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Palestinian President Abbas’ Dictatorship Backed By Secret Multi-Billion-Dollar Fund 


Abbas may be seen by his opponents & Israel as a weak & irrelevant leader, but his power is guaranteed through his control of the multi-billion-dollar Palestinian National Fund, which finances PLO and PA’s battle against Israel around the world.

Doron Peskin, Calcalist 


Israelis tend to see Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as a weak and dull leader who has lost his control and influence over the Palestinian street, and is therefore no longer relevant. 

Pro-Palestinian protesters in Paris. Funding anti-Israel activity – Archive photo: AFP

That may be true, but the veteran 80-year-old leader holds a huge amount of power in at least one area in the Palestinian arena: He controls the billions of dollars of the National Palestinian Fund, the most important economic body in the Palestinian Authority, whose main activity takes place out of the limelight and whose name has been linked in recent years to outrageous lack of transparency and wide-scale corruption activities. 

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Abbas’ Security Service Arrests Palestinian for anti-PA comments on Facebook

Criticism of Palestinian Authority officials can lead to arrests then jail, Palestinian journalist reports: ‘The PA police asked me why I liked to curse Abbas on my Facebook page’

By Abdullah H. Erakat, The Media Line


Pharmacist Raed Qubbaj was busy with a customer when a man working with the Palestinian Preventative Security Forces came into his Ramallah pharmacy and placed him under arrest earlier this month.

Illustration (Photo: AP)

Illustrative Photo: AP

“He didn’t tell me why and he had no official papers from any court,” the father of three boys told The Media Line.

Qubbaj handed over his mobile phone and laptop to the man who had a car waiting outside. Continue Reading »

U.S. (Mostly) & E.U. Taxes Fund Palestinian Terrorism

The Palestinian Authority [PA] pays high salaries/pensions with additional financial benefits to convicted terrorists incarcerated in Israeli prisons. 

The more horrific the crime & the more Israelis and/or Americans murdered, the higher the salary/pension and the more generous the added benefits.  

By StandWithUs

But where does the cash-strapped PA get the money for terrorists? 

Much of it comes from your tax dollars. The PA budget is heavily dependent on foreign aid—and the U.S. is the PA’s largest single country donor.  

Monthly salary or pension

Monthly salary or pension to entice acts of terrorism

Facts about the Palestinian Terrorism Industry

Palestinian terrorists killed or wounded thousands of Israeli and American civilians between 1993 and 2014.

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EU official with common sense: Europe should reevaluate funding policy to PA

European Court: Palestinians ‘lost’ €1.95 billion of aid money:

* EU aid funds terrorist, their families and pensions for convicted murders

* EU aid funds launching of missiles into civilian cities

* EU aid made 1000’s of millionaires from lack of transparency

European Parliament budget committee chairman reports, “The Palestinian Authority is the only body that receives EU funds regardless of its human rights record or economic performance.”

By Yoni Hirsch & Israel Hayom Staff


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Incredible compilation of Palestinian corruption, the EU & US won’t look at

Since 1994, the EU has provided certain representatives of the Palestinian people with financial support of nearly €5.6 billion.

Discounting Arab & American contributors to this scam, Europe gives the PA 40% ABOVE the annual budget of Sydney, Australia, a city of roughly the same population.


Need I ask: Where has this money gone?…and why do the Palestinians continue to receive free money?


Surprise !!! Corruption in the Palestinian Authority

A member of US Congress has called to cut off aid to the PA,  due to the growing impact of PMW – Palestinian Media Watch exposure  of salaries being paid to terrorists . Continue Reading »

Dahlan: Mahmoud Abbas pursuing peace negotiations with Israel for personal financial gain

Muhammad Dahlan, ousted from Fatah by PA President, says Abbas and his Palestinian negotiators are “filling their sacks”, and don’t care about the rights of the Palestinian people.



Ousted Fatah official Muhammad Dahlan accused Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and his confidants of taking part in negotiations with Israel for their own political and financial benefit, and not in order to win rights for the Palestinian people.

Dahlan & Mahmoud Abbas - Photo: TARA TODRAS-WHITEHILL / REUTERS

Dahlan & Mahmoud Abbas – Photo: TARA TODRAS-WHITEHILL / REUTERS

Speaking in an interview with Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida, Dahlan, a long-time rival of Abbas and the former security commander in the Gaza Strip, said that he was not against the principle of negotiations, however the talks in their current form constitute “a crime against the people fighting for freedom.” Continue Reading »

Gas Stations in Palestinian Controlled Areas Refuse to Serve PA Gov’t Vehicles

Anger over unpaid gasoline bills boils over as petrol stations throughout West Bank refuse to serve official Palestinian Authority vehicles.

By Ari Soffer


Fuel stations in Palestinian Authority-controlled areas of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) are refusing to serve PA officials due to a row over unpaid bills.

Gas pump (illustration) – Thinkstock

According to the Bethlehem based Maan news, the West Bank Union of Gas Station Owners said the PA has not paid its fuel bills for half a year, ratcheting up a debt of $15.7 million.

The Union’s deputy spokesperson,  Nizar al-Jaabari, said officials had been given an ultimatum of February 15th to pay their bills. Continue Reading »

Palestinian 2014 budget: $46 million for terrorists, released prisoners’ salaries & pensions



This is in addition to tens of millions the PA already gives in salaries and other benefits to terrorists in prison.

