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PA accuses Israel of “collective punishment” after reducing electric supply

Abbas’ Palestinian gov’t accuses Israel of Geneva Conventions ‘crimes’ after the Israel Electric Company inevitably reduced the power supply to parts of the West Bank, due to the Palestinian Authority’s mounting unpaid electric bill of $470M.



The Palestinian Authority has accused Israel of imposing “collective punishment” on the Palestinians because of the Israeli electric company’s decision to reduce power supply to parts of the West Bank due to debts.

The PA said its representatives have contacted several international parties to complain about the decision to cut off power supply to Palestinian communities in the West Bank. Continue Reading »

Israel proves Gaza ‘Dying Daughter’ story was fabricated

Starting with Palestinian media, then picked up by Quds News Network, Al Jazeera (AJ+) then spread through social media, the story that Aisha a-Lulu, 5, of Gaza had died of cancer ‘alone’ and prevented from being accompanied by her parents was completely debunked as ‘just another lie’ to demonize Israel.




Israel refuted a story that Aisha a-Lulu, 5, of Gaza had died of cancer alone in a Jerusalem hospital because Israel prevented her parents from leaving Gaza to accompany her for treatment.

Photographs of the girl in her hospital bed have been widely circulated on social media. Continue Reading »

Palestinian men take children into Israel for medical aid, leave them at border

Israel alarmed by ‘unacceptable phenomenon’ where Palestinian parent remains in Israel illegally by using their children to enter Israel for medical treatment, then abandons them at Gaza border crossing.

By Yoav Zitun


A worrying phenomenon appears to have developed on the border with the Gaza Strip that sees parents of children taken to Israel for medical treatment abandon their offsprings in order to remain in the country as illegal residents.

According to the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), Israeli soldiers find abandoned Gazan children brought to Israel by their parents for medical treatment several times a months. Continue Reading »

After breaking trade deal with Israel, Jerusalem bans Palestinian produce

In response to the Palestinian Authority’s ban on the sale of Israeli lamb inside the West Bank, Israel’s Minister of Agriculture, Uri Ariel has unilaterally frozen all imports of Palestinian produce, depriving the PA economy of more than 720,000₪ ($200,000) daily, until the Palestinians rectify the trade agreement.

By i24NEWS


The Israeli minister for agriculture, Uri Ariel, prohibited the entry of fruits and vegetables from the West Bank in Israel on Tuesday.

The move, which was reported on Israel’s Channel 10, was justified by an apparent decision by the Palestinian Authority to ban the sale of Israeli lamb inside the West Bank. Continue Reading »

Palestinians planting 15 million olive trees on public lands in land-grab ploy

Israel’s Civil Administration reveals a report on how the Palestinian Authority is promoting a plan to take over Israeli state and public land swathes by planting olive trees, particularly near Jewish communities in the West Bank.
– The IDF’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories says, report based on Palestinian data, and hasn’t yet been verified by COGAT.

By Elisha Ben Kimon


The Palestinian Authority (PA) has planted millions of olive trees in the West Bank in a ploy to lay claim to land and set facts on the ground, according to an internal report by the Israeli Civil Administration (ICA). Continue Reading »

Confirmed: Gaza terrorist killed by IDF tank worked for Doctors Without Borders

ANOTHER so called ‘humanitarian’ NGO goes rotten with a Palestinian terrorist working for Doctors Without Borders, who “opened fire toward [Israeli] military forces and even threw an explosive device at them,” before an IDF Merkava tank eliminated him.

By David Rosenberg


Israel said a terrorist who was a member of the Geneva-based organization “Doctors Without Borders” opened fire at IDF troops on the Gaza border earlier this week, a charge the group said Friday it was investigating, after it had confirmed the death of an employee.

The terrorist was eliminated Monday morning, after he opened fire on Israeli troops. An Israeli tank later shot at and killed the terrorist. Continue Reading »

Israel approves humanitarian relief measures for Hamas dominated Gaza

Despite official Israeli position that there’s no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the IDF agrees to move forward on a series of measures for the Gaza populace, including additional entry permits for traders and more lenient terms for the fishermen.

By Matan Tzuri


Israel has decided on a series of humanitarian measures to improve living conditions in Gaza, despite recently building tensions on the Gaza border in the wake of explosive charge detonations, tunnel destructions and Hamas promising to hold mass protests near the fence in the coming months.

Kerem Shalom checkpoint for humanitarian aid to Gaza – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The IDF has recently decided on the following steps to improve humanitarian conditions in the isolated enclave: traders from the strip will be allowed to enter Israel to participate in business dealings, the amount of fruit and vegetables allowed to be exported from Gaza was increased, entrance permits to younger Palestinians were granted and increased truck traffic was allowed to enter Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing. Continue Reading »

WATCH: IDF films Hamas stealing electricity Israel sends to Gaza civilians

The IDF [the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories – COGAT] publishes security CCTV footage catching Hamas terrorists in the act of stealing electricity intended for Gaza’s civilian residents.
– ‘Hat-tip’ to the IDF, proving once again: ‘Hamas doesn’t care about its civilian residents.’

By Ido Ben Porat


The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) continues its series of Arabic posts for Gaza Strip residents this morning, Sunday, when it published footage on its Facebook page of the theft by Hamas of electricity intended for local residents.

