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Trump officials: Israeli Sovereignty if PA doesn’t return to negotiate

Senior White House diplomats: We will approve Israeli sovereignty in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley within months if the Palestinian leadership continue in their intransigence to negotiate peace with Israel, and “they will have only themselves to blame.”

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The Trump administration is planning to signal its approval for Israel to declare sovereignty in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley within months, despite the political situation in the country if the Palestinians Arabs do not return to the negotiating table.

Channel 13 News political correspondent Barak Ravid reported that the White House is moving forward with the implementation of President Trump’s peace plan. Continue Reading »

White House unveils grandiose $50B investment plan for Palestinians

Palestinian kleptocrats continue to rebuff the Trump Team’s creation of a “master fund” to administer the $50B plan that will implement monumental national projects modeled after the Marshall Plan (that rebuilt Europe after World War II) knowing full well it will reduce Palestinian poverty by 50% and bring down their sky-high unemployment rate to single digits.

By The Associated Press , Israel Hayom Staff


The Trump administration on Saturday unveiled a $50 billion Palestinian investment and infrastructure proposal intended to be the economic engine to power its much-anticipated but still unreleased “deal of the century” Middle East peace plan.

The plan, which calls for a mix of public and private financing and intends to create at least a million new jobs for Palestinians, was posted to the White House website ahead of a two-day conference in Bahrain that is being held amid heavy skepticism about its viability and outright opposition from the Palestinians. Continue Reading »

Kushner: Uncertain if Palestinians can break away from kleptocratic autocrat leaders

Having been publicly exposed, it’s no wonder Palestinian leadership condemns any US Peace Plan.

The Palestinians, Jared Kushner said, “need to have a fair judicial system… freedom of press, freedom of expression, tolerance for all religions” before the Palestinian areas can become “investable.”



White House senior advisor Jared Kushner said in an interview broadcast on Sunday that the Palestinians deserve “self-determination,” but stopped short of backing Palestinian statehood and expressed uncertainty over their ability to govern themselves.

Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and an architect of the White House’s yet-to-be-released Middle East peace plan, told the “Axios on HBO” television program it would be a “high bar” when asked if the Palestinians could expect freedom from Israeli military and government interference. Continue Reading »