Abbas’ Palestinian Authority funding of terrorists is enabled by unrestricted monetary aid the U.S. & the EU  countries continue to give the Palestinians for gov’t salaries and the PA’s ‘general budget’.


By Itamar Marcus & Nan Jacques Zilberdik


Most Western countries have laws and regulations prohibiting support for terrorists or former terrorists. The US, the UK, Holland, Norway, Sweden and others have debated, proposed and/or passed laws or motions in parliament against giving the Palestinian Authority money that ends up in the hands of terrorists. Continue Reading »

White House Plan to Invest $4 Billion in PA Economy is Sheer Nonsense

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PA President Abbas pays released terrorists $10,000-$50,000 when freed


In addition to exuberant monthly salaries paid by Abbas’ PA to all Palestinian prisoners serving time in Israel jails, they also receive massive prison ‘severance package’ that can easily reach up to $60,000. In one case, Abbas even ok’s to picked up bill for prisoner’s wedding.

The Palestinians Authority is mostly financed by the US & Europe.

By Elior Levy

The 104 Palestinian prisoners – some of which have already been released as part of goodwill gestures taken by Israel to promote peace talks with the Palestinians – will receive massive benefits from the Palestinians Authority.

Abbas with release prisoners (Photo: Gil Yochanan)

Abbas with release prisoners – Photo: Gil Yochanan

All those prisoners released during the second batch of prisoner releases which took place last month received a whooping $50,000 from the authority for their time spent in jail. Continue Reading »

Did the EU’s ‘lost’ €2 Billion aid money ‘fall close to the tree’?

Are the sons of Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president growing rich off their father’s system of ‘lost aid’ and extensive Palestinian corruption?




In the wake of the Arab Spring, U.S. leaders have promised to reverse the United States’ long reliance on autocratic, unrepresentative leaders who enrich themselves at the expense of their citizens. There’s only one problem: Just as top American officials have been making these lofty promises, new details are emerging of how close family members of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, a major U.S. partner in the Middle East, have grown wealthy. Have they enriched themselves at the expense of regular Palestinians — and even U.S. Continue Reading »

European Court: Palestinians ‘lost’ €1.95 billion of aid money


A still unpublished EU report reveals extensive & widespread Palestinian corruption as €1.95 billion, transferred by Belgium to Abbas’s PA in the West Bank and to Hamas’ Gaza Strip over past several years, were wasted or ‘lost’.

By Ynet


One billion Euros in EU aid funds to the Palestinians has been wasted or “lost” due to corruption – according to a harsh report leveling severe criticisms published by the European Court, the official institution located in Luxembourg. This was reported on Sunday in the British Sunday Times, which added that the report has not yet been published.

The Palestinian Authority president, Fatah's Mahmoud Abbas (right) and the prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, of Hamas. - Photo: Khalil Hamra/AP

The Palestinian Authority president, Fatah’s Mahmoud Abbas (right) and the prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, of Hamas.

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New Palestinian PM facilitates return to days of Arafat’s corruption

Abbas replaced strong, internationally-backed PM, with little-known academic who is ill-equipped to challenge his corruption or agenda.

By Ryan Jones



Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas this week appointed a new Palestinian Authority prime minister to take the place of the ousted Salam Fayyad, a respected, US-educated economist that the international community fought long and hard to keep in the position.

Palestinian Prime Minister, Rami Hamdallah

Palestinian Prime Minister, Rami Hamdallah

The new Palestinian prime minister is Rami Hamdallah, a mild-mannered academic who for the past 15 years has served as dean of al-Najah University in Nablus. Hamdallah has absolutely no political experience, so many in Israel see his appointment as a maneuver by Abbas to regain the absolute control once exercised by Yasser Arafat. Continue Reading »

Making Hamdallah Palestinian Prime Minister puts $Billions into Abbas’ pockets



As long as Fayyad was prime minister, it was almost impossible for Abbas and Fatah to lay their hands on the hundreds of millions of dollars of international aid. Unlike Fayyad, Hamdallah will serve as the obedient and faithful servant of Abbas, as well as the Fatah and PLO leadership. On the political arena, the appointment will have no impact whatsoever.

By Khaled Abu Toameh



The appointment of Palestinian academic Rami Hamdallah as Palestinian Authority Prime Minister is a big victory for Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah faction.

Palestinian PM Rami Hamdallah Photo from YouTube Screenshot

Palestinian PM Rami Hamdallah – Photo from YouTube Screenshot


Hamdallah, who had served as president of An-Najah University since 1998, has been chosen by Abbas to replace Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, who decided to quit in April following years of tensions and disagreements with the Palestinian Authority president and Fatah. Continue Reading »

In Maintaining the Inertia of ‘resistance’, PA Leaders Threaten Their Own Businessmen

Once again Khaled Abu Toameh presents us with another example of how covertly, Palestinian leadership takes steps to maintain the status quo. Peace is a direct threat to the financial gains of the corrupt PA leadership, its military, and cronies who ‘aid and advise’ the leadership.

Peace will simply bring an end to the conflict, on which the parasitic entity thrives.

By Khaled Abu Toameh


So far, not one Palestinian Authority official has come out in public against the campaign of intimidating Palestinian businessmen. It will not only foil Kerry’s plan, but also scare away potential investors. Those making threats do not want to see prosperity; instead they want the Palestinians to continue living in misery in order to keep alive the fight against Israel.

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