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Egypt Military Reports They Prevented a Hamas Car-Bomb Attack

Egyptian army report claims they arrested a Hamas terrorist who admitted his planning to plant a car bomb near undisclosed security target.

Hamas denies allegations.

By Dalit Halevi, Tova Dvorin


The Egyptian Army announced Wednesday that it had apprehended a Hamas terrorist in the northern Sinai Desert, Al-Arabiya reports.

The terrorist was named as Jumaa Khamis Mohammed Brayha, who claimed to stem from a family powerful in Hamas’s ranks.

During interrogation, according to the Egyptian army, the young man admitted that he was intending to blow up a Mercedes parked near a crucial security target.

Hamas has denied that the detainee was among its ranks and says his name is not even included in the register of residents of the Gaza Strip. Continue Reading »

Hamas claims Egypt is attempting to reclaim sovereignty over Gaza


Ahmed Assaf, a Fatah spokesman in the West Bank, called on Hamas to stop meddling in the internal affairs of Egypt of other Arab countries, saying this was causing grave damage to Palestinians.



Hamas is concerned that Egypt may be trying to restore its sovereignty over the Gaza Strip, Mousa Abu Marzook, a senior Hamas official, said Monday.

An Egyptian military helicopter flying over Alexandria [file].

An Egyptian military helicopter flying over Alexandria [file]. – Photo: REUTERS/Asmaa Waguih

Abu Marzook wrote on his Facebook page that by sending helicopters to fly over the Gaza Strip, “Egypt is signaling that it trying to restore its sovereignty over the area, which it lost after the 1967 aggression.”Over

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When Egypt Punishes the Palestinians it’s not News Worthy

Egyptian Army soldiers guard gates of Sinai Gaza closed border crossing, May 20, 2012.

Egyptian Army soldiers guard gates of Sinai Gaza closed border crossing, May 20, 2012. – Photo: Reuters

The Palestinians often complain that Israel, the US and other countries keep intervening in their internal affairs. Continue Reading »

Hamas Terrorists Try to Monopolize on Egyptian Coup D’etat

With Morsi gone, the Egyptian Army arrests Hamas members with weapon & explosives anticipating a terrorist attacks.

By Chana Ya’ar


Arab terrorists are attempting to take advantage of the chaos that inevitably follows a coup d’etat, but the Egyptian Army appears to have been prepared for that possibility.

In a Cairo suburb, security forces arrested four people on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack. All four were members of the Hamas terrorist organization, a security source told the Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper.

Explosives were found in the apartment during a search, as well as military and police uniforms. The suspects were taken into custody for interrogation. Continue Reading »

Lawyer accuses Hamas of murdering 16 Egyptian soldiers

An Egyptian lawyer has accused the Hamas government in Gaza of masterminding the murder of 16 Egyptian border guards last August.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


On Thursday, Samir Sabry filed a complaint with the prosecutor general, claiming Hamas had ordered the deadly attack on a guard post in Sinai on 5 August.

Relatives bewailing during a funeral for soldiers who were killed during an attack along the Sinai border with Israel by unknown gunmen, August 7, 2012. - Photo Hossam Fadl

Relatives bewailing during a funeral for soldiers who were killed during an attack along the Sinai border with Israel by unknown gunmen, August 7, 2012. – Photo: Hossam Fadl

He also said there were 32 people involved in planning and executing the assault.

Sabry described the incident as premeditated murder and a breach of Egypt’s sovereignty. Continue Reading »

Egypt floods Gaza tunnels with sewage to keep them from reopening

Hamas is not acting like a state, but as an armed movement, which justifies its violations of the law with excuses. There are also claims of terror cells, common criminals & thieves who exploit the tunnels daily for crimes in Egypt.

By: H. Varulkar, L. Lavi and C. Jacob*



In recent days, the Egyptian military has increased its activity against tunnels between Egypt and Gaza, and has begun [1] According to one tunnel owner, Egypt is focusing this activity on areas with numerous tunnels, causing a significant decrease in smuggling.[2] Sources in Hamas claimed that the Egyptian military had increased its forces along its border with Gaza, and had dug artesian wells there to flood the tunnels.

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Essay By Caroline Glick: War with Egypt approaches (with video)

War with Egypt approaches

One of the achievements of his government that Prime Minister Netanyahu took pride in during a recent speech was the tall fence we’re building along the 220KM border with Egypt. Only problem is that from the video below, it is pretty clear that we might want to have a clear path to the Sinai so that we can preempt the millions of Egyptians that are planning on marching to Jerusalem.
Caroline Glick, Blog Photo

I have said for years that our defensive strategy has got to stop being based on defensive military systems.

Our enemies are on the march. We must embrace the only military doctrine that has ever really worked — preempt them by initiating the war on their territory.

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‘Egypt launches op to purge Sinai of terrorists’

Security forces in Sinai arrest Egyptians and Palestinians linked to Hamas’s armed wing, according to “Al Shorouk.”


Egyptian security forces launched an operation to combat the rising violence in Sinai, with raids resulting in the arrest of Egyptians and Palestinians linked to Hamas’s armed wing, Al Shorouk reported today.

The operations, which included military and Interior Ministry forces, were in response to recent attacks on Egyptian security patrols in the strategic peninsula, the independent newspaper reported today, citing an unidentified security official. It was unclear how long the operations would continue.


Image illustrative
Photo: Reuters

Separately, an official with the Islamic Jihad group warned that Egypt could see a period of renewed bloodshed if the president elected in a May 23 vote isn’t a candidate supported by those who adhere to the idea of jihad, or holy war, or doesn’t back the imposition of Islamic law in the country, the independent Al Masry Al Youm reported.Nabil
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IDF Imposes Closure on PA-Controlled Areas

As it goes on high alert for Passover, the IDF imposes a closure on the PA-controlled areas of Judea and Samaria.

The IDF Spokesman announced on Thursday that, following a decision by Defense Minister Ehud Barak, a general closure will be imposed on the Palestinian Authority-controlled areas of Judea and Samaria.

IDF combs fields near Nir Am

IDF combs fields near Nir Am - Reuters

The closure began at 11:59 p.m. (Israel time) on Thursday and will end after the Passover holiday, on Saturday evening at 11:59 p.m., depending on the security situation at the time.

According to the IDF announcement, during the closure movement into Israeli territory will be allowed only for humanitarian reasons, medical reasons and other exceptions, all subject to the approval of the Civil Administration. Continue Reading »

Report: Hamas Man Arrested for Plotting Eilat Attack

Authorities have arrested a Hamas terrorist in connection with a plot to carry out a new attack near Eilat, and kidnap another IDF soldier.

Authorities have arrested a Hamas terrorist in connection with a plot to carry out a new attack near Eilat and kidnap another IDF soldier.

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) last month arrested Mahmoud Abu Adara and a second Hamas operative from the organization military wing, the Izz al-Din al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, in connection with the plan. A gag order on the arrests was lifted Wednesday.

Adara, arrested in late February, is a resident of the southern Gaza border city of Rafiah, military sources said. Continue Reading »