian Authority until ‘Pay to Slay’ [Jews] payments end, but has three exceptions: childhood vaccination programs, to East Jerusalem hospitals, and the PA-Israel-Jordan water project.

By Elad Benari


The Senate on Friday gave final approval to the Taylor Force Act which would cut United States funding to the Palestinian Authority (PA) if it continues to pay terrorists and their families.

The bipartisan bill was approved as part of a $1.3 trillion spending package to stave off a U.S.-wide government shutdown.

Abbas’ pensions to terrorists – updated 2017

The legislation, named for U.S. Continue Reading »

US Congressional Committee Targets Hamas, Unanimously Approves Taylor Force Act

The Taylor Force Act earned unanimous bipartisan support from House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday, now proceeding to the House of Representatives for a full vote, with the bill also introduced in the Senate.



WASHINGTON – The House Foreign Affairs Committee approved legislation that would compel the Palestinian Authority to end its program of compensating the families of convicted terrorists for their crimes.

The legislation, titled the Taylor Force Act, earned unanimous bipartisan support from committee members on Wednesday. It now proceeds to the House floor for a full vote. Parallel legislation has been introduced in the Senate. Continue Reading »

Taylor Force Act expected to pass with bipartisan support to end Palestinian ‘Pay to Slay’

The bill, named after an American Army veteran murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in Tel Aviv last year, expected to pass having bipartisan congressional support, is aimed at slashing financial support that goes directly to convicted murderers’ monthly pensions, or monthly stipends to the families of killed terrorists.
– WATCH Ambassador Danny Ayalon’s informative video of what this bill entails.




WASHINGTON — A congressional bill that would compel the Palestinian Authority to end its compensation program for the families of convicted terrorists in Israel with the threat of an aid cut will reach a critical vote in the House Foreign Affairs Committee next Wednesday. Continue Reading »

Abbas: Security coordination with Israel is over, ‘Pay to Slay’ will continue

The Palestinian autocrat Mahmoud Abbas vows to continue monthly stipends to murderers’ families despite US threats to discontinue financial aid and said he will not allow the PA resume security coordination with Israel.

By i24NEWS


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Tuesday that he will not resume security coordination with Israel nor will he end financial support for Palestinian security prisoners jailed by Israel, despite pressure from the United States.

Abbas made the declarations in a wide-ranging interview with the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabinewspaper.

Abbas described Israeli settlement building in both the West Bank and east Jerusalem to be illegitimate, and called for “peaceful popular resistance in the face of the practices and procedures of the occupation.” Continue Reading »

White House supports bill suspending aid to Palestinians over ‘Pay to Slay’ Israelis

Because of the Palestinian Authority’s refusal to end its long-standing practice of rewarding Palestinian terrorists who have killed Israelis and American tourists, the US administration is working to finally put an end to US financial funding to the Palestinians.
– Trump to Palestinian leader: ‘Peace can never take root in an environment where violence is tolerated, funded and even rewarded.’

By The Associated Press


The Trump administration is backing legislation that would suspend US financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority until it ends what critics say is a long-standing practice of rewarding Palestinians who kill Americans and Israelis.

President Trump relays serious message to Palestinian in Bethlehem – Screenshot: White House:IsraelandStuff.

Continue Reading »

US to enforce ‘Taylor Force Act’ starting in 2018

The Taylor Force Act, attached to the 2018 Foreign Operations budget in the Senate, was conceived to end decades of American taxpayers’ money given as aid to the Palestinians, but used by Abbas’ Palestinian Authority to pay terrorists, and their families, a monthly pension for killing Jews.

By Elad Benari


The Taylor Force Act was attached to the 2018 Foreign Operations budget in the Senate on Thursday, Haaretz reports.

The move means the legislation is almost certainly assured of being enforced in the United States from next year.

The Taylor Force Act would cut U.S. funding to the Palestinian Authority (PA) until it ends its policy which distributes $300 million to terrorists and their families annually. Continue Reading »

PLO totally rejects US Congress demand to stop ‘Pay for Slay’ monthly stipends

“The [PLO] Executive Committee condemned the legislators of the American Congress and their positions towards the Palestinian people” saying the ending of monthly payments to terrorists and their families is ‘unacceptable’ and that the Senators are engaging in ‘extortion,’ in order ‘to extract political concessions.’

By i24NEWS


The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) criticized the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee over the weekend for advancing legislation that would penalize the Palestinian Authority for its continued policy of financially rewarding terrorists and their family members, according to a report this week by Palestinian Media Watch.

The bill, referred to as the “Taylor Force Act,” is named after a US military veteran who was killed in a terror attack in Israel last year. Continue Reading »

THANK YOU ♥ Senate committee passes legislation to cut off aid to Palestinians

US Senate Foreign Relations Committee passes Taylor Force Act, in a 17-4 vote, which would cut off financial aid to the PA until it ends its policy of distributing over $300 million annually to terrorists and their families by way of generous monthly stipends.

By Elad Benari


The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday passed the Taylor Force Act, which would cut U.S. funding to the Palestinian Authority (PA) until it stops payments to terrorists and their families.

The bill passed the committee by a 17 to 4 vote, reported The Washington Free Beacon. It was supported by all of the Republican members of the committee and six of the Democrats. Continue Reading »

US Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes on Taylor Force Act


With this revised legislation against ‘Pay for Slay’, more Democratic support is expected from the committee beyond Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, currently the only Democratic co-sponsor.
– AIPAC announces its support, advises bipartisan backing.



WASHINGTON – The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee will vote on Thursday morning to proceed with the Taylor Force Act, after its leadership made significant revisions to the legislation in consultation with the Trump administration, Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

The bill – which threatens to cut aid to the PA should it continue with its program of paying staying stipends to Palestinians convicted of terrorist acts by Israel, and to the families of slain terrorists – was originally drafted exclusively by Republican lawmakers.

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