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Netanyahu: Kosovo is 1st Muslim-majority state to open embassy in Jerusalem

Palestinians still fuming following President Trump’s brokered Israeli-UAE peace announcement. Now, cementing the irrelevance of their anti-Israel/anti-America influence, President Trump has Kosovo joining Serbia in their recognition of Israel as well.
– Israeli PM Netanyahu, “Their recognition of Israel is expanding and more countries are expected to join it.”

By i24NEWS


Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Friday that Kosovo will become the world’s first Muslim-majority nation to open its Israel embassy in Jerusalem.

The announcement came shortly after US President Donald Trump unveiled a historic accord on economic ties between Kosovo and Serbia, which also included Kosovo recognizing Israel and Serbia relocating its embassy to Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

No plans made for celebrating 25 years of ‘cold peace’ with Jordan

The euphoria of those early days in Israel… and shared with the late-King Hussein of Jordan, have long ago evaporated, with no one today, on either side, celebrating the once coveted treaty.

By Dov Eilon


At the end of October 1994, I was in Eilat for a short vacation. There was a lot of activity in the resort town, which was flooded with journalists, including several of my former colleagues from Israeli television, who were by chance staying at the same hotel. Everyone was in town to witness and report on the signing of the historic peace treaty between Israel and Jordan. Continue Reading »

New Egyptian textbook likely to herald warmer Egypt-Israel relations


President Abdul-Fatah al-Sisi’s initiative of revamping Egyptian educational textbooks towards its peace with Israel will hopefully bring about a positive attitude towards Israel.



Jerusalem – Textbook introduced this semester by the government of President Abdul-Fatah al-Sisi requires Egyptian pupils to memorize the provisions of the 1979 Egypt-Israel peace treaty and delineate the ”advantages of peace for Egypt and the Arab states.”

The assignments from the ninth grade book, The Geography of the Arab World and the History of Modern Egypt, are part of a change to a more robust and positive treatment of peace with Israel than that manifested in books during the three decades in power of al-Sisi’s predecessor Hosni Mubarak. Continue Reading »

Jordanian Parliamentarian: The Jordanian people oppose peace treaty with Israel


In an interview on Arab TV based in the UK, the Jordanian House Speaker commented about his decision to ban the participation of an Israeli delegation to the 2016 Women in Parliaments Global Forum in Amman.



Jordanian House Speaker, Atef Tarawneh, has stated that the Jordanian parliament, which represents the Jordanian people, adamantly disagrees with the government over the peace treaty with Israel.

Atef Tarawneh‏

Atef Tarawneh‏ – Screenshot

In an interview with the London-based TV channel Al-Ghad, on Friday, Tarawneh commented about his decision to ban the participation of an Israeli delegation in the 2016 Women in Parliaments Global Forum, which took place in Amman last week. Continue Reading »

Diplomacy: Israel’s intra-Arab 3-way that’s good for Jerusalem


Egypt transferred 2 small islands to Saudi Arabia earlier this week with Israel’s blessing, since Jerusalem is happy to see Cairo & Riyadh strengthen ties, which serves Israel’s interest: a stable Egypt.



“The Aqaba Gulf constitutes our Egyptian territorial waters. Under no circumstance will we allow the Israeli flag to pass through the Aqaba Gulf. The Jews threatened war. We tell them: Ahlan Wa-sahlan [You are welcome], we are ready for war. Our armed forces and all our people are ready for war, but under no circumstance will we abandon any of our rights. This water is ours.” Continue Reading »

Jordanians protest peace with Israel across the country

All across Jordan, streets flooded with locals demonstrating their opposition to the increased violence by Israeli security forces in Jerusalem. Head of Muslim Brotherhood: ‘Why keep embassy of Jews? Demolish it with them inside.’

By Reuters



Several thousand protesters took to the streets of Jordanian cities on Friday, calling on the government to scrap its peace deal with Israel following escalating violence at the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

Mass riots in East Jerusalem (Photo: Mohammed Shinawi)

Mass riots in East Jerusalem – Photo: Mohammed Shinawi

“Death to Israel,” crowds chanted in several cities, with activists demanding that Israel’s embassy in Amman be closed.

“Why are you keeping the embassy of the Jews? Continue Reading »

Egypt’s al-Sisi: Israel also in danger without Egypt’s military presence in Sinai


Egyptian presidential candidate says on local satellite channels, ‘If the consequences of terror in Sinai necessitate changing the peace accord, then we will… and Israel will not object to that because it is aware of the gravity of the situation,’

By Roi Kais & Attila Somfalvi


Egyptian military chief turned presidential candidate Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has given Israel a clear reminder of the danger its faces from militants in the Sinai Peninsula, against which Egypt provides a vital defense.

Egyptian army deploys forces in El-Arish (Photo: AP)

Egyptian army deploys forces in El-Arish – Photo: AP

“Israel knows that if the lack of presence of the Egyptian military in Sinai poses a danger to it even more than it does to Egypt,” al-Sisi said in an interview aired Monday. Continue Reading »

Israeli officials say US decision to cut Cairo aid may hurt Egypt peace treaty

Former Israeli Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, was uncharacteristically blunt in his criticism of US decision, saying the US was “essentially & unwittingly” working against its own interests.




As tensions between the US and Egypt simmered over this week’s American decision to withhold aid to Cairo, Israeli officials said on Thursday that for Jerusalem, preserving Israel’s peace treaty with Egypt is paramount.

Anwar Sadat and Menahem Begin at the U.S. Capitol on 09-18-1978 – Photo courtesy Jimmy Carter Library

Concerned by the outlook for human rights and democracy in Egypt, the US announced on Wednesday it would withhold deliveries of tanks, fighter aircraft, helicopters and missiles as well as hundreds of millions in cash aid.

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