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Netanyahu: Kosovo is 1st Muslim-majority state to open embassy in Jerusalem

Palestinians still fuming following President Trump’s brokered Israeli-UAE peace announcement. Now, cementing the irrelevance of their anti-Israel/anti-America influence, President Trump has Kosovo joining Serbia in their recognition of Israel as well.
– Israeli PM Netanyahu, “Their recognition of Israel is expanding and more countries are expected to join it.”

By i24NEWS


Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Friday that Kosovo will become the world’s first Muslim-majority nation to open its Israel embassy in Jerusalem.

The announcement came shortly after US President Donald Trump unveiled a historic accord on economic ties between Kosovo and Serbia, which also included Kosovo recognizing Israel and Serbia relocating its embassy to Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

Israeli Student Delegation Among 1st Responders Assisting Serbia After Floods

Israel does it again: Israeli student delegation among 1st volunteers to render aid to Serbia in face of disastrous floods.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


A joint Israeli delegation of the Lev Echad and Shalem College in Jerusalem arrived in Serbia last week in response to the worst wave of floods in recent Balkan history. 
Israeli Volunteer in Serbia

Israeli Volunteer in Serbia – Photo: INN /Lev Echad

With scores killed and more than one million affected by the catastrophic flooding and landslides, the Israeli delegation responded to a plea from the Serbian government for assistance.

Lev Echad – which means One Heart and is an Emergency Civilian Aid Organization, and students from Shalem College, Israel’s first college of liberal arts, landed in Serbia last Thursday to assist the Serbian government in the mapping of needs and management of Serbian and international volunteers. Continue Reading »

Serbian Minister: ‘We Have Much to Learn from Israel’

Influential Serbian Minister visits Israel for the 1st time, remarked how the Jewish state shows how to ‘fight for national dignity & freedom’.

By Michael Freund


Aleksandar Vulin, a prominent Serbian politician who serves as his country’s Minister in charge of Kosovo affairs, arrived in Israel on Friday for a three-day visit.

Aleksandar Vulin at the Serbian embassy in Tel Aviv – Michael Freund

“I feel great joy being here in Israel. It is my first official visit,” he told Arutz Sheva upon his arrival.

Vulin stressed that Serbs and Jews share a long history of living together and noted that they suffered together during the Holocaust, remarking that he sees the Jewish state as a moral beacon. Continue Reading »