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BUSTED: CNN’S Farce of an ‘Investigation’ …a.k.a. #FakeNews

Analysis: Based purely on speculation, assumption, ill-will and only using partisan “experts,” the only thing CNN’s publicised ‘Investigation’ on Shireen Abu Akleh’s death proved, is that it is still not an honest news agency.

By David M. Litman, CAMERA


CNN’s “investigation” of the death of Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh did not, as it claims, show that Israeli forces intentionally murdered her. Instead, CNN only showed the world how far the news company has fallen from serious journalism.

CNN’s incendiary accusation against Israel piles assumptions on top of assumptions. It relies not so much on objective, incontrovertible evidence, but on the feelings of biased eyewitnesses. Continue Reading »

PA caught misleading WHO with photoshopped propaganda

NGO Media Watchdog points to examples of photograph manipulation, distortion and fraudulent captions on a Palestinian Health Ministry report to UN Health body, in which photos were purposely given false captions to invent Israeli violations of Palestinian rights.

By Jonathan Benedek/TPS


Israel has challenged the accuracy and objectivity of a report submitted by the Palestinians to the World Health Organization (WHO), saying it is riddled with misleading or false captions to photos accusing the Jewish state of wrongdoing.

A report released last month by the UN health organization warned of the “mental, physical, and environmental health” of Palestinians under Israeli control. Continue Reading »

MAJOR Daily Mail blunder – twice: It claims Israel flooded ‘Gaza’s major West Bank cities’

Unbelievable inaccuracies for UK news media:
1. There are no dams in southern Israel
2. Nablus & Jenin cannot be “two of Gaza’s major West Bank cities.”


British paper The Daily Mail published a story on Monday that originally accused Israel of intentionally opening dams in southern Israel in order to flood Gaza. The only problem is, as writer and Lydia Willgress has learned the hard way, there are no dams in southern Israel.

Screenshot of the original ‘Daily Mail’ article. – Photo: screenshot

Honest Reporting, an NGO that according to its website “monitors the news for bias, inaccuracy, or other breach of journalistic standards in coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict,” took screen shots of the article before amendments were made. Continue Reading »

French News Service Lies, Reports Israel ‘Flooded Palestinian Village’ with Nonexistent Dam

AFP video report translates that Gaza has been deliberately flooded by Israel when speaker accuses ‘the Jews’ (Yahoud) – despite the fact Israel has no dams in southern Israel.

By Ari Yashar


Agence France Presse (AFP) has been caught publishing a blatant lie against Israel after similar cases in the past, posting a video this week claiming “Gaza village floods after Israel opens dam gates,” in a claim of deliberate flooding disproved by the fact that Israel has no dams in the south.

In the video a resident of Gaza, Ead Zino from Al-Maghraqa, claims “every four years there is a war but here in Maghraqa every year there is a flood.

Continue Reading »

Federal funding used for Arab Propaganda: PBS , YOUR Bias is Showing!

CAMERA reports: PBS, which is a recipient of federal funding, contributed to the demonization of Israel on Sunday, in an entirely partisan, factually flawed and unbalanced broadcast.

By Rachel Hirshfeld


PBS’ “Newshour,” with host Hari Sreenivasan, followed the direction of the majority of mainstream media programs last Thursday in presenting a wholly biased and inaccurate portrayal of the situation in Israel and the Gaza Strip following the end of Operation Pillar of Defense.


Hamas – Reuters

The news program aired two back-to back-stories– one focusing on Israel, the other focusing on Arabs in Gaza– about the resumption of normal life in the region, both of which presented only one side of the situation, completely omitting the Israeli narrative. Continue Reading »