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Historic: Linoy Ashram becomes 1st Israeli woman to win Olympic GOLD

Linoy Ashram’s Olympic gold medal in the Women’s Rhythmic Gymnastics was Israel’s 13th Olympic medal overall, its 3rd ever gold medal & the 2nd gold medal this week in the Tokyo Olympic Games after gymnast Artem Dolgopyat won his gold medal in the men’s floor exercise on Sunday.



Israeli rhythmic gymnastics superstar Linoy Ashram won the Olympic gold medal in the Women’s Rhythmic Gymnastics all-around final on Saturday, with an overall score of 107.800, placing first in the hoop, ball and clubs exercises.

Israeli Nicol Zelikman – who also made the final after both qualified on Friday – came back from behind to finish the competition with an impressive seventh place, with an overall score of 95.600. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Linoy Ashram wins two gold medals in Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup

Out-performing Belarusian rhythmic gymnast Alina Aliaksandraŭna Harnasko and Bulgarian gymnast Brianna Klein, Israel’s Linoy Ashram made it to 1st place in the multi-sport race category with an incredible score of 98.45.



Israeli gymnast Linoy Ashram won two gold medals and a bronze in the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup taking place over the weekend in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Ashram won the multi-sport race category on Saturday with an impressive 98.45 score, guaranteeing a gold medal. The category includes a continuous series of stages that require athletes to switch from one athletic discipline to another.

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Israel’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Team Brings Home European Gold Medal


The Israeli gymnastics team won 4 medals at the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship, 1 gold, 2 silvers, and 1 bronze, guaranteeing the team’s presence at the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

By Michael Zeff/TPS


(TPS) – The Israeli gymnastics team won gold at the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship on Sunday in the clubs and hoop event and also won silver in the ribbons event.This year’s European championship was held in the team’s own home court of Holon, a coastal Israeli city.

“I felt extreme exhilaration, especially since this is the first European championship ever held in Israel.

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Israel Team Awarded Silver Medal at World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships

Israeli rhythmic team makes biggest achievement to date, stunning judges & pulling off amazing performance without error.

By Oren Aharoni



Israel’s national rhythmic gymnastic team won the silver medal Sunday in the 2014 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships that took place in Izmir, Turkey. This the team’s biggest achievement to date.

Israel's national team in rhythmic gymnastic in Izmir, Turkey (Photo: EPA)

Israel’s national team in rhythmic gymnastic in Izmir, Turkey – Photo: EPA

The team won the medal for the club routine as part of group competition stage with the final score of 16.983.

The team, which include Alona Kushewtzki, Ida Meirin, Yuval Pilo, Katia Levín, Karina Lichber and Lihi Shuchtowitz, ascended to the finals following a great performance in the preliminaries which gave them the fifth spot in the all round competition and the ticket to the top eight. Continue Reading »