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German parliamentary members block billion-dollar drone deal with Israel


Members of Germany’s Social Democratic Party blocked a deal involving the leasing of IAI’s advanced Heron-2 drones after having learned during a visit to Israel that the models being sent to Germany had offensive capabilities.

By Itay Mashiach


A billion-dollar deal which would have seen Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) leasing Heron-2 drones to the German Air Force was scrapped Wednesday from the German agenda amid objections by coalition parties opposed to their offensive capabilities.

Opposition to the deal was first raised last week after members of parliament paid a visit to the industrial compound in Israel and expressed dismay at the discovery that the drones were already equipped with weapons systems which were almost ready to begin operations from the air. Continue Reading »

India to receive more weapons-capable Heron UAVs from Israel


Two years ago, India bought its first armed Heron drone, used for both reconnaissance as well as combat & support roles, and can carry air-to-ground missiles to take out hostile targets.



According to India’s Economic Times, 10 Heron TP-armed drones bought in September 2015 at a cost of $400 million are ready to be delivered to New Delhi once a final payment is completed.

The Heron TPs are Israel Aerospace Industries’s most advanced UAVs with a 40-hour endurance, maximum takeoff weight of 5,300 kg. and a payload of 1,000 kg., according to the Times. They can be used for both reconnaissance as well as combat and support roles, and can carry air-to-ground missiles to take out hostile targets. Continue Reading »

US defense firm sues over Germany’s plan to lease Israeli drones


German plans to lease Israeli-made drones for 10 years has been suspended after American weapons manufacturer challenges decision in court for the ‘Blue & White’.

By i24news


Germany’s plans to lease Israeli-made drones has been put on hold after a legal challenge submitted by an American weapons manufacturer.

Israel’s Heron TP, or Eitan drone – Photo: AFP

The decision by the German army to lease the Heron TP drones from Israel Aerospace Industries was announced by Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen in January for temporary use until 2025 when development of a joint German, Italian, and French drone is expected to be completed. Continue Reading »

India orders 10 missile-armed UAVs from Israel in $400M deal


The purchase order of Heron UAVs isn’t their first, but this expedited procurement came from the highest levels of the Indian government.

By i24news


The Indian government has approved plans to purchase 10 missile-armed drones from Israel, according to India’s Economic Times. The news outlet described the acquisition as “a crucial acquisition that will enhance India’s cross-border military strike capability.”

The $400 million deal to buy Heron TP drones was expedited through the procurement process under orders from the highest levels of government.

US drone attacks are deeply unpopular in Afghanistan and Pakistan but the Pentagon considers them an important weapon in the fight against Islamic militants – Photo: Massoud Hossaini/AFP

The Indian Air Force already operates a fleet of Heron, Harpy and Searcher unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), which are used for taking out enemy radar positions as well as surveillance and intelligence gathering. Continue Reading »

Unidentified Foreign Customer Seeks $1.2 billion in Israel’s Electronic Systems

Israel Aerospace Industries impending $1.2 billion deal with a foreign customer, evidently includes advanced radar systems.


Israel Aerospace Industries is negotiating the sale of $1.2 billion in electronic systems to an unidentified foreign customer, the state-owned company said in a terse Tel Aviv Stock Exchange announcement Sunday.

IAI drone.

An Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) Heron 1 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) stands on display at the Singapore Airshow, February 11, 2014. – Photo: Bloomberg

If IAI wins it, the contract will be for a five-year period and appears to include advanced radar systems.

IAI released the announcement shortly after another one forecasting negative cash flow from operations for the second quarter ended June 30, citing a delay in payments it is owed from the Defense Ministry.

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Germany favors procuring Israel’s Heron attack UAV


German magazine Der Spiege Reports: Israel’s Heron TP has attack capabilities & is considered by Germany to be more cutting-edge than the U.S.-made Predator.

Germany’s air force chief was in Israel recently to attend a presentation on the Heron UAV.

By Eli Leon, Lilach Shoval, News Agencies & Israel Hayom Staff


Germany is examining the procurement of the Heron TP unmanned aerial vehicle manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries, which has attack capabilities and is more technologically advanced than the American UAVs it currently uses, according to the German magazine Der Spiegel.

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