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Finally: 44 years after Israelis massacred, Olympians to be honored at Olympic Village


Over 4 decades of seeking recognition from the Int’l Olympic Committee by the family members to honor the 11 slain Olympians, a ceremony was finally held at the Olympic village in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday, and will now be a feature at every Olympics.

By i24news


Family members of the the 11 Israeli athletes killed by terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympics were joined by officials at a ceremony at the Olympic village in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday, marking the culmination of a long struggle for official recognition of the tragedy.



The ceremony, which included a minute’s silence, was led by International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach, who inaugurated the Place of Mourning, which will now be a feature at every Olympics, with two stones from ancient Olympia encased in glass in a leafy part of the athletes’ village. Continue Reading »

102 Gazans unable to enter Bethlehem for Palestine Marathon


Israeli authorities say ‘Palestinian officials are being provocative’ since the Palestinian Olympic Committee submitted the Gaza runners’ names late, leaving insufficient time for COGAT to prepare permits, then exploiting the sport for political gain by blaming Israel.

By Elior Levy


4,300 runners competed in the fourth annual Palestine Marathon on Friday in Bethlehem.

Despite the festive atmosphere, the event was not free of political tensions between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. 102 Gazans requested permission to participate in the race including Nader Al-Masri, who represented the Palestinians at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and won the Palestine Marathon last year. Continue Reading »