The footage was accompanied by a post translated into Arabic, which said, “The Hamas terrorist organization continues to steal from the Gaza Strip. Continue Reading »

IDF: “The State of Israel and its army care for Palestinian life more than Hamas”

IDF soldiers hastened to treat and save the life of a wounded man who stumbled into Israel after being shot in Gaza by Hamas.

By Israel Today Staff


A Palestinian man from the Gaza Strip stumbled across the security fence into Israeli territory on Wednesday after having been shot by Hamas forces.

Soldiers with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), who are so often smeared as blood-thirsty racists, did not hesitate to provide the man with emergency medical treatment.

IDF Maj.-Gen. Yoav Mordechai, head of COGAT (Coordinator for Government Activities in the Territories), took the opportunity to set the record straight, posting to Facebook in Arabic the following message to the people of Gaza:

Nothing simpler: a Palestinian passed the security fence from the Gaza Strip into Israel today after Hamas forces shot him.

Continue Reading »

Israel security intercepts dozens of Ali Express packages with contraband sent to Gaza

Israel seize countless of packages going through its Erez Border Crossing into Gaza containing ‘dual-usage’ items such as drones, two-way radios and night-vision goggles & weapon laser sights that would be used for terrorism, in packages shipped via online shopping sites such as Ali Express and eBay.

By Itay Blumenthal


The Ministry of Defense’s Border Crossings Authority and the Gaza District Coordination and Liaison (DCL) seized at the Erez Border Crossing hundreds of packages from online shopping sites such as Ali Express containing products that may be used for terrorism. The packages are suspected of having being intended to be delivered to the strip’s terrorist organizations. Continue Reading »

IDF begins informing Gazans exactly who their Hamas leaders are on Facebook

In addition to Israel’s security monitoring on social media of what is happening in the Palestinian territories, IDF’s COGAT unit is using a Facebook page to publish embarrassing details about senior Hamas officials for all to know, in its psychological warfare against Hamas leadership in Gaza, targeting in particular, its new leader, Yahya Sinwar.

By Elior Lev


Facebook has served as a platform for digital warfare between Israel and Hamas for years, but that has recently taken an interesting turn.

@COGAT.ARABIC – FACEBOOK screenshot:IsraelandStuff

About two years ago, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), Major General Yoav Mordechai opened an Arabic-language Facebook page called al-Munnaseq (the coordinator), which serves as a method to bypass the Palestinian leadership and communicate directly with the Palestinian population. Continue Reading »

Palestinian business executives from Jerusalem allowed into Gaza


Israel announced 150 Palestinian investors, mostly from Jerusalem, would be permitted to enter Gaza “to improve and strengthen the economy, infrastructure and humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip.”

By i24NEWS – AFP


Israel will allow Palestinian business executives from Jerusalem to visit the Gaza Strip for the first time in years, a defense ministry body said Tuesday.

COGAT, the Israeli agency that oversees civilian affairs in the occupied Palestinian territories, said it would allow in small numbers of businesspeople from annexed east Jerusalem looking to invest in the coastal territory.

Thousands of Gazans in Jabalya marched toward the Hamas-owned electricity company in protest of repeated power outages.

Continue Reading »

Regavim petitions High Court to stop Palestinian smugglers’ road in IDF firing range


This new road was made under the IDF’s nose, going straight through a military firing range and is exploited by bandits & car thieves, illegal migrants, drugs & weapons smugglers.

By Efrat Forsher


Infiltrating Israel via the South Hebron Hills has never been easier: Under the nose of the Israel Defense Forces, Palestinians in recent months have paved a new road straight through army firing range 918.

The PA smuggling road on Israeli state land. – Photo courtesy- Regavim

Continue Reading »

Palestinian cinema bans ‘Wonder Woman’ because Gal Gadot is Israeli


Palestinians are upset with past Facebook comment when Gadot said she was sending her “love and prayers to my fellow Israeli citizens. Especially to all the boys and girls who are risking their lives protecting my country against the horrific acts conducted by Hamas, who are hiding like cowards behind women and children.”

By i24NEWS


A movie theater in the Palestinian city of Ramallah has reportedly banned screenings of the new “Wonder Woman” film because it’s leading actress, Gal Gadot, is Israeli.

Gal Gadot – Selfie:Facebook

According to the local al-Hadath newspaper, Palestine Towers Cinema has made the decision not to screen the Hollywood blockbuster due to “political reasons related to the Israeli occupation and the Israeli actress starring in the film.” Continue Reading »

Minister Steinitz to Israeli General: ‘I don’t take orders from the Palestinian Authority’


Energy & Infrastructure Minister Steinitz opposes the COGAT head Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai’s decision to reduce electricity to Gaza in the face of an internal PA-Hamas dispute, saying we should decide where to cut “and not become a pawn in their hands.”

By Itamar Eichner


A sharp confrontation broke out between the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Dr. Yuval Steinitz, and the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, following Mordechai’s decision to reduce by more than a quarter the amount of electricity that Israel transfers to the Gaza Strip.

Electricity on the way to the Palestinians – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Mordechai recently wrote a letter to the directors-general of the Ministries of National Infrastructures and Finance, the National Security Agency and the Shin Bet, as well as to the military secretaries of the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, informing them of his decision to reduce the amount of electricity that would be transferred to the Gaza Strip via the electricity lines. Continue Reading »